This time of year, the holiday season, is where we all most likely are close to those who we hold near and dear. In this post I want to discuss what ‘family’ means to me.

Blood may run thicker than water but you still need water to live.

That quote sums up how I value my family. In this world some of us are blessed with a loving family and friends but at the same time there are others who are not so fortunate.  I notice that people put alot of emphasis on blood relations and keeping contact with blood relations but I dont really think of that as being too important.

I think what’s important is creating a bond stronger than blood. At the end of the day, blood is just blood and it can’t change the feelings people have for eachother. When we take the time to create a stronger bond than blood, with people who we are sure will care for us through thick and thin, they what you have created is a family.

The family you are born into may not or may never have been there for you at all but when you create unbreakable bonds with people, you’ve got a family.

I’m thankful that i’ve got a huge family, a long list of people who i’m willing to go down for and who I know will go down for me if anything. But i’m a bit saddened by the fact that there are people out there who dont have a family to share the joy with.

If you can, give a lonely looking person a smile. Brighten up someone’s day with more than a gift and a goodbye but with some human contact. Show that you are willing to acknowledge them. Being forgotten at this time of year or at any time is a horrible feeling…I believe that if people know that they at least exist then they can do something for themselves to improve the quality of their lives.

Anyways, entertain me with what you think is family or on any major points I missed.

Mastercrap theater #2

First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all those of you who celebrate it.

On the issue of last week’s post and the illustrations, they will be up tomorrow as well as the illustrations for this week’s installment of ‘Snowflake’.

So without farther ado I give you this week’s thrilling installment of ‘Snowflake’

Snowflake Chapter 2

Outside the skating rink, it was close to midnight and something strange was going on. Something evil could be felt lurking from the dark and it would freeze your very soul if it ever caught you. You can hope that it’s your imagination but you’ll never know unless it comes for you. The lights went out in the rink and Spectrum looked down at the people leaving the area, walking home together leaving him feeling somewhat lonely. To avoid this feeling of lonesomeness he turned his attention to what was going on inside the apartment.

A-Soul members were vandalizing the whole building and claiming the territory for them, lying spray-paints all over anything and everything in sight. They had hostages as well, they had an anti-terror policy in effect but given the circumstances they had no other choice. There was a reason why A-Soul wanted this building in particular for their new home base and that was because they were run out of their old territory by a cartel that wanted to use their legitimate business front to sell drugs. They had refused the offer they were given and such was the result.

Now they were going to get serious and openly take action. The entire building was owned by the cartel and the skating rink was owned by them as well. For the drug dealers those two small locales were their main sources of legitimate income. Spectrum inspected the work of the foot soldiers and then pulled his cell phone out of his pocket to call his unit leader, G.K, the gambling kitty of A-soul.

“Yo!” said Spectrum

“Hey! What’s up?” said a soft voice from the phone

“Good and you?” replied Spectrum

“Good, now that I’m talking to you” she said in a sultry voice.

“Are the bombs set?” asked Spectrum as he checked the time on his I-POD; it read 9:52pm

“Yup!” replied G.K in a cheerful tone, “Do you want me to make em go boom now!” she asked as she suddenly sounded grim.

“No, not yet” he replied, “just put Script on the phone yo”

“Aww…is talk time over now, the kitty wants to play” said G.K., her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

“don’t worry, I’ll play with your kitty later” Said Spectrum as many of the A-Soul members working and listening to this conversation snickered at this comment.

“, I think that the kitty is going to play with you, not the other way around” snapped G.K, and the entire room that Spectrum was in erupted in laughter at this comment.

“Just put Script on da phone yo!” he quickly said

“Here” said a deeper voice on the other end of the line, “The bombs are all set and ready to detonate at 10pm, we’ve got the leaders daughter here too”

“Well get out of there, its 9:54 now” said Spectrum.

“And the girl?” asked Script

“Just keep her safe…” replied Spectrum.

