We’re forming a boyband!

Here at The Infection we all enjoy good music and as such we have decide to launch ourselves into managing a new music related project. Through the combined musical talents of  >N@T3< and the excellent producing abilities of Lionel Heart we have formed what we hope will be a more culturally diverse boy band. We have dubbed this band Pink Express.

Unlike boy bands of the past such as N’SYNC or the Backstreet Boys who’s cast was completely composed of young Caucasian males, we have formed a boy band that will appeal to a more colorful audience. Through this project we also plan to revitalize the music industry and it’s tastes for boy bands through the use of better choreography, vocals and creativity!

Now we know that the boy band is a thing of the past but by adding an Infection twist to the project we have managed to create what may possibly be the future of the entertainment industry. The type of sound we have created is truly unique and we hope that it will be distinctive to this boy band. We have been inspired by the sounds of artists such as Liberace, Tiesto Tupac Shakur, Walt Groller, Metallica and S-Club Seven in our efforts to create a sound so uniquely amazing that the success of this boy band will be unquestionable.

We have already begun casting calls for members of our group . If anyone is interested in joining us please feel free to e-mail us a resume and give us a small paragraph about why you think you would make a good edition to our boy band. We require one black/person of African descent, Asian/oriental, white/Caucasian, south Asian and an extra to join our band.

Look out for Pink Express, coming to The infection real soon!

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