Cartoon May-hem!

Once again welcome to yet another month of being with The Infection! First and foremost, we would like to thank you all for your support over the last few months and hope to see and do much more for you all who have been loyal.

Second, Free at last! Free at last! Thank god almighty we are free at last!– That was a shout out to all of our friends in the post secondary institutions who have managed to successfully finish with exams and are moving onto greater things.  If you don’t know who was paraphrased in that sentence then read and learn about this great man that we’ve taken the courtesy of hyper linking you to.

Now onto business!

As usual we’ll be giving you the agenda and theme for this month. The theme for this month is, comic books and cartoons. That’s our focus. This month The Infection will be talking about anything and everything we want to talk about under the umbrella of comic books and cartoons.

Week 1- Featured weekly web comic, Poison Apple’s Character design 101, Disney studios– a well opinionated history.

Week 2- Featured weekly web comic, Style wars- Western style versus Anime! , The Marvel that is Marvel comics– a history lesson,

week 3- Featured weekly web comic, Style wars pt.2- when shores are first breached.., They must be giants…giant robots!- 30th anniversary Gundam focus, DC comics– the birthplace of the big blue boy scout!

Week 4- Featured weekly web comic, Anime North 2009 coverage, Style wars finale- Fusion style a.k.a the compromise, DreamWorks Studios– The OTHER guys who make animated films.

Now that you’ve all been updated, you should also know the routine by now  if you’ve been a loyal reader for the past few months. If you dont then here’s the routine-

Every week we TRY, not making any promises, but we do try to speak about each of the topics we outline for each week of the month. Also, in between the topics we can have the random burst from whoever the hell we want about anything related to the subject. By the end of the month we usually have enough material built up here to generate a healthy amount of discussion, then we get bored and move onto something else that entertains us for the next month.

So, later on today (that would mean the same date this was posted) we’ll be updating you with this weeks reccomendation of awesome web comics for you all to read. With that we’ve officially kicked off this month’s theme!

Entertain us with your thoughts!

Oh yeah! Here’s the song for this month!

We know it has nothing to do with comics or cartoons but it’s still awesome!

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