Mission Statement

Welcome to Artist Soul Entertainment, a site about the world from an artist’s point of view.

I am the founder of this group, my name is Darryl ‘Poison’ Apple and my mission is to enrich, enlighten or entertain someone in whatever I do in my life. I believe that if you are completing at least one of these three objectives in anything that you are doing then your actions must be right in some way or lead to something righteous.

Through this blog we plan to try to take a step towards completing all three of the above missions. Also, we realize that there is no way in hell we can satisfy everybody so we look to satisfy those who share our tastes. This does not mean that we won’t try to cater to a variety but know that we won’t get them all. We will get people onto the areas that are missed and we are open to suggestions from those who wish to help us in our cause.

So, how exactly will we be going about completing this mission? Hopefully, at least once a week, we will be updating the site with something that we hope will keep you and us entertained. Usually what we focus on can be dropped into one of the following five sections.

Sex, art, politics, philosophy and science.

When it comes to sex anything goes and the same goes for art. When it comes to politics we usually get mad because the people in power like to THINK that anything goes and we wont go for it. Philosophy is usually a nice way of saying we’re going to go on what we hope is an intelligent rant. Finally, science amuses us and others so we talk about it.

In total, keep us entertained! We’ll be here for a while.

email us at asoul2@gmail.com

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