Poison Press #1

Alright, well here’s the first post for the Enlightened section of our blog. As promised i’ll be delivering news and other educated material to you each week

For this week i’ll start with the random Wikipedia page of the day and it is….

Wow…what a useless page to generate for the first portion of our enlightened section. Still, I’ve never heard of the band Bad Religion or the song Atomic Garden.  Forgive me if I’m uncool cause I dont know the band. If anyone knows anything else about it then update me. Other than that I’m listening to the song for the first time and it’s pretty good, catchy if anything.

Next up is today’s news. In today’s news we have the issue of an unnamed and unopened L.A arts school. I don’t live in L.A or the U.S but it’s good to be informed on issues abroad. Now from what I’ve read, this school is going to be the shit. When I say the shit, I mean THE SHIT.

This place is supposed to open up in then next nine months, so that’ll be in time for next September. If you know any prospect artists in that area, ask them about it for me- I want details on this place. The amount of resources going into this high school is insane…It looks like it’s going to be the Shangri-La of arts high schools. But hell, if you spend 232 million on one school, then I would expect it to be a damn good school.

From what I’ve read they plan to turn this school into a public school and focus on admitting students from the surrounding neighborhoods. This is for the early years. I know that they will be attracting the most talented artists in the city though. In a major city like L.A, I know that there’s definitely going to be a nice lineup of talent there.

Still, I think it’s great that this much money is being put into an arts based high school. Its good that focus is being put on teaching people more about art. Art is important, it’s a great way to grow as a person because it teaches open minded thinking which is a very useful life skill. Anyways, read up on the story yourself and hit me back with some opinions here.

In other news, we turn our attention to much less positive subject. Starving artists. In America right now, everyone is going broke and fellow artists are feeling it too. Where normally musicians get a calendar full of gigs at this time of year it hasn’t been so this time around. I dont know about the situation in Canada where I am but I will look into it.

Still, in the U.S with the economy not doing so well there, arts organizations are being forced to justify their existence. I understand that money is tight everywhere right now but why is it that the arts are among the first to suffer.

Anyways, look forward to alot of cutbacks here. look into the story yourself and hit me up with some comments.


It’s the holiday season for all of us out there once again. No matter where you are or what you are doing you will most likely be celebrating the beginning of a new year with loved ones near and dear to you.

Now talking about New years and with the name of this post being ‘Resolutions’, it’s not that hard to guess what I’m going to be talking about- resolutions and regrets!

Now after 365…366 this time since I think it’s a leap year this year…whatever! Most of us have alot to regret throughout the year. We’ve all made some mistakes and with the new year coming we all think “now is the time to put them behind us!” and you know what…I think that’s absolutely right!

With a new year will come new problems, hopefully. I say hopefully because what’s life without some conflict? Damn boring is what the hell it is! Other problems like bills or cancer wont go away with the change of the calendar date…those will always be there unless a miracle happens. If you really are hoping for a miracle then know that it is the season of miracles so you’re lucky.

Still, do you have any regrets? Do you have an emotional boulder that’s been dragging you down for the past year or however long before that? Well I say that it’s time to forget your problems and move on with life. I believe that there’s no use crying over something we cant change, the only reason the negative past is worth looking back at is so that we know what we dont want in the future.

November 11th, Remembrance Day, is a great example of not forgetting the past to ensure a greater future. Where would we probably be today if we just went and forgot WWII…probably somewhere worse than then. Not that i’m not saying that there wont ever be another great war…sadly…but know that every generation has it’s own great war.  Sometime the wars are fought with guns on foreign fields while in other cases the war is fought between the people and the state but we all will experience our own great war someday.

I am a total believer in the power of New years resolutions but I find that sometimes people misinterpret the word ‘resolution’ as another word for ‘wish’. I’m talking to the people who go off and make resolutions that they damn well know they are not going to keep.

The key to resolution success is that you can’t bullshit yourself into doing something. A common example is going to the gym and working out etc. I’m not saying that you’re not going to ever succeed but know that if you’re going to quit after a few weeks then why bother lying to yourself- save your money!

