Mastercrap theater #4

So this week we return with yet another thrilling installment of Snowflake. As we dive deeper into the mind of Poison and the world of Snowflake we find ourselves with a new player on the stage in this week’s chapter. So now behold the next installment of Snowflake!

-Snowflake chapter 4-
There was a jewel maker, his name was Sforza and he was old, probably the oldest member of A-Soul. The jewellery he forged with his hands were so beautiful that Poison himself said that his jewels were not worthy of this Earth or the hands of the greedy and rich. Sforza was not a sickly old man and on this day, a fine spring day, he sat with his friend Uncle Leong playing a game of Chess while some of the younger artists of A-Soul quietly watched his game and examined his preliminary sketches in his great library of his own work.

Meanwhile, Antonia and her sister were being tortured by their older brother in their basement. They had been repeatedly raped by other members of the cartel on the orders of their supposed brother who was the new leader. The old man had many children and within his group he had a collection of his own children doing his dirty work and dirty little deeds for him. This new leader was much crueler than the last but he was into loyalty and he was very loyal to his father. After the old man died, the bounty on A-Soul was dropped and members were slowly pouring back into the streets of the city above the basement the sisters were in.

On this fine day Sforza with his great wisdom lost to a man of even greater wisdom and accepted his defeat. Uncle Leong graciously won his game and left after some tea and a good discussion of philosophy for the afternoon. On this fine day was the day that Sforza would begin his last great creation, The Snowflakes. A cold wind whipped in through the window of his home and he looked towards the east, where the wind came from, and he felt weak, he felt that his time was coming soon but not tonight.

Antonia and Michelle were bloody, battered and pale in the basement that now belonged to their older half-brother. They had been deprived of food and water for days now and were on the verge of death. Everything was a blur to them and they were now being dragged somewhere. They were being taken to a large shower, they smelt food, it was stale but it was still food. The stale bread was thrown into the shower and then they were too, they immediately dragged themselves to the bread and began to gorge on the meal of stale bread but their mouths were still parched and some of their wounds still fresh when gushing hot water was turned on and all that could be heard were screams. Their sadistic brother was watching them but they did not care. He was a tall blonde gaunt man, his coral green eyes stayed fixated on them as they writhed and twitched in pain. He was right at the shower door and he took pleasure in their screams as he called a whore to begin to suck his dick as he listened and watched them scream.

Meanwhile, Sforza was now looking sitting out on his deck. It was night and Uncle Leong had long left, many of the other A-Soul members had come and gone for the day and it was now night. There was a cold wind that night as Sforza sat down and sketched his final work in progress and the old man shivered as the wind whipped him, why he didn’t just simply go inside? Who knows, Sforza was a knowledgeable old man and he had many members who respected him more than Script, Poison or Spectrum and had sworn loyalty to him as his students. On this night he called to his most trusted student, an artist by the name of Enzo.

“Enzo!” the old German man called in his thick accent, “Come and see this” he said.

A tall young Brazilian boy came to him and asked “What is it that you need master Sforza?”

“Enzo, look at this, tell me what is it that you think when looking at it?” asked the old man.

Enzo looked at the sketch and his eyes widened.

“M-m-master Sforza, do you really plan on making this?” asked the boy

“Why the hell would I draw it if I don’t plan on making it boy!” Said Sforza and he hit the boy with the sketchbook and laughed. Enzo sighed and then left the old man to sketch once more.

“Master Sforza may be wise but he’s insane” Enzo thought to himself as he walked away.


And that was this weeks installment of Snowflake! Be sure to check The Infection again next week when we update you with more Snowflake. And now a word from Poison Apple, creator of Snowflake.

-A word from Poison-

So yeah, here I am, so many years later and I’ve finally gone and made my work more public. I remember writing this when I was a little older than 16 maybe…I look back on this and think to myself ‘what a sad little imagination’. I wanted to post the story in it’s original format because it would be disrespectful to the artist I was back then. Although we are one in the same person, I have to acknowledge that I have changed alot over the years and I no longer write like this, thus why I am unable to edit it since my ideas and way of thinking has somewhat changed. I remember writing this when I was going through some  personal shit and back then I was very bad at expressing my emotions to others but it always comes out through my art. Still, for a byproduct of some minor personal problems I think that the story turned out well and now it just evolved into an entire world for me. I’ve grown a bit more since the conception of the world of snowflake and the world has grown with me. I could have simply introduced you all to Snowflake from where it is now but I think that it’s best for me to take you all through the world on the same path I went on until you reach me. Dont worry though, it’ll be soon when you reach me and get to the real good stuff. Keep me entertained!

