Mastercrap theater #2

First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all those of you who celebrate it.

On the issue of last week’s post and the illustrations, they will be up tomorrow as well as the illustrations for this week’s installment of ‘Snowflake’.

So without farther ado I give you this week’s thrilling installment of ‘Snowflake’

Snowflake Chapter 2

Outside the skating rink, it was close to midnight and something strange was going on. Something evil could be felt lurking from the dark and it would freeze your very soul if it ever caught you. You can hope that it’s your imagination but you’ll never know unless it comes for you. The lights went out in the rink and Spectrum looked down at the people leaving the area, walking home together leaving him feeling somewhat lonely. To avoid this feeling of lonesomeness he turned his attention to what was going on inside the apartment.

A-Soul members were vandalizing the whole building and claiming the territory for them, lying spray-paints all over anything and everything in sight. They had hostages as well, they had an anti-terror policy in effect but given the circumstances they had no other choice. There was a reason why A-Soul wanted this building in particular for their new home base and that was because they were run out of their old territory by a cartel that wanted to use their legitimate business front to sell drugs. They had refused the offer they were given and such was the result.

Now they were going to get serious and openly take action. The entire building was owned by the cartel and the skating rink was owned by them as well. For the drug dealers those two small locales were their main sources of legitimate income. Spectrum inspected the work of the foot soldiers and then pulled his cell phone out of his pocket to call his unit leader, G.K, the gambling kitty of A-soul.

“Yo!” said Spectrum

“Hey! What’s up?” said a soft voice from the phone

“Good and you?” replied Spectrum

“Good, now that I’m talking to you” she said in a sultry voice.

“Are the bombs set?” asked Spectrum as he checked the time on his I-POD; it read 9:52pm

“Yup!” replied G.K in a cheerful tone, “Do you want me to make em go boom now!” she asked as she suddenly sounded grim.

“No, not yet” he replied, “just put Script on the phone yo”

“Aww…is talk time over now, the kitty wants to play” said G.K., her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

“don’t worry, I’ll play with your kitty later” Said Spectrum as many of the A-Soul members working and listening to this conversation snickered at this comment.

“, I think that the kitty is going to play with you, not the other way around” snapped G.K, and the entire room that Spectrum was in erupted in laughter at this comment.

“Just put Script on da phone yo!” he quickly said

“Here” said a deeper voice on the other end of the line, “The bombs are all set and ready to detonate at 10pm, we’ve got the leaders daughter here too”

“Well get out of there, its 9:54 now” said Spectrum.

“And the girl?” asked Script

“Just keep her safe…” replied Spectrum.

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