Dr.Love month

The focus for this month is love, relationships and sex. Yeah, that’s right, something I know you all worry about all the time. This month at The Infection we’re going to put everything out on the table and see what you, the people, have to say about these pressing issues.

Our aim, as usual, is to enrich, enlighten and entertain some good conversation about such a broad subject.¬† Here at the Infection we’re going to push the limits and ask all the questions you were afraid to ask before.

In week 1 we’re going to cover issues like – ‘What is love?’, ‘How to maintain a good relationship’, ‘Flirting for dummies’

For week 2 we’re covering- ‘Valentines day special’, ‘Flirting for dummies part 2’, ‘The Infection top ten list of the best romance songs of all time’

Week 3-‘Open versus Closed relationships’, ‘Sex Sells- sex in the media’, ‘The real MANs perfect date’, ‘The real WOMANs perfect date’

And finally we’re going to close the month with discussions on -‘STD’s- getting tested and all that jazz’, ‘Kinky sex tips and fetishes 101’, ‘How to give a proper oral sexing’

Remember people, we wanna hear from you and how you feel about the issues. So keep us entertained this month because we know that we’ll be keeping things nice and hot for you here!

To kick off the month, ‘What is love’ by Haddaway! Entertain me!

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