Chocolate eggiwegs

Welcome everyone to this week’s Easter Infection! We would like to offer a warm greeting to our christian readers who celebrate the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ on this holiday. Otherwise, to the rest of you people, enjoy the excess of chocolates that seem to flow around on this holiday.

To begin, instead of the usual history of the holiday being given and drawn out for you, our loved readers, we’ve decided that it would be far more educational and informative if we sent you out on a mission this holiday. Here at The Infection we believe that it’s not just good to be given information but an important part of learning is to seek it out yourself. Thus why we feel that it would be far more enriching and enlightening if you were to visit your local church this long weekend and ask someone there about the importance of Easter. Not only will you learn about the importance of the life,death and resurrection of  the most famous person in history but you will be given the opportunity to open your mind to culture and religion. When one opens their mind to learning, they close their mind to ignorance.

In other news, we’ve decided to drop our anticipated movie review on the grounds that I  refuse to review the movie.  The movie that we had planned to review was Dragonball Evolution which is based on the series created by Akira Toriyama called Dragonball. In other reviews littered across the internet, the movie was hailed as an utter failure as both a film and in keeping with it’s roots. I, Poison, tried to stay impartial and be fair to the movie before it hit North America but once it reached my eye sockets I could deny no longer. Although I will admit that I did stream it online weeks ago…thank god, I didn’t waste my money. Dragonball Evolution is a garbage movie and as a fan of the original series, I must say that it was a horrible idea to even make this a movie.  Although I must admit this, I will be going on a rant about video game and comic book based movies that turn out so horrendously and why they must do as such.

On a more positive note, I do wish to share with you an interesting comic based on a friend and respected colleague’s life. Please be sure to show your support and read up on his entertaining outlook on life. As the year goes by The Infection will be posting links to more new, up and coming artistic talents in a show of our support. We do hope that you support us as well in the future!

Keep us entertained with your thoughts!

p.s- For those of you who dont know what eggiwegs are then please read the book ‘A Clockwork Orange‘ or watch the movie as it is a reference to the Nadsat language used in it.

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