In elementary school when I was taught about goalsetting I was taught about S.M.A.R.T.

S- specific



R- realistic

T- time oriented

Someone correct me on that if i’m wrong. Anyways, the point is that if you’re going to make a resolution to improve yourself in some way or improve the quality of your life in 2009 then kudos to you.  As Katt Williams said “You gotta look out for your star playa” and when goal setting you need to follow these criteria.

I have been guilty of it myself on many an occasion but I know that if you are going to seriously want to improve yourself in 2009 you will follow these instructions to resolution making.

On the issue of regrets, I’ve had myself a few before, i’m human,  but I realize that all the events in my life have shaped me as a person. You have to take life for the good, the bad and the ugly bits. I realized that if I have regrets then i’m not happy with myself as as person. Are you happy with yourself as a person? Why am I unhappy about myself? Is it me or is it someone else? These are things to ask yourself when you have regrets.

In total, I think that there’s always time for self-improvement. Knowledge is the most important pursuit in life. Even if you’re happy with yourself I think you should always set a goal for yourself in the new year. Also, the past will always be there but the future isn’t guaranteed so I think it’s always time to look not at whats forward but whats in the present. The only thing you can do for the future is hope but  by living for the present you can make sure that there are no more regrets for later.

Entertain me with your thoughts.

Mastercrap Theater #1

Hello all and welcome to the very first Mastercrap theater. I’ll be your host, Poison Apple and for today’s entertainment I present to you the first chapter in a classic series written by myself, Poison Apple.

Set in an unnamed city, in an unnamed location the story of ‘Snowflake’ revolves around the exploits of one of the city’s major gangs A-Soul, short for Artist Soul.  Behold as we enter the world of A-Soul and watch as order succumbs to chaos in a series of irreversible events.

Illustrations to come soon. Enjoy.

Snowflake by Poison Apple

It was a cold Valentine’s Day and there were a collection of souls together at an inner city ice rink. Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock with you’ played in the background as people skated together on the ice and a magical air of lust and romance rose to the rafters.

Meanwhile, an aura of malice and discontent loomed in this place at this night. This air came from one who was well known in this city by name and reputation. He sat in the top seats with his partners in crime as he looked down sympathetically at the people down below. Why would he feel sympathy towards them? Because, he knew once what it was like to be carefree and like all other things in life…it must come to an end.

He was known as Script X of A-Soul and beside him sat his colleagues, Poison and Spectrum, also of the same organization. They were planning something big and it was dangerous, but they weren’t strangers to danger, they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. There was fire in their eyes and blood as red as the lips of any sweet woman that they looked down on below.

“It’s time” said Poison and he got up.

Script glanced up at the tall slender black man in the black suit who stood above him. He could see his own brown skinned reflection in Poison’s dark shades before nodding to give his silent approval. Poison adjusted his white bandana and patted down his afro before heading making his exit.

Spectrum then got up to follow suite but still Script sat down with a glassy look in his eyes.

“Yo Script you alright?” Spectrum asked, and he shook him with his hand.

Script snapped back into reality and he looked up at Spectrum who was now standing over him where Poison had once been. Spectrum was a tall, dark man with short, spiky black hair. He stood shivering in black jeans and a black leather jacket. His dark eyes were staring straight at Script, filled with concern.

“You know you can sit this one out if you want” said Spectrum

“Its ok” said Script as he shook his head “I’ll be fine” he said as he got up.

“Alright” said Spectrum as he walked off to the exit.

Script had dark brown eyes that were almost black and light brown skin; he wore a black sweater under a white T-shirt and had on baggy black jeans. Script then followed his partners towards the pre-meditated location for their plot to unfold.

As he walked he stopped once more and looked onto the rink to notice a young woman watching him. Her emerald green orbs were watching him with interest while she casually fixed her long brown hair. His response to this was give a small smirk, then a laugh and walk off in the direction of his colleagues with a feeling of sympathy towards the young woman. She didn’t know what was coming.