St.Patricks day/safe drinking guide

First and foremost, yes we know we are late but we have good reason- we wanted to tell you people this while you were sober but after you’ve all done something stupid and entertaining.

So for this article we’ll be give you a breif overview of the history of St.Patricks day. Also, we’ll be educating you all about safe drinking practices to ensure that you and many other people manage to make it home safe and sound on this and many other holidays.

So as we’re sure most of our intelligent readers know, St.Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland and March 17th is the celebration of the anniversary of his death.  Most people who are not in the church of Ireland or the Roman catholic church know this day to be a celebration of Ireland and it’s robust culture. The majority of the world knows this day as a day for cheap booze. In Ireland, it’s a national holiday, THE national holiday. Its a bank holiday in northern Ireland and a public holiday in The Republic of Ireland as well as Montserrat.

As we all know people celebrate the holiday all over the world through the wearing of the colour green and by bathing themselves in Irish culture. So there’s more than drinking Guiness or any Irish import liquor to this holiday, but go out and try some Irish food. A fun fact about the use of the colour green on St. Patricks day is that it wasn’t originally green but it was blue that was worn. This is because St.Patrick was traditionally seen in blue garment before modern times. The colour blue is what adorns the Irish presidential standard, it’s not green like some would think. The colour green probably gained popularity because of the phrase ‘the wearing of the green’ which meant to wear a shamrock on ones clothing.

All in all, St.Patricks day is a church holiday for those of you who are religious and it’s a holiday where we hope you’ll take the time to learn more about the people you’re celebrating- the Irish. Otherwise…we all know that it’s well celebrated in bars all over the world as a drinking holiday! Thus why we at The Infection feel that it’s our civic duty to make sure that you all get back home safely while out on ANY holiday. So here is The Infection’s safe drinking guide!

1) Never ride alone!

This rule applies to going nearly anywhere in this world, it’s a dangerous world out there and being alone in it is not good. This rule comes into effect especially when drinking. If you plan to go out and drink then dont do it alone. have a trustworthy friend nearby- even if they’re drunk too, you’ll be better off drunk with a good friend than drunk and alone.

2) Make sure you have enough cash for a cab home.

If you’re going to a house party, a club anywhere where you know you may end up being stupid- always have money for a cab. Your home could be around the corner for all whoever cares but make sure you carry money for a cab. You or somebody else might need it.

3) Dont Drink and drive!

We’ve all seen the commercials, seen the advertisements or gotten the lecture in school or whenever we first get our licenses. DONT FUCKING DRINK AND DRIVE! People get killed because there are jackasses out there who think that they can still drive drunk or someone didn’t stop them. If you are drunk and you’ve got no place to stay for the night, you’ve got no cash for a cab and you’ve got no other way to get home- you better walk it off until you are sober but at any and all costs DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

4) Always arrange for a place nearby to crash for the night.

If you’re going to go out drinking, make sure you have a place for people to dump your body if you pass out. Even if you go out and dont plan to drink at all, you never know what could happen at a party when people drink so make sure you have a place to crash. Also, if you are hosting a party with alcohol or inviting friends out to drink- it’s your responsibility as a host to make sure that everyone has a place to sleep that night, be it in your own bed or you personally make sure they get home.

5) Never let a drunk out of your sight.

People make this mistake all the time at parties and gatherings. You let the drunk out of your sight. Yes you let them mingle and whatnot but as long as they’re drunk you make sure that you or someone you can trust has an eye on them. People can take advantage of them when they’re drunk or they could get into alot of trouble but the fact is that you always keep an eye on the drunk. Even if it’s someone you dont know, just keep an eye out for them. They can easily endanger themselves and the safety of others.

6)Choose a DD in the group.

DD is a term used to describe a designated driver but The Infection defines a DD as someone who is to remain sober while everyone else gets drunk. The traditional DD will drive everyone home when out drinking but the purpose of a DD extends far beyond just driving, they’re job is to monitor everyone in the group and make sure that they’re safe. If you’re at a house party then this job immediately falls into the lap of the host. As a host it is their duty to monitor the party and stay sober enough to mediate conflicts, to be a good host and make sure everything is generally cool. This isn’t to say that the host always has to be a DD but the host should have one chosen from within their group to make sure that everything is alright with everyone in the party.

All in all, enjoy yourselves and be safe! If you have any more tips to give up to us or more educational info to share on St.Paddy’s day then entertain us!

Keep us entertained!

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