A little spring cleaning

Here at The Infection we believe in the betterment of personal well being. If you are not happy with yourself then how can you be happy with others or the world around you. If you wish to improve the world then don’t push the blame on others but simply begin with yourself.  For this post we have Poison Apple’s views on how to improve your life, the lives of others around you and the state of the world around you. So here’s a little bit of spring cleaning for the soul from The Infection.

-The Infection-

So! People, I’m guessing that last month was a bit tough on some of you. It was cold, some people got sick, valentines day came and went so there were alot of make up’s, break ups and never happenings then at the end of it all and so on and so on.  Alas, spring has come and it’s time to clean up the mess that the cold winter has left for our lives.

To begin, you gotta clean your house or wherever it is that you dwell. Now, I’m not saying that you need to go all out and clean every damn thing since you generally should keep your house clean no matter what time of year it is but organize shit. Most of the organization should be happening in your room, particularly your closet. First of all you can put away that hefty ass winter jacket, the snow should be gone and even so it’s not that cold out anymore. Next, you can move all the sweaters and thick stuff to the back of the closet, you might need it sometime but don’t count on it too much. You’ll need to pull all the t-shirts and thin stuff back into the front. By organizing all of your stuff you create a positive environment that’s ready for change. Change can be good and after the last month you definitely are ready for some change cause keeping shit the way it might be, if your life is the train wreck that I describe, is not a good idea.

Next, for all you broke motherfuckers out there- get a job. Simple as that. I honestly don’t care what you do for money as long as it’s not hurting anybody but go out and find a way to make some cash. Yes a job is stressful but what’s life without lively hood. Even if you have money, it’s nice to have a job to work at, some project, something to do! After you have some funding, I want you to go out and buy some clothing. Yes- I do sound like some valley girl, “It’s a new season, lets totally shop tee-hee-hee” the fact is that it’s good to update the wardrobe. put on some fresh gear, even if it’s just a pair of shoes or a new hat- something new to wear can really help to put you in the mood to freshen up your attitude. it’s up to you how far you wanna push it You can spend a million dollars on new clothing, you can spend 10 bucks on that new cap or you can go to extremes like a new tattoo or dying your hair a new colour or a piercing- entertain me.

So your house is clean, your gear is fresh- now what? You need to hit a gym. Yeah, I know it might be hard for some of us but you gotta get up and exercise somehow. It doesn’t have to be at a gym but please do your body the favor and exercise.  I’m going to give you  two reasons to work out, realistic reasons.

1) You know that summer is coming and you want to look remotely sexy for somebody out there. Clothing is thinner and more revealing in some cases so you know that you can’t hide that gut underneath a sweater anymore.

2) Its good for you

The thing about cleaning for the spring is that it doesn’t just need to happen externally but internally. Sure this needs to happen more than once a year but if you don’t regularly do it then at least try to do a week of working out and from there you can gradually cut down. It’s kind of like when you make a new years resolution to work out, lose weight and get in shape, you join the gym, go every day and slowly stop going. Think of this as spring resolutions, you’re doing the same thing in a different season.  It’s been proven that eating healthier and working out helps to improve your attitude, you’ll have more energy and it improves your thinking ability as well as your physical. I’m not saying you’ll be superman in a week but you’ll be in a little better shape if you put your mind to it and people will notice. ..not that other people’s opinions matter, you’re doing this for you. Remember that.

