Poison Press #1

Alright, well here’s the first post for the Enlightened section of our blog. As promised i’ll be delivering news and other educated material to you each week

For this week i’ll start with the random Wikipedia page of the day and it is…. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_Garden_(song)

Wow…what a useless page to generate for the first portion of our enlightened section. Still, I’ve never heard of the band Bad Religion or the song Atomic Garden.  Forgive me if I’m uncool cause I dont know the band. If anyone knows anything else about it then update me. Other than that I’m listening to the song for the first time and it’s pretty good, catchy if anything.

Next up is today’s news. In today’s news we have the issue of an unnamed and unopened L.A arts school. I don’t live in L.A or the U.S but it’s good to be informed on issues abroad. Now from what I’ve read, this school is going to be the shit. When I say the shit, I mean THE SHIT.

This place is supposed to open up in then next nine months, so that’ll be in time for next September. If you know any prospect artists in that area, ask them about it for me- I want details on this place. The amount of resources going into this high school is insane…It looks like it’s going to be the Shangri-La of arts high schools. But hell, if you spend 232 million on one school, then I would expect it to be a damn good school.

From what I’ve read they plan to turn this school into a public school and focus on admitting students from the surrounding neighborhoods. This is for the early years. I know that they will be attracting the most talented artists in the city though. In a major city like L.A, I know that there’s definitely going to be a nice lineup of talent there.

Still, I think it’s great that this much money is being put into an arts based high school. Its good that focus is being put on teaching people more about art. Art is important, it’s a great way to grow as a person because it teaches open minded thinking which is a very useful life skill. Anyways, read up on the story yourself and hit me back with some opinions here.

In other news, we turn our attention to much less positive subject. Starving artists. In America right now, everyone is going broke and fellow artists are feeling it too. Where normally musicians get a calendar full of gigs at this time of year it hasn’t been so this time around. I dont know about the situation in Canada where I am but I will look into it.

Still, in the U.S with the economy not doing so well there, arts organizations are being forced to justify their existence. I understand that money is tight everywhere right now but why is it that the arts are among the first to suffer.

Anyways, look forward to alot of cutbacks here. look into the story yourself and hit me up with some comments.

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