How to take it easy with some…Meditation Medication!

Here at The Infection many of us are full time students who are currently in the tedious state of exams and are under lots of pressure to complete end of year assignments.

In keeping with our theme of spring and the promotion of good health and well being, The Infection wishes to present to you all some tips on how to maintain a healthy state of body and mind. More specifically- we wish to showcase some helpful videos on how to properly meditate.

Meditation is a mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the reflexive, “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. By pushing the mind into this state of deeper relaxation and awareness we are able to calmly evaluate any situation and overcome many of the everyday struggles of life. Through meditation we can learn more about ourselves and how to gain control of negative emotions that can slow us down in our successes. As you will learn, meditation can be done nearly anywhere and anytime and the more you do it the more spiritually aware you can become. We should learn to meditate because by freeing ourselves of worry and doubt we are able to function in a more positive and productive manner no matter what we do. Even in the most difficult of circumstances we can overcome them with a clear mind and through meditation we clear our minds even more. Think of it like giving your mind a good dusting off.

So without farther ado, The Infection presents to you- Meditation medication!

All in all, we do hope that these videos help you all to relax and become more productive individuals. Remember, take this advice as you will since we leave it up to you to find your own path to relaxation and spiritual awareness. Nobody can give you the answer, they can only show you one of many paths this does not mean that their path is also your own. If this all doesn’t work out for you guys then we would like to hope that the medicine of laughter can at least lift the weight off your shoulders.

Keep us entertained!

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