Finally, after working on the physical, you need to have the mental up to par. I want you to start out by being informed. You’ll be a better person for it. Grab yourself a news paper and at least skim over everything. This is an everyday practice but if you’re like me then it’s once in a while. Still, try to at least try to glance at the headlines or something in order to be able to ask people questions and get to know more about the world around you. Sure not much changes and we get a new war somewhere, news on the economy and all the normal crap but…we  should try our best to know. Next,  find a library or bookstore and buy a new book to read. Even a graphic novel ( still a comic book to some assholes)  is good by me. You just need to read something, anything that stimulates the imagination and allows for creative thinking. It’s good to feed your creative side and keep it fresh because being creative can help in any aspect of life. In the words of Nas, ‘read more, learn more, change the globe’.

Well…that’s it people! Entertain us with your thoughts!

Hello Mr.Sunshine! A Rant by Poison

I wanna pee on somebody but since I cant do that I’ll just rant instead.

You know, it’s good to release some stress once in a while and just yell at someone or something. Go out and beat an inanimate object with a blunt object like a metal bat or a piece of wood. It fucking feels good. Yeah Yeah, swearing increases your blood pressure, sit down and count to ten, blah, blah…fuck off! Life is short so make it sweet.If you’re angry, go out and try yelling at something, hit something. You’re human, we get angry and it’s natural to just let loose on something. A pillow usually works well for this if you dont care to share your feelings with people because they are…

a) Idiots

b) Just can’t be trusted to be confided in

Lately, I’ve been feeling melancholy for various personal reasons. I’ve been looking around and seeing shit that I don’t need to see in the world or want to see. I do alot of meditation, people who know me would not think this but it’s true, I meditate to calm myself. Lately I’ve been disturbed and I realized that what I’ve been doing isn’t meditation but ignorance towards the world around me. My final straw got pushed today when I picked up a news paper on the bus while ripping my eardrums apart and shutting out the world with my loud ass music.

In this news paper I found shit about the recession. Yes the recession- every fucking body is going broke and we bloody love it! I found the usual stories about murder, politics, the usual…It just hit my buttons. I’ve been thinking about people and their problems lately and then I saw the paper and it just reminded me of what a wonderful world this really is. It put a smile on my face to see that shit was still going along as per plan.

I live in a wonderful country called Canada. Also known as Diet America, or America light. Unlike our American masters neighbors to the south of our country- we dont need a ludicrous military budget or for that matter a military of their size. Why? Because we dont start shit with people! People actually like us…or so we like to think. Now since 2001 Our small Army has gone off to help them win yet ANOTHER one of THEIR WARS. We’ve lost 116 soldiers in Afghanistan, the highest casualty rate among allied cuntries fighting there. Now after about 8 years of fighting their war, they have the nerve to make jokes about us.  Now we all know that Fox as a network is full of idiots and the American media is full of shit but this takes the cake.  I’m no patriot but it makes me think here…why dont we have an army?

My thought process goes as such…

a) Nobody in this world can be completely trusted- note the current situation: our most powerful ‘ally’ is turning its tongue loose on us and all we can do is whine and bitch about how hurtful it is.

b) If nobody can be trusted then we need to protect ourselves from untrustworthy people- like America and other people who we’ve made enemies of due to being friends with the war mongering assholes in the south.

c) So we should beef up our army- it’s a dangerous world and If we’re such good friends with everyone else in the world then who’ll mind if we beef up our army? We have other friends to rely on in the world…NOT TRUE! Everyone else may hate America but nobody really has the balls to stand up to them…well nobody that we want to fully associate ourselves with.

d) We’re America’s bitch…forever.

Anyways, with that issue resolved in my mind I move on in this news paper to the World News section. The world is still lovely as usual. Kids planning to bomb schools, Isralei soldiers accused of using an 11-year old boy as a human shield and the Dalai Lama gets banned from South Africa…Wait! What the Fuck is this! The Dalai Lama banned from South Africa?! Why? Because they dont want to disagree with the Chinese!

The Dalai was called there to promote good international relations and at the whim of the Chinese government, they say no to the Dalai Lama! The fucking Dalai Lama! Now I wonder why this is… I’m willing to bet that its because China has an army! A big ass army and lots of money! The Dalai Lama…not so much.  If Canada had an army then maybe we wouldn’t get bitch slapped so hard by the Americans…I’ll probably die before that ever happens.

