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A foreword from Poison:

Here at The infection we value the formation of close interpersonal relationships. By coming together we are able to better understand each other and ourselves.

That being said, today we’re going to have a healthy chat about maintaining a relationship.


Since I have never been in a real relationship myself I’ve called in a trustworthy authority to speak on relationships.


In with us is our local love doctor >N@T3< a.k.a. Hitch and he’s managed to make some time out of his busy schedule to talk a little with us about how to maintain a healthy relationship. 




How ya’ll doin’ folks this is your boy here >N@T3< a.k.a. Hitch on The Infection. Now I’ve been asked to do give every one here a little background information on how to maintain a good relationship.


Now if you ask me a relationship is a great thing to have but once you have it just like a car it needs maintenance, and no matter what it will always need fuel to keep it going for years on end.  Now I’m the type of guy that has experience when it comes to long-term relationships so if you’ve never been able to keep a relation ship for more than a couple months then I guess at this point I’m your knight in shining armor.


Well where the hell should I start? Let’s take a look at things about a month in a relationship because most people make it that far. Without a doubt the first month is what really sets the stage for someone to decide if they want to continue on in a relationship.


In the space of the first month both partners need to look into what they want out of the relationship. If your reasons are shit then the relationship is going to be shit. Reasons like money, sex or just wanting to have a partner for the sake of saying you have one is a one way trip to a no good relationship.


Next, the first month is where you both will find out each other’s boundaries. It’s a little different from when you two were just ‘friends’. Now you’ll probably see each other more often than before and when you hang out with someone more then you learn more about them. In the first month you will both learn some surprising little facts about them that they didn’t open up to you before. It’s a privilege that comes with a cost…sure you learn more about your partner but then you tend to get more annoyed with them as well.


On the issue of being annoyed…learn about space early. The couples that are always seen together and holding hands and never leaving each other even to shit are the ones that just never seem to last? I wonder why?  It’s because they eventually get annoyed with each other! We all need space and if you learn not to suffocate each other in the first bit then you’ll survive the next little bit.


Now as time goes on you might see that your relationship that began spicy and hot with you both learning more about each other and hopefully liking each other more…got a bit cold and mundane. Spontaneity is your friend.  Get well acquainted. Every now and then just get up and take that special person somewhere, make em feel like every day is their birthday. Beware- don’t overdo it though because then you run the risk of spoiling your partner. Nobody likes a spoiled brat.


Speaking of spoiled brats…there will be the inevitable time where all or at least one conversation will degenerate into childish argument. This could either signal a time for strengthening in the relationship or the end of the whole gig. You can strengthen the relationship by…

1)     Remaining calm. Show your partner that you have the ability to be level headed and composed.

2)     Just listen. Even if you may be right you just need to listen- it helps so much to just listen.

I understand that, in theory, those two steps are easy to follow but in application I understand that it’s hard sometimes to not do the opposite. We all get angry sometimes but remember that you have to keep in control.


Finally, as time goes on, your relationship may advance all the way one of a sexual nature.  If you wish to be involved in a mature relationship then know that you should both be completely sure of each other before proceeding to sex. Another thing, this is for both guys and gals- carry protection. Condoms etc. are useful to have even if you’re not active you then can have some on hand in case someone you know is getting active and they need some. That and know that shit can still ‘just happen’ in any kind of relationship so it’s better to be prepared for a war that never happens than to be caught off guard when it does happen.



 In total, this is how to maintain a good relationship


Entertain us with your thoughts.

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