Top ten love songs of all time pt 1

The members of The Infection have a bit of a problem on its hands. We can’t seem to decide which 10 songs rank at the top as the best love songs of all time. So we’ve decided to leave it to the people to decide which songs rank as their best of all time.

The first list we have up is Poison’s. His list is filled with passionate ballads as well as sexually charged funk that he believes will be able to bring any set of lovers close together. Lets see what his choices are beginning at…

10) R.Kelly- I believe I can fly

Yes, I know this really isn’t a romance song but it can be romantic. If you’ve got that special someone that makes you want to enrich, enlighten and entertain then this song can be a love song. If you want to inspire someone to try harder, do more and love the world then this song is the song. I’ve never been a fan of R.Kelly and after his statutory rape issue I really don’t like him…I was also about 14 at the time and it really bothered me that a man like him, who can have any woman he wants, has to go after 14 year old girls that I could not get…he let me know that I wasn’t just competing against other guys in my school but against THE WORLD. Just be clear, I’ve never really cared about girls…I’m going off topic. This song is beautiful. Listen and you will know why it moves my soul to do good every time I hear it. *(for the record- I don’t HATE R.Kelly…he’s actually a guilty pleasure. I really liked ‘Trapped in the Closet’ and ‘Ignition remix’)*

9) Sixpence none the richer- Kiss Me

This song gets the #9 spot because it’s catchy as hell. That’s not to say that a lot of the other songs that didn’t make my top 10 aren’t catchy but there is one thing that this song has that defines it from many songs in its genre to make it a competitor for the number one spot. The fact that nothing can kill the romantic mood with this song is what makes it worthy of the 9 spot. I can tell you that I have tried to create a scene where this song is playing but there’s nothing romantic happening and still the song persists. I’m sure most of you remember this song from the movie ‘She’s all that’ starring Freddie Prinze jr. I remember the summer this song came out…I had no tolerance for romance then and it annoyed me all the way to holy hell but now that I’ve matured, the song is impossible to kill since it’s been parodied and it lives. All in all, this song is immortal.

8) Prince – Purple Rain

This song gets the #8 spot because it’s not as soppy as my number 9 pick or catchy for some people but for me it’s got a certain deepness and the vocals on this, I love. To get this song you’ve really gotta listen to the lyrics. When you do listen to and get the lyrics there will be ALOT of arguments sparked up for my putting this at number 8. In total, this song got this spot because of sheer power. The vocals and lyrics are perfect together.

7)Bob Marley- Is this love

Bob Marley, the father of Reggae music. His style and sound are perfect for setting that mellow mood that I know that lovers tend to enjoy. This song is perfect for telling someone those three simple words without saying them. A smooth sensual and relaxing song is what this is, nothing dirty or vulgar about it. It’s a great listen for mom, pop and the whole family. In total, this is a great song very much worthy of number 7 on my list.

6)The Temptations- My girl

If you don’t know this song then god damns you to hell. This is for all the guys and since I’m a guy it makes perfect sense to put it in my top ten list of songs. This song is for any guy who has a girl and is just smitten with her. We’ve all sung it or heard it before unless we live under a rock. If you think of this special girl and she makes you feel all the shit described in this song then she is fucking awesome. I’ve never felt the way The Temptations describe love but damn does it sound good.

5) Whitney Houston- I will always love you

I’m not a fan of sopping wet and dripping romance but if it were not for Whitney’s powerful voice in this I would never ever place this anywhere near the top 5 on my list. If you want to yell out on top of a mountain that you love someone in this world then this is the song to do it. They can’t mistake it for anything else; the message is clear and powerful. The song starts off nice and slow, light and mellow but as it goes on it becomes like approaching a brick wall of love. If I can compare Whitney to anything in this song, her voice is like the ocean. The longer you listen, the further out from shore you get until you’re hitting the 50-foot tidal waves of love. If you watch cartoons you’ve probably seen this song parodied over and over again to death. If you go to a wedding, 8/10 times you will hear it or someone will cover it. The song speaks for itself.

4) I’ll make love to you- Boyz to Men

This is where my true nature begins to surface. At this point of the list is where all my songs begin to turn to a more sexual theme. Yes it’s good and all to love someone but those are only words. Its actions that speak louder than words and to ‘make love’ to someone and not just have sex with them is something important. To ‘make love’ to someone you need to be really high on the love chemicals to make yourself oozy and gooey down in those happy parts. This song here is one of those songs to set the mood right for exactly that kind of occasion. The only downfall this song has for me is that it’s too corny, mushiness kills the mood for me, but then I’m just a horny boy so a dirty rap song is all I need to get going.

3) Percy Sledge- When a man loves a woman

This song is so bad ass that it got its own wiki page. It’s been rerecorded so many times that even if you don’t like the version I like, you’ll probably have a version that you do like and didn’t know it before now. I’m always going to be a fan of the original and Percy did it right in this song. I like this not for the romantic quality of it but for the truth in it. I’ve seen men in love and they will take shit from their girls that no other woman could have ever done to them. In a way I’ll admit that I’m afraid to fall in love because I might end up being someone’s bitch…I would rather be beaten into submission. Percy spoke the truth when he sang this and I’ve been witness to it. It reminds me to keep my head on at all times…even though I forget it sometimes.

2) Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden

Ok, this song gets into the number 2 spot because it’s just damned deep. First I really love the flow of it; the sound is perfect as well as the vocals. I can say a lot in a powerful way with a soft yet masculine voice. Other than the sound, what got me are the lyrics on this song. These lyrics are just great, it wasn’t until recently that I knew the name of the damn song but I did know the chorus. The chorus is one that gets stuck in your head and if you don’t know it then you’ve been in some hell without entertainment for the last 10 years. I’m no Savage Garden fan, I don’t listen to their songs nor know them but this is the first song of theirs that I would willingly buy legally. This song can tell so much to someone you care about and so eloquently that you can’t help but be moved hearing it. Not only is it good for setting a mood or sending a message but it’s also a good listen

1) Marvin Gaye- lets get it on

Although the previous song was probably more romantic if you are a romantic, this song is more for people like me who are horny as hell. It’s the perfect way to say ‘I wanna fuck like a rabid wild tiger with rabies’ without actually saying it. It definitely sets the mood right and it’s a great listen. I love the whole funk and soul vibe of it. Also, I feel this song more because It’s not the instruments that really hold the song together but it’s the vocals and the singer. Marvin Gaye just seems to have put his heart into this piece. He speaks for every man who’s ever felt like they loved someone and want to just become one with them or whatever. Wrong or right, day or night, you just want to be inside them. So this song makes number 1 as my greatest love song of all time.

And those are Poison’s picks. Remember y’all keep us entertained with your thoughts.

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