Mastercrap Theater #7

And now for your reading pleasure The Infection presents ‘Snowflake’ Chapter 7

-Snowflake : Chapter 7-

Etch and Sketch, two lovers, young and ambitious members of A-Soul. They were almost like their own unit of two, they could never not be seen together. They ate together, slept together, wept together, they did everything together. Their love was something so simple that it could not be understood by all, even Script X himself and he wrote romance stories. This night winter had come again and one year had passed since the events that had set this story in motion had taken place. The lake had frozen over and the two lovers hugged close for comfort from the cold winds as they looked on at the lights of the city. Etch was the boy and Sketch was the girl, when they were together they were in a whole different world.

“Hey Etch?” asked Sketch.

“What’s up?” replied Etch.

“What if we decided to go off somewhere and be alone” said Sketch

“Funny, we usually find a lot of places to go alone” said Etch in a joking manner

“No” she said as she hit him “Not like that”

“Then what do you mean alone?” asked Etch

“I mean…Let’s go far away, away from A-Soul, away from Poison or Spectrum, away from all of this” said Sketch

“Why?” asked Etch

“Because…they just…I don’t know” she said

“Well, we can always leave when we want, they won’t care but we won’t be able to escape A-Soul. To be honest, I don’t even see why we need to leave, they don’t bother us and we don’t bother them” said Etch

With a heavy “sigh” Sketch got up off the bench they were sitting at and walked off towards the subway. Etch quickly followed. The winter winds blew and Sketch’s long white hair blew in the wind as she walked, the wind blew in her steely grey eyes and forced tears to come out, she wore a black pair of cargo jeans and had a black sweater on and over it she wore a white vest, on her head she had a black toque with a white A-Soul insignia on it. She kept walking and then went into a run; she was cold and wanted to get to the subway quick. She could see the stairs going into the underground and quickly slid down the railing. She was in a food court and it smelt of sweets and treats that tickled her fancy, just as she realized she was hungry, she remembered her boyfriend. She turned around to see him there, right behind her as always. Etch looked into her eyes and saw the tears but before he could ask why she was crying she asked

“Wanna get something to eat? I’m in the mood for something sweet” said Sketch

This request was unusual for Sketch since she never liked sweet things but he did not want to disappoint her so he agreed and they went and got some Cinnabons. Etch loved to watch her eat. She ate like a stereotypical guy, quickly chewed up everything in sight, it was a wonder to him how she was so slim. Etch spent so much time watching her he never touched his cinnabon and Sketch took it for him but she was still hungry after so she dragged him to Subway. He bought two foot long subs and once again she ate her own and half of his then she ate her bag of chips and his cookies. Etch sat and ate his food as he thought about what could be bothering Sketch so much that she was on an eating binge now and he waited for the next request for food but she just sat there and listened to music on her MP3 player. Etch was worried now, she wasn’t talking to him, she was eating like a starved animal and she had just gotten up and walked away on him at the park, maybe it was that time of the month or maybe it was because he didn’t totally agree with her on leaving the rest of A-Soul. Thoughts raced through his mind as he slowly ate his food then Sketch suddenly took his sandwich from his hands and finished it for him.

“Lets go on the train” she simply said with a mouth full of food and she walked off with her drink in hand towards the trains.

Etch followed but this time he did not pay for this expense, she did. They went onto the train and saw it was full of Graffiti, mostly by A-Soul members that they knew and some of it was their own graffiti. Etch looked around and was wondering what to talk to her about but this was one of those times where he thought it best to be silent. Sketch and Etch sat on the train in silence for 2 hours and watched as people went on and off the train until they arrived at the last stop and they had to get off.

“That was fun” said Sketch as she got off the train and stretched

“Yeah, it was…” replied Etch

“What’s wrong?” asked Sketch as she stopped walking”

“Nothing…” replied Etch

“Doesn’t sound like nothing” said Sketch

“Hey, where are we?” asked Etch, quickly changing the subject.