Proceeding on in this paper, I moved onto  another article. This time in the comment and views section. Then my happy face just twisted in glee as I read about how my lovely canadian government is proceeding to ramp up it’s right wing credentials to the point where we’re seen as a denier of free speech. BTW that last sentence was taken from the article. Anyways…Canada has become the only country in the world to ban sitting British MP George Galloway from coming over. Last I checked, this country was supposed to be the sensible one in North America with the free speech within reasonable limits. I know that Galloway has said some disagreeable things but at the same time that’s no reason to bar him from the country. Like goddamn it- I know that there’s a ku-klux-klan chapter somewhere near me and they’re allowed to be around as long as they’re not hurting people and stuff yet their views are horrible. Why dont we bar them from the country!? With this issue in front of me I realize that my government is full of douchebags and I would rather vote for the clitoris of a rat before these idiots.

So I moved on and skimmed through the paper to see the usual economic crap that’s usually illustrated to look positive to the average man but to the salary man it’s always bad news. That didn’t surprise me. The economy never fails to surprise me lately, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. New rich people replace the old ones and I look and wish I were there but as it stands right now I’ve got friends with great resumes having a hard time getting jobs flipping burgers! Meanwhile, I’m unemployed so money is of no concern to me as long as I’m getting the bare minimum to stretch.

I glanced at sports and saw that one of the star players on my home team, the Toronto Raptors. The ones who will never achieve anything of great importance. Yeah- I said it. Piss off you Raptors fans, dont deny it, all the teams in Toronto suck ass! You losers with season tickets got ripped off unless you got them for free…actually you still got ripped off, you wasted your time getting the tickets. Anyways, Chris Bosh, is being accused of being a deadbeat father. Yes, one of our best players, someone for the children to look up to, is now being brought down as another typical black bad baby daddy.  I dont play sports, dont mind sports but this shit just makes me wanna sit on my ass and play videogames all day if this is all I can look forward to in the world of pro sports.

I make it to the health and beauty section. This is where the philosopher in me wakes up. Whenever the word ‘beauty’ is mentioned, the dying philosopher in me has to ask ‘what is true beauty?” then I look at the pictures of these people. All these bony, fleshless, made up hags on paper are what society defines as beauty. Most of these advertisements are aimed towards  men or the dying. Ladies- let me tell you that 8/10 men like a girl with something to hold onto. No we dont want the 800 pound whale but please- this is for the everyone both male and female- TRY to stay in shape. Just go for a walk or something every now and then and stop eating the cookie dough ice cream when you’re depressed…it’s really good but stop, you’ll cry later.

Finally I stop at the entertainment section. Tell me why i’m not entertained. Television is dead. There is nothing good to watch anymore, it’s all a load of steaming crap. I can’t remember the last time I found something worthwhile for me to watch on television. If anything I’m watching reruns of old television shows.  Aside from TV being crap, the people that make Tv are full of shit too! Michael Jackson is in england shopping for yet another child. Roseanne Barr…if you people could remember her from the television show of the same name, she was the other hag with the horrible cackle laugh if you can remember it raping your ears as a child.  The first being Fran Drescher…oh god her entire being will make my skin always crawl, I honestly thought she was actually a HE at one point. Just look at her and you might see.

I’m going off topic…Roseanne is trying to make a comeback and it’s good to know that she’s smart enough to pitch the idea to someone who is stupid enough to actually pay her for it…Fox. Finally, I caught me a glance at Lindsay Lohan…and I cried. I used to think she was hot god dammit! Yeah, I wont lie, cringe in your seat and piss your skin at my horrible taste but she was hot! She had the whole big boobed, freckle faced, cute red head/brunette thing going for her and she had some MEAT on her. Dammit! she was a sexy piece of ass! Then she got into the drugs and hollywood corrupted her quite nicely so that now she’s a twiggy blonde hag…They offered her a modelling career. I think  that if I threw her, someone’s dog would fetch her back to me. I almost wish I were a fashion designer, I would totally make sure my models have bodies that are FIT and not just skinny or slender. Women usually have CURVE and Lindsay Lohan just does not define ‘hot’ to me. I know people will fap to anything but c’mon…Lindsay Lohan. If it’s her old pics then its cool but her new skinny and gangly self is simply inexcusable.

