Mastercrap Theater #5

A Warning/Disclaimer from Poison: Beware that this week’s chapter has some content that some may find offensive. On my own behalf I apologize for nothing other than the bad writing. On the behalf of The Infection I say that this is art and take it as you will. All in all, reader discretion is advised. Keep me entertained!

Snowflake Chapter 5

The first snowflake of three, this is its story. It had been a few weeks since Sforza had announced that he was beginning a new collection and many jewel enthusiasts had heard. As expected, there were many offers already made to fund the creation of the jewels and well as house them in private collections.

One of these jewel enthusiasts who had heard about Sforza’s new creation was living right down the block from him. In a large mansion nearby sat the city’s new cartel king and sadistic brother of Antonia and Michelle, Matthew.

It had been weeks since Sforza had first began drawing his jewels and news had caught on, the cruel brother still had his sisters locked up in the basement but still alive. He treated his own flesh and blood like dogs in his basement; they were locked up, given minimal amounts of food and a weekly check-up by a doctor who was well paid to keep his mouth shut.

Matthew sat in his couch and watched on television as Entertainment Tonight talked about Sforza’s history as a jewel maker and how rare his jewels were. In Sforza’s entire career he had sold only four jewels and they were all considered to be some of the most beautiful jewels ever made. It was rumoured that in his entire collection he had hundreds more rare jewels and all more beautiful than the rest. As a jewel maker, one jewel failed in comparison of beauty to the next. Matthew turned off the T.V as he heard the one last piece of information about Sforza; he was currently a member of A-Soul.

The tall bony man then went to see his now shattered twin sisters in the basement and jack off while watching them tortured by his whores. He walked into the newly redesigned basement and went into a hidden door behind a bookcase, which had two pale white women tied naked to chairs.

“Ho!” Said Mathew as he walked into the room and slapped the ass of one of his hoes. He then sat down behind a large oak desk as a one of the whores in the room then laid out a line of cocaine for him to savagely snort.

“Go fuck yourself” Came the voice of a savage Michelle.

“Heh, I like the newfound resilience in you” Replied Matthew as he looked up from the desk “I think I might actually get hard today, it’s been a while”

“You’re a sick Fuck Matt” said a weak voice from Antonia.

“And you, still resistant to the end, I’ve always liked you” replied Matthew as his pants were being undid by a whore “but I think it’s time for me to get rid of you guys”.

The twins looked at each other at this news but did not get excited. It may have been another way of him increasing their hopes and then shattering them while he got a good stiff one off their pain. The torture went on that night but they were well broken into the pain and they no longer were able to feel anything. At the end they laughed.

“God damn, you running out of ideas Matt” said Antonia as she smirked. She couldn’t raise her head but she knew that he was grinding his teeth.

“Hit them harder!” Matthew screamed to the whore who was whipping them. She responded by beating at the twins but she couldn’t get a yelp out of them.

“Damn!” Yelled out Mathew “frigging well hit them harder!” he said to the whores who were torturing them, but the hitting did not work, their spirits were dead and they were no good to him anymore. They were dragged off and away to the beach when the night ended.

“Well it looks like you’ve outlived your purpose sisters” said Mathew “But since I’m such a nice brother, I’m not going to kill you”.

The two sisters were on a boat with Matt and they knew he was going to push them overboard to sink or swim in the cold spring waters.

“Instead, I’ll let the ocean do that instead” said Matthew and with that they went overboard and it was quick and painless, for one of them. Antonia didn’t have enough strength to give a fight after she was dropped into the water but Michelle did not notice this until she got to land, her shadow was gone and now she was all alone.

Mathew had decided to keep his word and did not come after her since he was on the boat getting it off on the death of her sister and did not care about her right now. Michelle was on a beach and a cold wind was blowing as she laid on the beach in the dark, there was a light on the beachfront and by this light was an old man who called out to her in the darkness in a funny old accent. Sforza had found his first snowflake.

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