“I think, we’re somewhere near Cartel territory…” said Sketch

“Damn! What time is it?” asked Etch

“Round midnight” said Sketch

“Fuck! All the trains going back are gone now” said Etch

“Looks like we sleep out tonight” said Sketch coolly

“Not here…” said Etch “A girl as pretty as you would probably get raped”

“Go figure, typical male behavior, you think you have to protect me cause I’m a woman” said sketch

“No, I’ve got to help protect you since you are my best friend” replied Etch

“You’re starting to sound like Poison…” said Sketch

“Huh?” said a surprised Etch

“Yeah, you sounded like Poison but your acting like Spectrum” she replied

“That’s just the way I am” said Etch

Before Sketch was able to reply, the lights in the underground went out and voices could be heard in the darkness. Shrill voices filled the air as three girls on roller blades came down the steps. The subway was empty and it was only the five people in the subway. The three girls were all in black, they wore black matching outfits that looked like catholic school uniforms, short skirts and all. They rolled around the two lovers in a circle. Etch and Sketch decided to ignore them and walked forward when they were blocked by the three girls.

“Wanna let us pass?” asked Etch

“No” said the first of the three, she had black hair and was wearing green contact lenses with a light brown skin.

“And why is that?” asked Sketch, as she put her hands in her cargo jeans pocket to grab hold of a can of spray-paint.

“We’ll let you pass but the cutie stays here” said the second of the three girls, she was a redhead and seemed to be the leader of the group, and she also had light brown skin.

So Sketch went past and walked up the stairs leaving Etch on his own. The lights in the subway then came back on and Etch could see the girls closing in on him.

“Um ladies…what are you doing?” asked Etch

But he got no answer, they rolled around him and they took off his Black vest, the lights went out again and Sketch could hear Etch yelling in a mix of pain and pleasure as she walked up the stairs. She then got a call on her cell phone.

“Yo!” said Sketch as she walked and talked

“Heh, your man is too much fun, Sforza’s waiting for you at his place” replied a female voice on the other side of the line and in the background a man could be heard screaming and girls could be heard giggling.

“Cool” replied Sketch as a real teardrop fell down her cheek.

She was going to Sforza’s place; she was to be the last angel by his request. She knew what she was about to do may hurt Etch if he ever found out but she wanted to escape the influence of Poison and Spectrum, Sforza had enough money to help the lovers escape and he offered it on one condition.

Character Design 101 with Poison Apple

For your reading pleasure The Infection would like to present ‘Character design 101 with Poison Apple’

This post is for those of you who have had an idea for a story and dont know how to make characters for it. Beware that my advice is not the end all to character design for a story but I think that my advice will be able to help you improve your story.

Every good story requires good characterization, that’s a fact. The audience has to be able to connect with the characters on some level no matter what race, species, age or mentality. If your audience isn’t able to connect to a character on some minimal level then your characters seem one dimensional and unbelieveable. Believeable characters create a believeable story, no matter how nonsensical the story can be. If you’ve got good characters with personality then you can get away with nearly anything in a story.

So, where do we start in the grand process of designing a character? We have two ways of going about this process. One way of going about the whole ordeal is to write out the scenario or a brief outline of the plot. Dont detail the characters or anything like that when you make the outline, just write down how you want it to begin. Describe the world surrounding the character and the situation that said person or people are in. Questions to ask are where, why and when.  The advantage to doing this is that you now can design characters that are appropriate to the genre and elements in the story. The disadvantage to this is that the story can easily become too plot driven.

The second way of going about this is to make the character before you write out your scenario/ plot outline. When designing characters in this fashion I like to start by writing out their basic information for reference. Things like age, sex, weight, height and nationality are the basic things you can put out for your character when you design them. By putting things like age and nationality, you help to define the basic mindset of your character. To help yourself even more in this process you can get into more details like their favourite foods, movies, hobbies and other things like that that might never ever come up in the plot at all. The more you know about this character, the better. The problem with this style is that you run the risk of making your story too character driven.  The advantage is that if you’ve properly defined the character’s personality then you can fit them into any genre because you know how they would react accordingly.