All in all, I’ve ranted and made myself feel better. The lesson here- talking about your problems will make you feel much better. Remember, it’s a horrible world out there and you can’t let it get to you but since you live in it, it’ll get to you. Sometimes we just gotta get up and yell or hit something but it’s good to cut loose and let it all out. It’s spring people so lets let loose some of that pent up energy from winter and begin to clear space for new experiences in life!

St.Patricks day/safe drinking guide

First and foremost, yes we know we are late but we have good reason- we wanted to tell you people this while you were sober but after you’ve all done something stupid and entertaining.

So for this article we’ll be give you a breif overview of the history of St.Patricks day. Also, we’ll be educating you all about safe drinking practices to ensure that you and many other people manage to make it home safe and sound on this and many other holidays.

So as we’re sure most of our intelligent readers know, St.Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland and March 17th is the celebration of the anniversary of his death.  Most people who are not in the church of Ireland or the Roman catholic church know this day to be a celebration of Ireland and it’s robust culture. The majority of the world knows this day as a day for cheap booze. In Ireland, it’s a national holiday, THE national holiday. Its a bank holiday in northern Ireland and a public holiday in The Republic of Ireland as well as Montserrat.

As we all know people celebrate the holiday all over the world through the wearing of the colour green and by bathing themselves in Irish culture. So there’s more than drinking Guiness or any Irish import liquor to this holiday, but go out and try some Irish food. A fun fact about the use of the colour green on St. Patricks day is that it wasn’t originally green but it was blue that was worn. This is because St.Patrick was traditionally seen in blue garment before modern times. The colour blue is what adorns the Irish presidential standard, it’s not green like some would think. The colour green probably gained popularity because of the phrase ‘the wearing of the green’ which meant to wear a shamrock on ones clothing.

All in all, St.Patricks day is a church holiday for those of you who are religious and it’s a holiday where we hope you’ll take the time to learn more about the people you’re celebrating- the Irish. Otherwise…we all know that it’s well celebrated in bars all over the world as a drinking holiday! Thus why we at The Infection feel that it’s our civic duty to make sure that you all get back home safely while out on ANY holiday. So here is The Infection’s safe drinking guide!

1) Never ride alone!

This rule applies to going nearly anywhere in this world, it’s a dangerous world out there and being alone in it is not good. This rule comes into effect especially when drinking. If you plan to go out and drink then dont do it alone. have a trustworthy friend nearby- even if they’re drunk too, you’ll be better off drunk with a good friend than drunk and alone.

2) Make sure you have enough cash for a cab home.

If you’re going to a house party, a club anywhere where you know you may end up being stupid- always have money for a cab. Your home could be around the corner for all whoever cares but make sure you carry money for a cab. You or somebody else might need it.

3) Dont Drink and drive!

We’ve all seen the commercials, seen the advertisements or gotten the lecture in school or whenever we first get our licenses. DONT FUCKING DRINK AND DRIVE! People get killed because there are jackasses out there who think that they can still drive drunk or someone didn’t stop them. If you are drunk and you’ve got no place to stay for the night, you’ve got no cash for a cab and you’ve got no other way to get home- you better walk it off until you are sober but at any and all costs DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

4) Always arrange for a place nearby to crash for the night.

If you’re going to go out drinking, make sure you have a place for people to dump your body if you pass out. Even if you go out and dont plan to drink at all, you never know what could happen at a party when people drink so make sure you have a place to crash. Also, if you are hosting a party with alcohol or inviting friends out to drink- it’s your responsibility as a host to make sure that everyone has a place to sleep that night, be it in your own bed or you personally make sure they get home.

5) Never let a drunk out of your sight.

People make this mistake all the time at parties and gatherings. You let the drunk out of your sight. Yes you let them mingle and whatnot but as long as they’re drunk you make sure that you or someone you can trust has an eye on them. People can take advantage of them when they’re drunk or they could get into alot of trouble but the fact is that you always keep an eye on the drunk. Even if it’s someone you dont know, just keep an eye out for them. They can easily endanger themselves and the safety of others.

