Welcome friends and true believers to The Infection!

First and foremost, we must apologize for our lack of attention in the past week. As I’m sure you all know and for those of you who do not know, most of us at The Infection are students. At this time of the year, many of us are in the process of sweating over tedious end of year exams and projects thus why we have not been able to attend to the needs of you- the people who loyally watch us for updates.

Otherwise, we do have good news for you all. First of all, it’s the beginning of a new month for us here at the Infection and that means that it is time for a new theme. If you’re not familiar with the whole ‘monthly theme’ thing by now we suggest that you backtrack through our posts a few months. We do hope that you all enjoyed the last month’s theme of spring and renewal because here at the Infection we found it to be quite refreshing. Now the theme for this month and going until the end of next month is- Comics and Cartoons!

In the next month we’ll be talking about comic books and cartoon art. The Infection plans to go over the evolution of the art styles, notable artists and names such as Walt Disney, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. We’ll also be talking about the different art styles such as Anime and the traditional western comic style. Also, each week we’ll be featuring a new webcomic for you all to enjoy. Finally, we want to end the month with a bang and we’ll be covering a major convention for you all to see the extent of peoples love for cartoons and comics!

Next on our lengthy to-do list we’ll be working hard to provide you all with some quality artwork and artists this month. We want to introduce you to all of our friends around the world in the hopes that if we’re not able to enrich, enlighten or entertain you then we can hope that someone else can. For now, here’s a webcomic we can guarantee will keep you all entertained!

All in all, keep us entertained!

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