Mastercrap Theater #7

And now for your reading pleasure The Infection presents ‘Snowflake’ Chapter 7

-Snowflake : Chapter 7-

Etch and Sketch, two lovers, young and ambitious members of A-Soul. They were almost like their own unit of two, they could never not be seen together. They ate together, slept together, wept together, they did everything together. Their love was something so simple that it could not be understood by all, even Script X himself and he wrote romance stories. This night winter had come again and one year had passed since the events that had set this story in motion had taken place. The lake had frozen over and the two lovers hugged close for comfort from the cold winds as they looked on at the lights of the city. Etch was the boy and Sketch was the girl, when they were together they were in a whole different world.

“Hey Etch?” asked Sketch.

“What’s up?” replied Etch.

“What if we decided to go off somewhere and be alone” said Sketch

“Funny, we usually find a lot of places to go alone” said Etch in a joking manner

“No” she said as she hit him “Not like that”

“Then what do you mean alone?” asked Etch

“I mean…Let’s go far away, away from A-Soul, away from Poison or Spectrum, away from all of this” said Sketch

“Why?” asked Etch

“Because…they just…I don’t know” she said

“Well, we can always leave when we want, they won’t care but we won’t be able to escape A-Soul. To be honest, I don’t even see why we need to leave, they don’t bother us and we don’t bother them” said Etch

With a heavy “sigh” Sketch got up off the bench they were sitting at and walked off towards the subway. Etch quickly followed. The winter winds blew and Sketch’s long white hair blew in the wind as she walked, the wind blew in her steely grey eyes and forced tears to come out, she wore a black pair of cargo jeans and had a black sweater on and over it she wore a white vest, on her head she had a black toque with a white A-Soul insignia on it. She kept walking and then went into a run; she was cold and wanted to get to the subway quick. She could see the stairs going into the underground and quickly slid down the railing. She was in a food court and it smelt of sweets and treats that tickled her fancy, just as she realized she was hungry, she remembered her boyfriend. She turned around to see him there, right behind her as always. Etch looked into her eyes and saw the tears but before he could ask why she was crying she asked

“Wanna get something to eat? I’m in the mood for something sweet” said Sketch

This request was unusual for Sketch since she never liked sweet things but he did not want to disappoint her so he agreed and they went and got some Cinnabons. Etch loved to watch her eat. She ate like a stereotypical guy, quickly chewed up everything in sight, it was a wonder to him how she was so slim. Etch spent so much time watching her he never touched his cinnabon and Sketch took it for him but she was still hungry after so she dragged him to Subway. He bought two foot long subs and once again she ate her own and half of his then she ate her bag of chips and his cookies. Etch sat and ate his food as he thought about what could be bothering Sketch so much that she was on an eating binge now and he waited for the next request for food but she just sat there and listened to music on her MP3 player. Etch was worried now, she wasn’t talking to him, she was eating like a starved animal and she had just gotten up and walked away on him at the park, maybe it was that time of the month or maybe it was because he didn’t totally agree with her on leaving the rest of A-Soul. Thoughts raced through his mind as he slowly ate his food then Sketch suddenly took his sandwich from his hands and finished it for him.

“Lets go on the train” she simply said with a mouth full of food and she walked off with her drink in hand towards the trains.

Etch followed but this time he did not pay for this expense, she did. They went onto the train and saw it was full of Graffiti, mostly by A-Soul members that they knew and some of it was their own graffiti. Etch looked around and was wondering what to talk to her about but this was one of those times where he thought it best to be silent. Sketch and Etch sat on the train in silence for 2 hours and watched as people went on and off the train until they arrived at the last stop and they had to get off.

“That was fun” said Sketch as she got off the train and stretched

“Yeah, it was…” replied Etch

“What’s wrong?” asked Sketch as she stopped walking”

“Nothing…” replied Etch

“Doesn’t sound like nothing” said Sketch

“Hey, where are we?” asked Etch, quickly changing the subject.

“I think, we’re somewhere near Cartel territory…” said Sketch

“Damn! What time is it?” asked Etch

“Round midnight” said Sketch

“Fuck! All the trains going back are gone now” said Etch

“Looks like we sleep out tonight” said Sketch coolly

“Not here…” said Etch “A girl as pretty as you would probably get raped”

“Go figure, typical male behavior, you think you have to protect me cause I’m a woman” said sketch

“No, I’ve got to help protect you since you are my best friend” replied Etch

“You’re starting to sound like Poison…” said Sketch

“Huh?” said a surprised Etch

“Yeah, you sounded like Poison but your acting like Spectrum” she replied

“That’s just the way I am” said Etch

Before Sketch was able to reply, the lights in the underground went out and voices could be heard in the darkness. Shrill voices filled the air as three girls on roller blades came down the steps. The subway was empty and it was only the five people in the subway. The three girls were all in black, they wore black matching outfits that looked like catholic school uniforms, short skirts and all. They rolled around the two lovers in a circle. Etch and Sketch decided to ignore them and walked forward when they were blocked by the three girls.

“Wanna let us pass?” asked Etch

“No” said the first of the three, she had black hair and was wearing green contact lenses with a light brown skin.

“And why is that?” asked Sketch, as she put her hands in her cargo jeans pocket to grab hold of a can of spray-paint.

“We’ll let you pass but the cutie stays here” said the second of the three girls, she was a redhead and seemed to be the leader of the group, and she also had light brown skin.

So Sketch went past and walked up the stairs leaving Etch on his own. The lights in the subway then came back on and Etch could see the girls closing in on him.

“Um ladies…what are you doing?” asked Etch

But he got no answer, they rolled around him and they took off his Black vest, the lights went out again and Sketch could hear Etch yelling in a mix of pain and pleasure as she walked up the stairs. She then got a call on her cell phone.

“Yo!” said Sketch as she walked and talked

“Heh, your man is too much fun, Sforza’s waiting for you at his place” replied a female voice on the other side of the line and in the background a man could be heard screaming and girls could be heard giggling.

“Cool” replied Sketch as a real teardrop fell down her cheek.

She was going to Sforza’s place; she was to be the last angel by his request. She knew what she was about to do may hurt Etch if he ever found out but she wanted to escape the influence of Poison and Spectrum, Sforza had enough money to help the lovers escape and he offered it on one condition.

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