6)Choose a DD in the group.

DD is a term used to describe a designated driver but The Infection defines a DD as someone who is to remain sober while everyone else gets drunk. The traditional DD will drive everyone home when out drinking but the purpose of a DD extends far beyond just driving, they’re job is to monitor everyone in the group and make sure that they’re safe. If you’re at a house party then this job immediately falls into the lap of the host. As a host it is their duty to monitor the party and stay sober enough to mediate conflicts, to be a good host and make sure everything is generally cool. This isn’t to say that the host always has to be a DD but the host should have one chosen from within their group to make sure that everything is alright with everyone in the party.

All in all, enjoy yourselves and be safe! If you have any more tips to give up to us or more educational info to share on St.Paddy’s day then entertain us!

Keep us entertained!

Mastercrap theater #3

Now for another thrilling installment of Snowflake!

-Snowflake chapter 3-

Now A-Soul had a cartel princess as a bargaining chip and the streets were ready to explode in war. A-Soul no longer had interest in the city or obtaining any territory there, but they did have an idea of where they wanted to go and they did need money. After the skating rink bombing the group had been somewhat inactive but there was a war brewing. Poison of A-soul was on one side of the war and he was just like himself, a watchdog waiting to chew up anything that comes his way. The other side was an entire cartel and they were very angry, but things were going to change soon enough.

Antonia walked into the cold dark dimly lit basement of her employers’ home. She wore a black track suit and in her hand a gun was being held. It was a 9mm and it was well loaded, she was intent on killing that night. Her gun was silenced and well visible in her right hand, she walked down a long, dimly lit corridor with a door at the end. It was all a very cliché scene in her mind.

She got to the door and stood there with the gun in her hand, thinking of the rest of her plan and going through the simulated chain of events in her head. She would walk in and roll to the side as her employers’ gunmen would shoot at her and then she would take her chance to give the old man a good clean shot to the head and end it all, but it wouldn’t work out that way. She knew that, but secretly hoped it did work that way like in the movies.

Another set of steps could be heard behind Antonia and she turned around with her gun pointed toward the person who was making the steps. It was only her sister, Michelle, she was the bosses’ whore of sorts, she sucked his dick and the old man gave her money. Michelle was Antonia twin sister and a surprise fact; they were both alleged daughters of the old man. The old man denied his fathering of them but took care of them and as they got older he took ‘liberties’ with them. The twins stood face to face and looked at each other.

“Hey sis, gonna shoot your own sister?” asked Michelle in a joking manner.

“Naw, your my twin, I might not like you but it’s like killing my own shadow, no fun” replied Antonia.

“What you planning to do with that?” asked Michelle as she pointed to the gun in her sister’s hand.

“Put him out of his misery” Antonia replied, coldly.

There was a moment of silence between them as they stood staring at each other. It was ice blue eyes looking into ice blue eyes as none of them spoke.


Michelle began to break the silence but was interrupted when a shot could be heard from the room she was being barred from by her sibling.

They both ran into the room to see the old man face flat on his desk. There was a pool of blood and a lot of cocaine on the desk along with a gun that could be seen on the floor which cried out of one scenario. The main fact of the situation was that someone had beat Antonia to the punch and it was the old man.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, in an old motel, A-Soul had taken over and had left their trail of graffiti for their newfound enemies to follow. The motel owner was a leftover hippie and was ‘digging’ the new look that A-Soul had given to the place, they had offered to clean up the graffiti before they left but the hippie landlord insisted on not cleaning it up and so things were good.

Since they had spruced up the place in their unique fashion, they all were staying for free but they were running out of places to vandalize and Poison’s unit was getting restless, along with Poison himself.

There was no good internet connection so both Script X and Spectrum’s units were also getting restless in the old motel since they both had no way of getting updates in the music world and no way to update the writing archives on the site.

The reason why they were outside of the city? They were trying to avoid trouble and the bounty that had been put out on their heads by the cartel boss. The bounty was $500.00 USD, this may seem like a small sum to catch all of A-Soul but the thing about this problem was the ultimatum that was given to them. The price on their heads was $500.00 USD, per-member that was brought to the cartel boss dead or with information on where the leaders were…worldwide.

