we’re back!!!

Welcome back one and all to The Infection. First and foremost we here at The Infection would like to offer our apologies concerning our sudden absence. We didn’t get to finish off last month’s theme of love and romance but we will be touching the issues concerning love and romance again later on this year. Specifically, that piece about sex that we here are so itching to do and we know that you all are waiting to see.

If you haven’t noticed or are new to The Infection, we have a monthly theme here. We TRY to follow this monthly theme to the end but we’re not making guarantees. A lesson for you all- a promise is a comfort to a fool. If we made a promise then that’s us calling you all fools and we like you all too much to say something like that. Instead of promises we make arrangements and deadlines and try our hardest to reach them. If we don’t then we have a contingency plan arranged to make up for our error. Now…to tell you all about this month’s theme!

This month we’re going to be taking about the joy of spring! From today until the 17th of next month we have an onslaught of holidays like St. Patty’s day, Easter, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday and other occasions on the calendar. Not only that but this Friday is the first official day of spring! With the theme of spring we’re going to be talking about new beginnings for you in life. Obviously from The Infected point of view. We’ll also be educating you dear readers about the holidays that fall on this month. I still don’t know what Ash Wednesday is yet I’ve seen it on the calendar for years so I’ll be getting educated too it seems. Next to the holidays and philosophy we’ll be entertaining you with movie reviews, restaurant reviews and…The return of Snowflake! Yes, people we are bringing it back to life and this time there will be illustrations!

So…here’s what we have so far for this month.

Week 1- St. Patty’s day education and safe drinking guide, the best liquor choices of The Infection, Snowflake update,

Week 2- New beginnings and spring cleaning for you, Restaurant review, Snowflake update,

Week 3- April fool’s day/ Comedy week. Snowflake update

Week 4- Easter weekend, Snowflake update and Dragon ball evolution movie review.

Ok, so that’s what we have in store for you people! We know that we’re a little late for St. Patty’s day but consider it our way of warning you before next year so if you did do something stupid this year, you’ll know how to not end up in similar situations. On the issue of the Dragon ball Evolution movie review- We all know that the movie is leaked all over the internet and would probably have been seen once or twice by everyone reading. If not then you all know that it’s been leaked. The Infection won’t promote UNJUST illegal action such as downloading movies so we’ll wait until it’s released in North America to give you all a review…after we’re supposed to have seen it. Other than that…keep us entertained!

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