Flirting for Dummies pt 1: Lionel Heart edition

Lionel Heart back again this time not to aim for anybody’s head(I have a wicked shot), just to give pointers, I have a very diverse background so I have seen the spectrum; Without further a due: Flirting for Dummies Part 1: Lionel Heart Edition

The best place to start is attire and presentation. How you outfit yourself is key, before they know you, they are going to look at how the product is packaged, you are not going to buy an open, busted box of cereal, are you?. Start with knowing what situation you are in, there are three types: i)formal(weddings, conservative situation [i.e. conventions, dinner], prom[yes it is formal, you have three forks for a reason])  ii)semi-formal(clubbing, interviews, dinner) iii)casual(BBQ, house parties)

i) Formal outfitting. Gents: The name describes itself and there is very little to no leeway with presentation. Suit, tie, dress shoes very simple. Want to look classier, tie pin works wonders. Want to put the ‘cherry-on-top’ so to speak; cuff links. Remember, formal, you have got to think classy so shirt tucked it, belt on, pants at your waist, but the suit jacket does not need to be buttoned up all the way, that is the only leeway. Hair remember formal so neat is the key, not greased though. A clean look is good, some facial hair is fine, if you have religious reasons that is fine, for those of us who don’t clean that dirt up. Get a line up or go clean shaved, whatever works for you. Jewelry, almost forgot this, nothing big and overbearing for all three situations, a nice watch, one or two rings and a chain, that’s about it.

Ladies: Depending on where you are varies, you have more range than guys because of the style the cuts and all the good stuff; so I will try to keep this as simple as possible. Dressy and classy is the key. Weddings, prom and the like go with a full length dress, straps or strapless is up to you, whatever style you prefer and accentuates you than take away. The style of the dress as well whatever style you prefer and accentuates you than takes away from you, you want to be noticed. Show some skin, but not too much, cleavage is the same, you want the guy to notice you; you have to find that balance which shows off enough of your body but leaves the imagination to work, and he still is paying attention to what you have to say, or else he may oogle you the whole time and your work counteracts the objective. Your hair: Go all out ladies, you know the drill, it’s formal and there is not a better opportunity to play and stylize your hair. Jewelry varies from person to person how much they like to wear; must-haves: Something at the neck and ears is a minimum, from there you can put more but not too much. NOTE: YOU ARE NOT THE NEW YEAR’S DAY BALL AT TIMES SQUARE NEW YORK! More conservative situations, Blouse with a blazer or camisole works for the top half, either skirt or pants for the bottom, watch the skirt length that is going to be key you can show a little leg but not too much. Hair keep it simple and conservative, sorry ladies but if you need tips look at Sarah Palin, she did the conservative look very well and professionally. Jewelry keep it at a minimum simple earrings can go a long way, again something at the neck.

ii) Semi-Formal outfitting. Gents: Basically Formal without the suit jacket, tie pin and cuff links; sport jacket(looks like a suit jacket but, does not look as formal, you can find this in different colors and materials) is cool though, leave it open. Still, presentation is key so a belt would be nice. The shirt is where you have more options you can go standard dress shirt or golf shirt, both work just don’t go polar opposite of your pants. Pants, again options are open dress pants or khakis, look at the style and colour as well, coordination helps. Finally footwear, no boots or running shoes, you have freedom with colour and style though. You don’t have to go all out with the hair, neat but you don’t have to be conservative, be a little liberal, work in a little gel, not too much. Again clean the facial hair up; the neater, the better, don’t have to go all out for this though; 5 o’clock shadow is nice nothing ridiculous though.

Ladies: Here you can go with a more ‘sexy’ look per se but not over bearing again like guys you have more leeway. Dresses can be shorter, more close fitting and the whole bit. Dont want to wear a dress, again a blouse works here, your skirt can be a bit shorter not by much and if you want to go with pants you don’t have to be as conservative, you can have them hug your figure much more. You have more freedom to work with your hair here. Jewelry, you can put on some more now, again not too much.

Ladies and Gents: If it is dinner with the in-laws go hybrid formal/semi-formal, don’t look too conservative but not too casual, find the right balance.

iii) Casual. Gents: Another downgrade but this is not dress down. Shirts: pretty much anything but a t-shirt works depending on where you are going; if you are at a friend’s it’s acceptable. Pants, you have free reign here, jeans or khakis work. For the summer go khakis they are more loose and they are thinner. The belt is optional, where it when it’s appropriate with you’re attire and nothing too flashy either, it will take away from you. Footwear you’ve got some free reign here as well, clean(obviously) and stylish; Timberland’s work wonders with jeans. Hair, I leave this one to you, you know what works for you; just keep it in place. Facial hair again go semi-formal, I think the next look would be homeless so, go with the semi-formal facial hair.

Ladies: Here you have freedom, Jeans and Halter tops finally make the cut here. Hair and Jewelry you’ve got freedom again. Know your limit, play within it.(Disclaimer: OLG made the slogan, I am just borrowing it)

General tips: Your cologne/perfume. Gents: NO AXE OR ANY SPRAYS WHICH CLAIM TO HELP!!!!!!! Light deodorant, then you give a light spray of something that is not overbearing but still can catch attention. Burberry, Givenchy, Hugo Boss are all light smelling but when you get close can have the effect you need. Eternity is classic, works for any situation.

Ladies: Nothing that’s smells like the perfume aisle at the department store. You want the guy to be attracted to you but looks only get you so far, up close the finer details are going to count, this is one of them. Chanel No 5, can’t name any others off the top of my head that work.

Ladies your make up: In general not too much some blush and eyeliner, either accentuating your clothing or skin tone or covering up your skin blemishes goes great in all three situations(formal, semi, casual).

So you look half decent now, you see someone you want to approach or someone is approaching you, what do you do? You read next weeks lesson: The approach, the conversation, the closer.

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