Even though A-Soul has no leader or leaders there was a separate price put on Spectrum, Script X and Poison’s heads, 1,000,000.00 USD each. Sadly for A-Soul, many members had already been killed as soon as the news of a bounty that big was out on the streets. People from the lowest of all criminals to the highest profile assassins were out for them. It was a sad day for A-Soul just knowing that their brothers and sisters all over the world were being killed and it took an even bigger effect on the million dollar babies, Poison, Script and Spectrum.

They desperately wanted to go back to the city and face death but they knew it would do nothing since someone else would willingly rise in their places and try to avenge them. They still had the cartel bosses daughter and they had not touched her in any way, shape or form since they were too disgusted with her father to want anything to do with her. The group had contemplated killing her many times already but she was a bargaining chip and they weren’t about to give her up and stop the killing.

The entire group worldwide was not about to give up to guns or the weapons of mortal men. Too bad for A-Soul that they didn’t know that the girl was useless as of a few minutes ago and the bounty had been dropped since the old man who hunted them was dead.

Costa Rica School building fund results

Well dear readers, we here at The Infection have to humbly apologize and thank you all for your support in the ‘Costa Rica School building fundraiser’.

We have decided to end our collection early since we were not recieving donations and as it is right now we are dangerously understaffed to handle such a task. We do wish to thank those of you who donated to us and we do hope that we can have your support in the future. >N@T3< currently is the one in charge of the charity operation but since he is away on business he is unable to provide the information on who exactly donated as well as how much was made in grand total. The Infection can report that on it’s own it collected a grand total of $25 CDN through anonymous donations.

Once again thank you all, we do hope for your support again in the future and keep us entertained, enriched and enlightened while we’re here!

we’re back!!!

Welcome back one and all to The Infection. First and foremost we here at The Infection would like to offer our apologies concerning our sudden absence. We didn’t get to finish off last month’s theme of love and romance but we will be touching the issues concerning love and romance again later on this year. Specifically, that piece about sex that we here are so itching to do and we know that you all are waiting to see.

If you haven’t noticed or are new to The Infection, we have a monthly theme here. We TRY to follow this monthly theme to the end but we’re not making guarantees. A lesson for you all- a promise is a comfort to a fool. If we made a promise then that’s us calling you all fools and we like you all too much to say something like that. Instead of promises we make arrangements and deadlines and try our hardest to reach them. If we don’t then we have a contingency plan arranged to make up for our error. Now…to tell you all about this month’s theme!

This month we’re going to be taking about the joy of spring! From today until the 17th of next month we have an onslaught of holidays like St. Patty’s day, Easter, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday and other occasions on the calendar. Not only that but this Friday is the first official day of spring! With the theme of spring we’re going to be talking about new beginnings for you in life. Obviously from The Infected point of view. We’ll also be educating you dear readers about the holidays that fall on this month. I still don’t know what Ash Wednesday is yet I’ve seen it on the calendar for years so I’ll be getting educated too it seems. Next to the holidays and philosophy we’ll be entertaining you with movie reviews, restaurant reviews and…The return of Snowflake! Yes, people we are bringing it back to life and this time there will be illustrations!

So…here’s what we have so far for this month.

Week 1- St. Patty’s day education and safe drinking guide, the best liquor choices of The Infection, Snowflake update,

Week 2- New beginnings and spring cleaning for you, Restaurant review, Snowflake update,

Week 3- April fool’s day/ Comedy week. Snowflake update

Week 4- Easter weekend, Snowflake update and Dragon ball evolution movie review.

Ok, so that’s what we have in store for you people! We know that we’re a little late for St. Patty’s day but consider it our way of warning you before next year so if you did do something stupid this year, you’ll know how to not end up in similar situations. On the issue of the Dragon ball Evolution movie review- We all know that the movie is leaked all over the internet and would probably have been seen once or twice by everyone reading. If not then you all know that it’s been leaked. The Infection won’t promote UNJUST illegal action such as downloading movies so we’ll wait until it’s released in North America to give you all a review…after we’re supposed to have seen it. Other than that…keep us entertained!