After you’ve defined the characters basic personality and the scenario, you have to make sure that the character looks the part. You can’t have a character in Nike sneakers and a basketball uniform in the middle of Lord of the Rings for no good reason. You cant have fully clad knights in the year 2020 unless you have a good reason. Make sure your characters look the part. By telling people what they wear and how they wear it can tell you about the character without having them say a word. It’s kind of like when you go out into the street late at night and you see a hooker on the corner. The hooker has the look of a hooker, this person does not dress up as a cop and offer you sex, they are scantily clad and wear makeup and you just know that they are hookers. So if your character is a cop, make them look like a cop. If your character is lazy and incompetent, you make them look the part. The fact is, looks can tell more than enough of a story for you so make use of it.

Another thing that can help in creating your character, is to draw them how you see them in your mind. Note that it’s most likely never going to turn out how you imagine them to be but it will help to try drawing them and how you imagine them to be. It’s also good to look on the internet for pictures of people with similar traits to your character. An example- my character has green eyes so I’ll look up ‘green eyes’ on Google. It’s always good to collect reference material just for viewing. Even if you don’t use it, it’s good to have it there just because.

All in all, if you use these basic tips and some sensible thinking then you’ll be able to create a kick ass character. My final tip is to try making your character suitable for any genre of story, make them well rounded no matter what the genre or their species. If your characters are adaptable then they’ll survive any change you throw at them and that’s what makes for a good character, the ability to grow. So…go now! Be fruitful and multiply my children and create greatness with my name, Poison, in your hearts!

Entertain me with your thoughts!

Featured Webcomic- Sinfest

In order to kick off this month’s festivities The Infection would like to direct your attention to a favorite web comic of Poison Apple’s.


Sinfest, a web comic by  artist Tatsuya Ishida is a comic that follows the lives of a multitude of characters while mainly focusing on issues of human nature. This comic isn’t for people who are easily offended by religious or sexual joke material. Which is why Poison enjoys the comic.

Aside from being offensive to the religious or conservative, the comic itself boasts quite an interesting art style. Drawn in a very manga/Japanese comic influenced style but written for an American audience, Sinfest is not only visually pleasing for those who enjoy the style that are situated in North America, but it’s also got issues we (us North Americans) can relate to.

Sinfest popped up on the web comic scene on January 17th 2000 and has been running strong for a good nine years now. Updates usually happening daily since 2006. Due to some of the issues tackled in this comic and the type of humor, it’s no surprise that this comic has been rejected for syndication multiple times. Here at The Infection we find that to be a bit of a shame as we do enjoy exercising our rights to free speech.The good news is that the comic is available in anthologies that can be purchased on the Sinfest website, so don’t lament you can still get this great comic in actual book form.

The comic features a colourful list of characters with the reader first being introduced to the defacto main character of the comic, Slick ,who is selling his soul to the Devil in the first comic.  It’s quite obvious from the get go that this comic is not one for the religiously sensitive. Other characters that may offend people are Jesus, Buddha and even God. The comic follows the lives of all these characters and their trials and tribulations as they deal with many issues that we tackle in our lives from a very humorous angle.

The Infection, or at least Poison, suggests that you dear readers add Sinfest to your daily reading. Not only will it entertain you but it may enrich your life by adding a humorous twist to some of the problems in your life and letting you know- it’s not all that bad, we all go through it.

Entertain us with your thoughts!

Cartoon May-hem!

Once again welcome to yet another month of being with The Infection! First and foremost, we would like to thank you all for your support over the last few months and hope to see and do much more for you all who have been loyal.

Second, Free at last! Free at last! Thank god almighty we are free at last!– That was a shout out to all of our friends in the post secondary institutions who have managed to successfully finish with exams and are moving onto greater things.  If you don’t know who was paraphrased in that sentence then read and learn about this great man that we’ve taken the courtesy of hyper linking you to.

Now onto business!

As usual we’ll be giving you the agenda and theme for this month. The theme for this month is, comic books and cartoons. That’s our focus. This month The Infection will be talking about anything and everything we want to talk about under the umbrella of comic books and cartoons.

Week 1- Featured weekly web comic, Poison Apple’s Character design 101, Disney studios– a well opinionated history.

