Flirting for dummies pt.2- >N@T3< says…

Hey there everyone at The Infection its >N@T3< now before I get in to this topic I would like to say that this will be my last article regarding relationships for while due to personal reasons. As of now I will be writing other articles may it be on music, political issues or just general debates.

Now lets get started. Flirting is one of the easiest ting to learn but if you have no clue what your doing things can easily turn ugly for you in a spilt second. Firstly there are some writing rules with regards to flirting let me list them in order

Number one- Do not and I repeat DO NOT ever go straight into flirting that can easily make you look desperate and have the person feel uncomfortable. Away talk with the person you plan to flirt with for at least 5-30 minutes. Get to know them there likes dislike and all that other good stuff before you decide to spit some game at them.

Number two. Your attire is highly important. If you just came from the gym, work that’s not corporate or anything that has you sweat, stink or otherwise looks unattractive do not pursue to flirt. First impressions with anyone are key to how they look at you as a person. Make sure that you look decent for the occasion.

Number three – always have a pack of gum with you if you plan to flirt if you don’t have one run your ass to the store to buy one. I can a sure you that nobody wants to smell that angus burger and poutine on your breath especially if your tryin to spit some game. Make sue it’s a pack of mint gum also when I say gum im not talking about that kiddie stuff I recommend excel or dentine as they last long and can help quickly.

Now if you have all of those things in check then your good to go. Try to avoid cheesy lines because there really not cute so don’t waste your time. If you’ve meet the person you would like to flirt with before and they now a little about you then be normal and act your self. Since I like to make jokes and if I wanted to start to flirt with a girl my entering line would be “you must be a parking ticket because you have fine written all over you.” the reason I can get away with that is because as long as I smile and laugh I can easily play it off if the person knows that I like to crack jokes.

There’s also cyber flirting such as msn and text messaging this is a lot easier to do because it requires less confidence since you don’t see the person and in this case you can ignore rule 2 and 3. If this is more suitable for you as long as you remember rule one and not to make cheesy pick up lines you should be in the clear.

That’s pretty much all that is required in my opinion as long as your confident smart and follow those rules you should be able to just about conquer anything


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