A little spring cleaning

Here at The Infection we believe in the betterment of personal well being. If you are not happy with yourself then how can you be happy with others or the world around you. If you wish to improve the world then don’t push the blame on others but simply begin with yourself.  For this post we have Poison Apple’s views on how to improve your life, the lives of others around you and the state of the world around you. So here’s a little bit of spring cleaning for the soul from The Infection.

-The Infection-

So! People, I’m guessing that last month was a bit tough on some of you. It was cold, some people got sick, valentines day came and went so there were alot of make up’s, break ups and never happenings then at the end of it all and so on and so on.  Alas, spring has come and it’s time to clean up the mess that the cold winter has left for our lives.

To begin, you gotta clean your house or wherever it is that you dwell. Now, I’m not saying that you need to go all out and clean every damn thing since you generally should keep your house clean no matter what time of year it is but organize shit. Most of the organization should be happening in your room, particularly your closet. First of all you can put away that hefty ass winter jacket, the snow should be gone and even so it’s not that cold out anymore. Next, you can move all the sweaters and thick stuff to the back of the closet, you might need it sometime but don’t count on it too much. You’ll need to pull all the t-shirts and thin stuff back into the front. By organizing all of your stuff you create a positive environment that’s ready for change. Change can be good and after the last month you definitely are ready for some change cause keeping shit the way it might be, if your life is the train wreck that I describe, is not a good idea.

Next, for all you broke motherfuckers out there- get a job. Simple as that. I honestly don’t care what you do for money as long as it’s not hurting anybody but go out and find a way to make some cash. Yes a job is stressful but what’s life without lively hood. Even if you have money, it’s nice to have a job to work at, some project, something to do! After you have some funding, I want you to go out and buy some clothing. Yes- I do sound like some valley girl, “It’s a new season, lets totally shop tee-hee-hee” the fact is that it’s good to update the wardrobe. put on some fresh gear, even if it’s just a pair of shoes or a new hat- something new to wear can really help to put you in the mood to freshen up your attitude. it’s up to you how far you wanna push it You can spend a million dollars on new clothing, you can spend 10 bucks on that new cap or you can go to extremes like a new tattoo or dying your hair a new colour or a piercing- entertain me.

So your house is clean, your gear is fresh- now what? You need to hit a gym. Yeah, I know it might be hard for some of us but you gotta get up and exercise somehow. It doesn’t have to be at a gym but please do your body the favor and exercise.  I’m going to give you  two reasons to work out, realistic reasons.

1) You know that summer is coming and you want to look remotely sexy for somebody out there. Clothing is thinner and more revealing in some cases so you know that you can’t hide that gut underneath a sweater anymore.

2) Its good for you

The thing about cleaning for the spring is that it doesn’t just need to happen externally but internally. Sure this needs to happen more than once a year but if you don’t regularly do it then at least try to do a week of working out and from there you can gradually cut down. It’s kind of like when you make a new years resolution to work out, lose weight and get in shape, you join the gym, go every day and slowly stop going. Think of this as spring resolutions, you’re doing the same thing in a different season.  It’s been proven that eating healthier and working out helps to improve your attitude, you’ll have more energy and it improves your thinking ability as well as your physical. I’m not saying you’ll be superman in a week but you’ll be in a little better shape if you put your mind to it and people will notice. ..not that other people’s opinions matter, you’re doing this for you. Remember that.

Finally, after working on the physical, you need to have the mental up to par. I want you to start out by being informed. You’ll be a better person for it. Grab yourself a news paper and at least skim over everything. This is an everyday practice but if you’re like me then it’s once in a while. Still, try to at least try to glance at the headlines or something in order to be able to ask people questions and get to know more about the world around you. Sure not much changes and we get a new war somewhere, news on the economy and all the normal crap but…we  should try our best to know. Next,  find a library or bookstore and buy a new book to read. Even a graphic novel ( still a comic book to some assholes)  is good by me. You just need to read something, anything that stimulates the imagination and allows for creative thinking. It’s good to feed your creative side and keep it fresh because being creative can help in any aspect of life. In the words of Nas, ‘read more, learn more, change the globe’.

Well…that’s it people! Entertain us with your thoughts!

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