Technical difficulties

The Infection would like to apologize for our lateness this week in production of the article ‘Flirting for dummies part 2’ and will have this ready by the end of the week. Otherwise, we will have all other planned material for week 3 of our Romance and love special ready on time.

Also, we would like to announce some new surprise material.

This week, The Infection will be hosting a debate between two of it’s members. Poison Apple will be facing off against >N@T3< in a debate. The subject: Pornography, can it really be considered a respectable business?

Poison argues that it can be considered a respectable business and aims to prove this in the debate.

Meanwhile, >N@T3< argues against this and believes  that no matter what pornography cannot be considered respectable.

So please stay tuned to The Infection for more updates.

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