In conclusion…Nigga!!!

So here we are at the end of our first month and the beginning of our second month. My my how time flies when you’re having fun.

To close The Infection special ‘Nigga!!!’ we want to put a highlight on world art. Here at The Infection we are avid supporters of the arts and know that each culture has a unique way of expressing itself. Through forms of dance, literature, visual arts and music all people express themselves and show their identity.

We’re going to be showcasing pieces of work that we find to be interesting from a cultural perspective and talking about some talented artists from all over the world.

First I’ll start by talking about artist Chris Ofili. I know of him for being famous for doing paintings made using Elephant dung.  Yes, it’s true- he uses Elephant dung on the painting. A controversial painting I heard about from him was of his painting of the Virgin Mary in elephant shit. I personally laughed so hard when I heard about that but at the same time I can’t help but admire him. I admire the fact that he was willing to cross that boundary and create the work. From what I know, the catholic church was up in arms about it.

The next artist I want to talk about is Stanley Lau a.k.a Artgerm. He is one of my favourite artists of all time! His work MOVES MY SOUL.  I cannot talk enough about his work and how much I wish I could create that kind of quality artwork. He is one of the founding members of Imaginary Friends Studios located in Singapore and since 2005 they have been working hard to show off Singapore’s rich pool of talent.

Another artist I want to put a spotlight on is Mos Def. A true positive hip hop artist.  You’ve probably seen him in movies like 16 Blocks where he starred alongside Bruce Willis or you’ve heard his voice if you’ve watched the cartoon The Boondocks, where he has a recurring guest role as the character Gangstalicious. He’s also well known for his social and political views and activism. In total he is a great role model to artists everywhere who are trying to make their way to the big time.

Finally, the last artist I’m going to highlight is Aaron McGruder. By my standards this man is a genius. He rose to notoriety for his controversial comic The Boondocks that was adapted into a cartoon. If there is one thing I want to say about the man and not his work is that he is brave. The shit he says to certain people, alot of people would not have the balls to do.
Things like calling Condoleezza Rice a mass-murderer to her face. If there is someone I have to admire, it would be him alongside a long list of my favorite artists.

And that’s that for this month!

Thank you all for your continued support and please keep reading The Infection if you want to be enriched, enlightened and entertained!

Entertain me with your thoughts!

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