Mastercrap theater #3

Now for another thrilling installment of Snowflake!

-Snowflake chapter 3-

Now A-Soul had a cartel princess as a bargaining chip and the streets were ready to explode in war. A-Soul no longer had interest in the city or obtaining any territory there, but they did have an idea of where they wanted to go and they did need money. After the skating rink bombing the group had been somewhat inactive but there was a war brewing. Poison of A-soul was on one side of the war and he was just like himself, a watchdog waiting to chew up anything that comes his way. The other side was an entire cartel and they were very angry, but things were going to change soon enough.

Antonia walked into the cold dark dimly lit basement of her employers’ home. She wore a black track suit and in her hand a gun was being held. It was a 9mm and it was well loaded, she was intent on killing that night. Her gun was silenced and well visible in her right hand, she walked down a long, dimly lit corridor with a door at the end. It was all a very cliché scene in her mind.

She got to the door and stood there with the gun in her hand, thinking of the rest of her plan and going through the simulated chain of events in her head. She would walk in and roll to the side as her employers’ gunmen would shoot at her and then she would take her chance to give the old man a good clean shot to the head and end it all, but it wouldn’t work out that way. She knew that, but secretly hoped it did work that way like in the movies.

Another set of steps could be heard behind Antonia and she turned around with her gun pointed toward the person who was making the steps. It was only her sister, Michelle, she was the bosses’ whore of sorts, she sucked his dick and the old man gave her money. Michelle was Antonia twin sister and a surprise fact; they were both alleged daughters of the old man. The old man denied his fathering of them but took care of them and as they got older he took ‘liberties’ with them. The twins stood face to face and looked at each other.

“Hey sis, gonna shoot your own sister?” asked Michelle in a joking manner.

“Naw, your my twin, I might not like you but it’s like killing my own shadow, no fun” replied Antonia.

“What you planning to do with that?” asked Michelle as she pointed to the gun in her sister’s hand.

“Put him out of his misery” Antonia replied, coldly.

There was a moment of silence between them as they stood staring at each other. It was ice blue eyes looking into ice blue eyes as none of them spoke.


Michelle began to break the silence but was interrupted when a shot could be heard from the room she was being barred from by her sibling.

They both ran into the room to see the old man face flat on his desk. There was a pool of blood and a lot of cocaine on the desk along with a gun that could be seen on the floor which cried out of one scenario. The main fact of the situation was that someone had beat Antonia to the punch and it was the old man.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, in an old motel, A-Soul had taken over and had left their trail of graffiti for their newfound enemies to follow. The motel owner was a leftover hippie and was ‘digging’ the new look that A-Soul had given to the place, they had offered to clean up the graffiti before they left but the hippie landlord insisted on not cleaning it up and so things were good.

Since they had spruced up the place in their unique fashion, they all were staying for free but they were running out of places to vandalize and Poison’s unit was getting restless, along with Poison himself.

There was no good internet connection so both Script X and Spectrum’s units were also getting restless in the old motel since they both had no way of getting updates in the music world and no way to update the writing archives on the site.

The reason why they were outside of the city? They were trying to avoid trouble and the bounty that had been put out on their heads by the cartel boss. The bounty was $500.00 USD, this may seem like a small sum to catch all of A-Soul but the thing about this problem was the ultimatum that was given to them. The price on their heads was $500.00 USD, per-member that was brought to the cartel boss dead or with information on where the leaders were…worldwide.

Even though A-Soul has no leader or leaders there was a separate price put on Spectrum, Script X and Poison’s heads, 1,000,000.00 USD each. Sadly for A-Soul, many members had already been killed as soon as the news of a bounty that big was out on the streets. People from the lowest of all criminals to the highest profile assassins were out for them. It was a sad day for A-Soul just knowing that their brothers and sisters all over the world were being killed and it took an even bigger effect on the million dollar babies, Poison, Script and Spectrum.

They desperately wanted to go back to the city and face death but they knew it would do nothing since someone else would willingly rise in their places and try to avenge them. They still had the cartel bosses daughter and they had not touched her in any way, shape or form since they were too disgusted with her father to want anything to do with her. The group had contemplated killing her many times already but she was a bargaining chip and they weren’t about to give her up and stop the killing.

The entire group worldwide was not about to give up to guns or the weapons of mortal men. Too bad for A-Soul that they didn’t know that the girl was useless as of a few minutes ago and the bounty had been dropped since the old man who hunted them was dead.

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