Week 2- Featured weekly web comic, Style wars- Western style versus Anime! , The Marvel that is Marvel comics– a history lesson,

week 3- Featured weekly web comic, Style wars pt.2- when shores are first breached.., They must be giants…giant robots!- 30th anniversary Gundam focus, DC comics– the birthplace of the big blue boy scout!

Week 4- Featured weekly web comic, Anime North 2009 coverage, Style wars finale- Fusion style a.k.a the compromise, DreamWorks Studios– The OTHER guys who make animated films.

Now that you’ve all been updated, you should also know the routine by now  if you’ve been a loyal reader for the past few months. If you dont then here’s the routine-

Every week we TRY, not making any promises, but we do try to speak about each of the topics we outline for each week of the month. Also, in between the topics we can have the random burst from whoever the hell we want about anything related to the subject. By the end of the month we usually have enough material built up here to generate a healthy amount of discussion, then we get bored and move onto something else that entertains us for the next month.

So, later on today (that would mean the same date this was posted) we’ll be updating you with this weeks reccomendation of awesome web comics for you all to read. With that we’ve officially kicked off this month’s theme!

Entertain us with your thoughts!

Oh yeah! Here’s the song for this month!

We know it has nothing to do with comics or cartoons but it’s still awesome!


Welcome friends and true believers to The Infection!

First and foremost, we must apologize for our lack of attention in the past week. As I’m sure you all know and for those of you who do not know, most of us at The Infection are students. At this time of the year, many of us are in the process of sweating over tedious end of year exams and projects thus why we have not been able to attend to the needs of you- the people who loyally watch us for updates.

Otherwise, we do have good news for you all. First of all, it’s the beginning of a new month for us here at the Infection and that means that it is time for a new theme. If you’re not familiar with the whole ‘monthly theme’ thing by now we suggest that you backtrack through our posts a few months. We do hope that you all enjoyed the last month’s theme of spring and renewal because here at the Infection we found it to be quite refreshing. Now the theme for this month and going until the end of next month is- Comics and Cartoons!

In the next month we’ll be talking about comic books and cartoon art. The Infection plans to go over the evolution of the art styles, notable artists and names such as Walt Disney, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. We’ll also be talking about the different art styles such as Anime and the traditional western comic style. Also, each week we’ll be featuring a new webcomic for you all to enjoy. Finally, we want to end the month with a bang and we’ll be covering a major convention for you all to see the extent of peoples love for cartoons and comics!

Next on our lengthy to-do list we’ll be working hard to provide you all with some quality artwork and artists this month. We want to introduce you to all of our friends around the world in the hopes that if we’re not able to enrich, enlighten or entertain you then we can hope that someone else can. For now, here’s a webcomic we can guarantee will keep you all entertained!

All in all, keep us entertained!

How to take it easy with some…Meditation Medication!

Here at The Infection many of us are full time students who are currently in the tedious state of exams and are under lots of pressure to complete end of year assignments.

In keeping with our theme of spring and the promotion of good health and well being, The Infection wishes to present to you all some tips on how to maintain a healthy state of body and mind. More specifically- we wish to showcase some helpful videos on how to properly meditate.

Meditation is a mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the reflexive, “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. By pushing the mind into this state of deeper relaxation and awareness we are able to calmly evaluate any situation and overcome many of the everyday struggles of life. Through meditation we can learn more about ourselves and how to gain control of negative emotions that can slow us down in our successes. As you will learn, meditation can be done nearly anywhere and anytime and the more you do it the more spiritually aware you can become. We should learn to meditate because by freeing ourselves of worry and doubt we are able to function in a more positive and productive manner no matter what we do. Even in the most difficult of circumstances we can overcome them with a clear mind and through meditation we clear our minds even more. Think of it like giving your mind a good dusting off.

So without farther ado, The Infection presents to you- Meditation medication!

All in all, we do hope that these videos help you all to relax and become more productive individuals. Remember, take this advice as you will since we leave it up to you to find your own path to relaxation and spiritual awareness. Nobody can give you the answer, they can only show you one of many paths this does not mean that their path is also your own. If this all doesn’t work out for you guys then we would like to hope that the medicine of laughter can at least lift the weight off your shoulders.

Keep us entertained!

