Welcome back

First and foremost  a special thanks to Spectrum for covering for me while I was gone. I needed to time to get some things done and for the most part they were completed.

Next, Happy new year to all those of you who are reading ‘The Infection’. Best of health, wealth and prosperity to you and yours in the new year.

I’m proud to announce that for the next two months we have a focus here at the infection. For this month, January- we will be focusing on black history in a little special called ‘Nigga!’. This special is going to go in depth about what it really means to me and many others what it is to be coloured. Note- when I say coloured, I mean what it means to be a person cause we all have a colour. I wont tell you everything here but just take a look at this Chris Rock video and you’ll know what kind of angle i’m taking with this special.

Next month, we’re going to focusing on love/romance and relationships. Why?B Because it’s the month to do so and I think that black history deserves more time and attention. Beware that I plan to make lots of people angry on Valentines day. hopefully, we’ll be posting some discussions about the topics above and finally we’ll end the month off with a long explicit chat about SEX. I need readers…It’s a cheap shot but sex sells…we’ll be talking about that too, how sex sells.

Finally, about the illustrations for ‘Snowflake’. They are complete but now they have to be scanned and will be up next week. hopefully they will be worth the wait but I doubt it. I’ll be updating regularly again next week but if I’m lucky things will be back to normal by Sunday.

Entertain me with your thoughts.

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