We’re Watching You

Friends, enemies and members of the press… We’re watching you. We’ve been doing it for years but now we’re ready to shake things up a bit.  How are we going to do this in 2018? The easy way, with money. We’re gonna make it rain on some damn good artists because we’re bored and great […]

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Socially Aware Asshole

Of late people have become more socially aware. This is wonderful. People all around me are becoming aware of some of the injustices that we allow to carry on within our society on a daily basis. In our art, entertainment, politics and culture in general we’ve begun to audit ourselves in order to make sure […]

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Final Fantasy Fancy Me

Hey y’all, im back with yet another update for you.  Why so soon you ask? Because the page views exploded and I figure that if y’all are going to show me some love then why dont I show the rest of you some love with some art.

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