What I like about you

As I was sitting and thinking of how to make this month more entertaining, enriching and enlightening I came to thinking of pretty women. Yes, pretty women. Pretty women .Fascinating…Sipping coffee, dancing… pretty women .Pretty women are a wonder. Pretty women!

Anyways…that brought my thoughts to the question of “what do you really like about him/her?”.

To date (not ‘date’ like go out with but calendar date) in my life I’ve met 5 women that I can say I’ve thought that I ‘liked’. After meeting them all I sit and wonder what did I like about them? I could go over all of them and tell about them but I’ll leave that for my personal pages. Here at the Infection I plan to talk to you all about liking someone.

Most of us out there have met someone at least once who gives us a bit of a tingly feeling (that’s part of the high) and if you haven’t then you will meet someone. When we meet this person we court them without thinking and possibly end up in a relationship with them then…things fall apart, sometimes. When things fall apart, most people I know are prone to go into a state of self reflection. When in self reflection about the relationship, they realize why they liked the person and what was wrong with the person (this is coming off the high or withdrawal)

The problem here is that people don’t think before they act. Some people rush into ‘romance’ and come out of it hurting. Why? This is because they never sat and thought out of good reasons why they liked the person. Sometimes they could only like the person based on looks and not know it. This is not a good way to start a relationship.

I know it’s hard to think properly when you’re high but that’s what friends are for. If you are a friend reading this and you have a friend who is supposedly in ‘love’ or ‘high’ with someone then please ask them for reasons why they like the person. We’re all entitled to our free choices but it would be a better world if we made free and informed choices.

Inform people of the flaws of the person they are looking at. Inform people of the things that they may be seeing that are not really there. When in ‘love’ the imagination fills in gaps for what’s not there that our unconscious mind desires. Oh boy does your imagination work well when you’re high!

All in all, the fact is that we need to think before we act. When in ‘love’ we are doped up on so many chemicals that it’s no big surprise that we’re willing to go off and do something without thinking. I’m not saying that ‘love’ can be used as an excuse for things like murder etc. but we have to be sure to exercise caution when we’re in this state of being.

Anyways, entertain me with your thoughts.

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