So here we are this month talking about the greatness of diversity and how great it is that we all are different but as we go through the month, one issue comes up. The issue of respect. Now with all the entertaining we’ve been doing here at The Infection, I think it’s time we get back on track a little bit.

Last week Lionel spoke a little bit about respect and I think that we need to go a little deeper into that. What is respect? How do you get it? Who deserves it?

Now, everyone deserves respect and we all deserve to be treated like free human beings. In most modern places this does happen but at the same time there are places where people dont get the respect they deserve.

Respect is being able to live your life as you wish without having someone punish you for it.  Sure, sometimes we might not agree with another person’s lifestyle but I personally see nothing wrong with letting someone live their life as long as it doesn’t really harm the rest of society.

An example situation would be on the issue of gay marriage. Some people argue that it disturbs the sanctity of marriage and its unholy but my belief is that  the idea of traditional marriage died when people started to marry for money. Marriage now is nothing more than a financial binding of two people. If two people really love eachother then marriage is just a formality to show  respect to those they care about through acknowledgement.

That brings me to another point about respect. Respect is acknowledgement. Even if you dislike someone you show them respect through acknowledgement. To ignore someone, to alienate and to discriminate in any form is the worst kind of disrespect you can give to someone and it will come to bite you in the ass if you do it.

So, respect in its basic form is narrowed down to two things- freedom and acknowledgement.  Now, how do you get respect?

Usually, decent people offer it to you in the two basic forms. It happens kind of like this- you meet someone, they ACKNOWLEDGE you with some sort of greeting, hopefully it’s friendly. From the point of acknowledgement you have the FREEDOM to decide how the meeting will go by returning the acknowledgement you recieved with a similar greeting.

Now sometimes, the situation might not go so well and when people acknowledge you they try to strip you of your freedom by insulting you and bringing you to a level lower than them. Or by way of threat or challenge they show respect. When faced with this form of respect my personal choice is to usually return the favour with a healthy insult or another threat. This can lead to violence so be prepared to choose how you exercise your freedom in a situation where you get the wrong kind of respect.

To be completely honest, this isn’t even respect- it’s fear. In my experience if people dont respect you, they fear you or what you represent. People usually respond to fear with ignorance and thus you recieve a greeting that is the opposite to that of respect. A greeting where someone will try to bring you down below them and make you into their bitch- this is called fear on their part.

Now who deserves respect? Everyone. That’s right, each and every single person on this planet deserves respect. No matter who you are or what you do we all deserve respect. Sure, maybe some of us just shouldn’t be acknowledged but then at the same time, what happens when people go unnoticed? They make a cry for attention and that can lead to them getting in other people’s way. Pay attention to the people around you and make sure that you know they exist.

Anyways, keep me entertained with your thoughts.

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