Poison’s Guest appearance on Starhill Radio

The Infection has many talented partners in many places that we hope to introduce you to as time goes by. This week Poison was invited to be a guest on Starhill Radio, one of our partners that you may remember from our charity event earlier this year. So in place of the rant that was promised to you our earlier this week, we give you something fresh and new. 

You can find a link to the podcast here or visit Starhill entertainment for more. 

Please be sure to check our talented artists page for updates and remember to check up on The Infection for new content every week. Keep us entertained!

Mastercrap Theater #6

Once again The Infection is proud to present to you yet another installment of Poison Apple’s work, Snowflake. We do hope that you are entertained.

Snowflake Chapter 6

The second snowflake, this is the story. She sat in a pure white room, there was silk streaming around all around her as she danced gracefully and played with the silk. There were open windows in this room and a polished wooden floor. The wind blew as she continued to dance gracefully in the wind as it passed through the room. She wore pure white, no other shades or colours. She had on thigh high stockings, sandals, a skirt and was playing with a white streamer in the wind. She started to move slowly and then she sped up and slowed down again. Her moves were well choreographed and she moved with such grace that even the angels were jealous. She was not only graceful but beautiful, a symbol of one man’s lust. She had long black hair and light caramel brown skin; she was skinny and had long, slender legs and some of the most innocent brown eyes ever known to be seen on this god’s green earth. She danced and danced until she could no longer dance and she plopped down onto a pile of pure white pillows in the center of the room. She laid and rested on the floor while watching the door, expecting to see someone pop through it, as always, she was right. There was a great wooden door at the entrance to the room and it took at least two people to manually open it, there was a great heave and the door opened, casting a great wind over the room, blowing back her hair and sending dust into her eyes. She knew that these guests were not expected as she had not opened the door for them herself. There were two men standing at the door and she knew that they were people that she had seen before but she did not wish to remember where from. One was wearing a old black bandana and had a black suit on with a white under shirt, the other had a white under shirt on also but was wearing a open jersey and black jeans. They walked into the room and the door automatically closed behind them with a loud “bang”.

“Who are you people?” asked the dancer.

“Hmph, I’m not surprised that you don’t remember” said the man in the suit.

“No need to be so cruel to an angel Poison, you’ll go to hell” said the man in the jeans.

“Script, we’re already living in hell, might as well make the best of it” replied the one called Poison.

“I’ll quote you on that” said Script

“What do you people want here?” asked the dancer

“Poison, can you leave us for a bit?” said Script

“Hmph” was the only response from Poison and he walked out the door.

“So Dust…if I can call you that, I have something I need to tell you” began Script

“And that is?”

“I-I have a lot of…um… Difficult to say feelings for you” he stammered out.

“Continue” she coolly said with amusement.

“And I want to ask if you might want to…uh…um…”

“Come out with it and then get out of my studio you weirdo” she yelled.

There was a moment of silence before he then gestured for her to wait a moment. He needed to collect his thought.

Script then sat down on the floor in front of her and turned his back to her. His mind was racing with thoughts and he decided to turn back around and closed his eyes. He was about to ask his question when he was disturbed. The door opened and then Poison and a whole bunch of A-Soul members were storming the room.

“We gotta go!” said Poison

“What, why!?” asked Script

“No time, take the girl with us people, I’ll tell you on the way to the hospital Script”

“Hospital?!” replied Script “What the fuck!”

The others grabbed Script and ran out leaving Poison alone with the girl.

“Did he at least tell you what we needed from you?” asked Poison

“No” replied the girl “He actually had business with me?” she asked.

“He didn’t tell you, well long story short we got a job for ya” he replied “You coming willingly?” asked Poison

“What will you do if I don’t?” asked Dust

“I’ll have to knock yo ass out” he casually replied

“Your friend wont like that” said the girl

“I don’t really care” replied Poison “you know what he was going to ask, right?” he asked

“Yeah, and I’ll come to see if I can get him to ask” she said

“I could just tell him you said no” said Poison

“No, it wouldn’t mean anything coming from you and how do you even know if I’ll say no” said Dust as she pulled back her black hair.

