Top Ten Love Songs pt.3- >N@T3<‘s picks

Well now, we have a late entry in this competition for the title of greatest romance playlist but >N@T3< has yet to say his say.  Thus far we’ve seen the smooth and sophisticated sound of Lionel, we’ve tasted the sweet sexual sound of Poison and now we get to hear from The Infection’s love doctor himself about his picks.

So here it is, >N@T3<‘s picks for the top ten love songs of all time!


1. All my life | K-Ci and Jo Jo

This song is just nice. You hear it at weddings, proms and everywhere else that tries to set the mood with a slow song. It pretty much delivers the message to your woman with out saying anything and if you can sing it then damn you know your getting some that night

2. When I see you smile | Boys ii Men

Here’s another classic from a truly great group of individual’s. Boy’s ii Men put this song on the charts, it slow, its sweet and its just nice man.

3. My girl | The Temptations

Damn now this is just vintage. I wasn’t even born yet, the year was 1965 and The Temptations just brought fire with this song. In a time of segregation this was truly a song that could bring couples of all colors together to unite in one room. Truly a classic.

4. Can you stand the rain? | Boys ii Men

Another great song from Boys ii Men. This is for those starter couples. This song makes you feel confident that you can rely on your partner no matter what.

5. Promise | Jagged Edge

“Nothing is promised to me and you, so why would we let this thing go?” Do I really have to even write why this song is great Jagged Edge was one of the top 10 R&B groups for sure and this song just proves my point.

6. Lets get married | Jagged Edge

Once again this is another song that tore up the charts they even had a remix with Run DMC that killed it. This song here just sets the mood. You know when your about to get your freak on this is on of those songs that need to get played.

7. Moving mountains | Usher

Although it’s not even that old I can almost guarantee that this will be on Usher’s greatest hits album. This is what you listen to right after a hard breakup it says everything your feeling right after something like that. Not really a love song but it does deal with issues love brings.

8. Your all I need | Method Man feat Mary J Bilge

This takes me back as a kid, I remember listening to this on the radio when it was just me my, bro and my mom. This song doesn’t need to be a R&B song for it to be good.

9. Turn your lights down low | Bob Marley feat Lauren Hill

“I want to give you some love, I want to give you some good good lovin’.” I don’t need to say anything here except INSTANT CLASSIC R.I.P. Bob Marley

10. Nice and Slow | Usher

This is a good song, no doubt one of Usher’s best. This is another one of those songs that you can play while getting your freak on or just setting the mood. This is definitely within my top 100 songs.

And those are >N@T3<‘s picks for his top ten love songs of all time. Make sure you entertain us with your thoughts!

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