Mastercrap Theater #6

Once again The Infection is proud to present to you yet another installment of Poison Apple’s work, Snowflake. We do hope that you are entertained.

Snowflake Chapter 6

The second snowflake, this is the story. She sat in a pure white room, there was silk streaming around all around her as she danced gracefully and played with the silk. There were open windows in this room and a polished wooden floor. The wind blew as she continued to dance gracefully in the wind as it passed through the room. She wore pure white, no other shades or colours. She had on thigh high stockings, sandals, a skirt and was playing with a white streamer in the wind. She started to move slowly and then she sped up and slowed down again. Her moves were well choreographed and she moved with such grace that even the angels were jealous. She was not only graceful but beautiful, a symbol of one man’s lust. She had long black hair and light caramel brown skin; she was skinny and had long, slender legs and some of the most innocent brown eyes ever known to be seen on this god’s green earth. She danced and danced until she could no longer dance and she plopped down onto a pile of pure white pillows in the center of the room. She laid and rested on the floor while watching the door, expecting to see someone pop through it, as always, she was right. There was a great wooden door at the entrance to the room and it took at least two people to manually open it, there was a great heave and the door opened, casting a great wind over the room, blowing back her hair and sending dust into her eyes. She knew that these guests were not expected as she had not opened the door for them herself. There were two men standing at the door and she knew that they were people that she had seen before but she did not wish to remember where from. One was wearing a old black bandana and had a black suit on with a white under shirt, the other had a white under shirt on also but was wearing a open jersey and black jeans. They walked into the room and the door automatically closed behind them with a loud “bang”.

“Who are you people?” asked the dancer.

“Hmph, I’m not surprised that you don’t remember” said the man in the suit.

“No need to be so cruel to an angel Poison, you’ll go to hell” said the man in the jeans.

“Script, we’re already living in hell, might as well make the best of it” replied the one called Poison.

“I’ll quote you on that” said Script

“What do you people want here?” asked the dancer

“Poison, can you leave us for a bit?” said Script

“Hmph” was the only response from Poison and he walked out the door.

“So Dust…if I can call you that, I have something I need to tell you” began Script

“And that is?”

“I-I have a lot of…um… Difficult to say feelings for you” he stammered out.

“Continue” she coolly said with amusement.

“And I want to ask if you might want to…uh…um…”

“Come out with it and then get out of my studio you weirdo” she yelled.

There was a moment of silence before he then gestured for her to wait a moment. He needed to collect his thought.

Script then sat down on the floor in front of her and turned his back to her. His mind was racing with thoughts and he decided to turn back around and closed his eyes. He was about to ask his question when he was disturbed. The door opened and then Poison and a whole bunch of A-Soul members were storming the room.

“We gotta go!” said Poison

“What, why!?” asked Script

“No time, take the girl with us people, I’ll tell you on the way to the hospital Script”

“Hospital?!” replied Script “What the fuck!”

The others grabbed Script and ran out leaving Poison alone with the girl.

“Did he at least tell you what we needed from you?” asked Poison

“No” replied the girl “He actually had business with me?” she asked.

“He didn’t tell you, well long story short we got a job for ya” he replied “You coming willingly?” asked Poison

“What will you do if I don’t?” asked Dust

“I’ll have to knock yo ass out” he casually replied

“Your friend wont like that” said the girl

“I don’t really care” replied Poison “you know what he was going to ask, right?” he asked

“Yeah, and I’ll come to see if I can get him to ask” she said

“I could just tell him you said no” said Poison

“No, it wouldn’t mean anything coming from you and how do you even know if I’ll say no” said Dust as she pulled back her black hair.

“I don’t know I just assumed the most logical answer, that’s all” said Poison and he ran out the door with her right behind him.

At the hospital, Sforza, the old man was clinging to life and had run out of strength just as he had finished his first snowflake. It was a solemn moment as members of A-Soul gathered around his bedside and awaited his self foreseen death. Enzo wept at his bedside and the doctor kept saying that he was sorry; there was nothing he could do but have his friends and family around him for his death. Spectrum was there and a band played lively music to try to decrease the negative energy in the room but death could still be felt as his chilly hand reached out for the old man’s soul. Script ran into the room and saw the old man in a bed, and then he quickly took his corner with his unit.

“Where is Poison!” yelled Enzo

“He’s coming” Script said simply

“He should have been the first here!” yelled out Enzo

Poison then walked into the room and joined his unit as they prayed for the master Sforza’s life.

“The man isn’t dead yet, why are you people mourning already!” yelled Poison

“Look at him, my master…Sforza….why you of all the people, why?!” sobbed Enzo into the bed sheets.

They all stood over Sforza watching as he struggled with each breath that he took and they all watched in fear. The room was silent except for Spectrums unit; they were an exception since they were all about noise. Then Spectrum decided to break the silence of the other units.

“Hey, Script, you go and get refuse by de gyal yet?” asked Spectrum in a joking way

“Oh shit! I forgot about that with this going on” said Script, and then the same girl of subject walked into the room and a miracle occurred at that moment.

Sforza’s breathing quickened and his heart rate went up then went down to normal and his breathing went down to normal, suddenly as if he were 50 years younger he got up and looked squarely at the girl. He eyed her for a whole minute and she eyed him, staring straight into eachothers eyes. She stayed where she was and his hand reached out towards her but she would not touch the old man.

“My second?” said Sforza

There was silence as all eyes in the room were on the girl. They all saw her radiance before them, all except Poison, a bitter and cold Poison. The silence was then broken when Sforza let loose a foul wind that choked all the people in the room and twisted their faces in disgust. All faces except Poison, who had already been disgusted by Sforza’s new muse. This was the second snowflake.

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