“I don’t know I just assumed the most logical answer, that’s all” said Poison and he ran out the door with her right behind him.

At the hospital, Sforza, the old man was clinging to life and had run out of strength just as he had finished his first snowflake. It was a solemn moment as members of A-Soul gathered around his bedside and awaited his self foreseen death. Enzo wept at his bedside and the doctor kept saying that he was sorry; there was nothing he could do but have his friends and family around him for his death. Spectrum was there and a band played lively music to try to decrease the negative energy in the room but death could still be felt as his chilly hand reached out for the old man’s soul. Script ran into the room and saw the old man in a bed, and then he quickly took his corner with his unit.

“Where is Poison!” yelled Enzo

“He’s coming” Script said simply

“He should have been the first here!” yelled out Enzo

Poison then walked into the room and joined his unit as they prayed for the master Sforza’s life.

“The man isn’t dead yet, why are you people mourning already!” yelled Poison

“Look at him, my master…Sforza….why you of all the people, why?!” sobbed Enzo into the bed sheets.

They all stood over Sforza watching as he struggled with each breath that he took and they all watched in fear. The room was silent except for Spectrums unit; they were an exception since they were all about noise. Then Spectrum decided to break the silence of the other units.

“Hey, Script, you go and get refuse by de gyal yet?” asked Spectrum in a joking way

“Oh shit! I forgot about that with this going on” said Script, and then the same girl of subject walked into the room and a miracle occurred at that moment.

Sforza’s breathing quickened and his heart rate went up then went down to normal and his breathing went down to normal, suddenly as if he were 50 years younger he got up and looked squarely at the girl. He eyed her for a whole minute and she eyed him, staring straight into eachothers eyes. She stayed where she was and his hand reached out towards her but she would not touch the old man.

“My second?” said Sforza

There was silence as all eyes in the room were on the girl. They all saw her radiance before them, all except Poison, a bitter and cold Poison. The silence was then broken when Sforza let loose a foul wind that choked all the people in the room and twisted their faces in disgust. All faces except Poison, who had already been disgusted by Sforza’s new muse. This was the second snowflake.

Chocolate eggiwegs

Welcome everyone to this week’s Easter Infection! We would like to offer a warm greeting to our christian readers who celebrate the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ on this holiday. Otherwise, to the rest of you people, enjoy the excess of chocolates that seem to flow around on this holiday.

To begin, instead of the usual history of the holiday being given and drawn out for you, our loved readers, we’ve decided that it would be far more educational and informative if we sent you out on a mission this holiday. Here at The Infection we believe that it’s not just good to be given information but an important part of learning is to seek it out yourself. Thus why we feel that it would be far more enriching and enlightening if you were to visit your local church this long weekend and ask someone there about the importance of Easter. Not only will you learn about the importance of the life,death and resurrection of  the most famous person in history but you will be given the opportunity to open your mind to culture and religion. When one opens their mind to learning, they close their mind to ignorance.

In other news, we’ve decided to drop our anticipated movie review on the grounds that I  refuse to review the movie.  The movie that we had planned to review was Dragonball Evolution which is based on the series created by Akira Toriyama called Dragonball. In other reviews littered across the internet, the movie was hailed as an utter failure as both a film and in keeping with it’s roots. I, Poison, tried to stay impartial and be fair to the movie before it hit North America but once it reached my eye sockets I could deny no longer. Although I will admit that I did stream it online weeks ago…thank god, I didn’t waste my money. Dragonball Evolution is a garbage movie and as a fan of the original series, I must say that it was a horrible idea to even make this a movie.  Although I must admit this, I will be going on a rant about video game and comic book based movies that turn out so horrendously and why they must do as such.

On a more positive note, I do wish to share with you an interesting comic based on a friend and respected colleague’s life. Please be sure to show your support and read up on his entertaining outlook on life. As the year goes by The Infection will be posting links to more new, up and coming artistic talents in a show of our support. We do hope that you support us as well in the future!

Keep us entertained with your thoughts!

p.s- For those of you who dont know what eggiwegs are then please read the book ‘A Clockwork Orange‘ or watch the movie as it is a reference to the Nadsat language used in it.