Children-Robert Miles, and my thoughts on “Genres”

Spectrum here. Poison has some art related projects on the go right now, and has asked me to fill in for him, so he can meet his year end deadline.

Try to bear with me.

—A short introduction—

Who am I?

I like power and control, but I am powerless and lost.

I am trused deeply by a select few, but find myself lying to many.

I have dreams and ambition, but drive and detemination.

I  am Spectrum.

My thing is Music. In the good times, and the hard times, Music has never prejudiced me. It has given me strength, consolation, distraction and peace in my times of need.


First, a small peice about the song that’s doing it for me right now. Children by Robert Miles. This is a very old one, but has never ceased to inspire me. Whether you claim listen to Rock, Hip-Hop, House, or anything else, if you have not heard this song before, listed to it now.

This now classic piece, was released in 1995, and quickly made its way up the charts. It is said that Miles was concerned about the raising number of traffic accidents hapening after Raves due to a mix of sleepy/intoxicated drivers. He then soughtout to create a “softer” kind of Trance music, to play closer to the end of the night, as opposed to faster progressive trance. Children was the on the forefront, of bringing about the acceptance of this type of music,later coined “Dream house”.

Over that last 13 years, countless remixes has been released by other DeeJay’s, as well as by Miles himself. The piece I have most recently listened to, is the Paul Oakenfold remix. The mix is smooth andnot to fast, but stays true to the original track, blenind in Oakenfold’s trademark style nicely.

It will always be the original however, that will remain as one of my all-time faverate songs. This is the song that got me into Trace music in general, and will forever remain a source of inspiation for me.

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