Salvation or self slaughter? you choose.

By Poison Apple

So this morning I went into my daily routine of looking at the news via BBC and I came across something very interesting. A story about a man in China who wanted to commit suicide, his reasons unknown to me, who was forcibly stopped by a passerby. Now this story obviously brings my thoughts to the issue of suicide and when can it really be justified, if it can be justified at all for any reason.

In life people suffer from a multitude of problems from financial, physical, emotional- there are many things in this life that can drive us to the brink of questioning the worth of our own lives. Some people opt to continue despite harsh circumstances while others will choose to end it all. I’m asking; when is it right to decide to commit suicide?

I’ll be outright  with my views when I say that I believe that there are absolutely NO CIRCUMSTANCES  where suicide can be approved. Don’t get me wrong now, as I do approve of euthanasia but I dont approve of suicide. Yes, they may be the same thing to alot of people but to me they are different. Euthanasia is mercy killing while suicide is the selfish purging of life.

When people commit suicide it’s usually for a reason that I define as selfish. I understand that there are people who have mental problems like depression but at the same time I still define it as selfish. In our lives we have to interact with others, as we live we inevitably meet people who will genuinely care about us no matter who we are and even if you dont they value your life. When a person commits suicide they’re not only taking themselves out of this world but they’re showing others how little they care about others. This is why I have no respect for people who commit suicide. These people are begging for attention and feel that by killing themselves they’re going to get it. Newsflash- you wont be getting my attention if you commit suicide.

On the other hand I have to look at all the reasons people commit suicide. One thing I notice is that most of these problems are usually mental/emotional.  I think the problem with these people is that they’re dwelling on the negative or there aren’t enough people telling them about the positives in life. So let me take the floor and talk about the positives in life.

Once upon a time I was  very depressed, I saw little to no good in this world and I’ll admit that I still hold onto a negative world view as a security blanket. Alas, I have discovered one all enduring fact about life which is that as long as there is life, there is hope.Yes, we all will suffer in life- this is a fact that we must accept but if we manage to overcome and become the masters of our own destiny then we can step above the suffering and become great people. I understand that death may seem like it will bring salvation but at the same time, whats the guarantee on that? I think it’s best that we make the best of life as it is right now and live life the way you want to live it. Live for you, not for the sake of others, but at the same time take into consideration the fact that other people need you. We all have problems in life, but are they really worth crying over? Remember, in this world of over 6 billion people there’s always bound to be someone with problems similar or worse than your own who is living on, so why can’t you? We can all do anything we put our minds to, human beings have limitless potential, so for those of us who wish to commit suicide please put your minds to living a better life.

With all of that being said, I need to explain my stance on euthanasia. Unlike suicide, euthanasia is mercy killing while suicide is selfish. People with terminal diseases, people who have no chance of supporting themselves and people who have no chance of survival are the ones I approve of this for. I must say that I’m reluctant to allow people to euthanize themselves but at the same time I promote it in the interest of the greater good. I dont believe that its right to let someone or something living needlessly suffer. People who want to commit suicide would say that they too are needlessly suffering but unlike them, the people who need to be euthanized dont have a choice but to suffer. If you have the ability to overcome the pain then I see no reason to let you kill yourself, much as I would like to and your cowardice disgusts me, with life there is hope and if you live there is hope for you yet. Otherwise, there are some people out there who just can’t live at all without feeling pain. It’s cruel to let them go on against their will.

All in all, I believe that suicide is wrong no matter what. Those of you who are religious would agree with me for different reasons but I simply dont believe in suicide because I’ve no place for cowards in my heart. This also makes me shaky on hte issue of euthanasia. For me to approve of euthanasia it must be under the most extreme and dire circumstances. I’ll admit that I probably would never have the balls to make that call for anything or anyone.

Keep me entertained with your thoughts!

Featured Webcomic- Holy Bibble

Once again The Infection brings you yet another comic that will poke a bit of fun at religion and may offend the fundamentalists. Once again, we dont give a damn.  For this week’s featured comic we  turn your attention to a web comic that has managed to make what is arguably the most influential book in history into a comic, we give you Holy Bibble. No, that was not a typo.

Holy Bibble is a webcomic  that  summarizes  The Bible. For those of us who have never even bothered to read The Bible or have attempted to and failed many times (like Poison) then this comic is for you. Holy Bibble introduces people to The Bible in a humorous and entertaining way while poking fun at some of the things in the bible that were somewhat ridicilous.

The comic is drawn and written by Lucas Daniels and Cannan Jacobs. At the moment we at The Infection are unsure as to if those are aliases or real names. Lucas is the one who draws the comic while Cannan does the writing. Recently the comic has made a move from the traditional format and has been reborn in a fun new interactive format.  For more information ask them yourselves or look them up on their ‘About’ page.

The art style is very unique and hard to miss. Something that gives the comic it’s own very original flavor. We here at The Infection have not seen any other web comics that boast a similar style yet, which is something good if you’re trying to promote something. If you look into their archives at the original comics and compare them to the more recent material, you will see how much the artwork has steadily improved. A kudos to Lucas for that. We’re expecting great things from them in terms of artwork.

As for the story, it’s well written…Heck, it’s based on one of the most influential books of all time, there isn’t much to fuck up there. Otherwise, to credit the writer, Cannan, we must say that he’s added more spice to The bible with rather tasteful and witty humor. This is quite apparent in the first comic.

The very first comic
The very first comic

Those of you who understand the joke in this comic will be laughing your asses off right about now. Otherwise, if you don’t understand the joke then look up creationism versus evolution while you’re being somewhat useful and reading this. Later on down the road the comic features many more interesting and entertaining takes on some classic bible stories such as Noah’s Ark,  Adam and Eve featuring  Lilith as well as many other tales from the Bible.

In total, The Infection approves of this web comic and we are sure that it will entertain you all for even a small portion of time. If you dont like the artwork then you will like the writing and if you’re one of the very religious people who have carrots suck up their asses all the time– then you wont like this.

Keep us entertained with your thoughts!

Mastercrap Theater 12 and 13

In this week’s installment we follow the story of the first snowflake, Michelle. In the wake of Sforza’s death A-Soul has been up in arms as a series of unfortunate events has begun to take place. How will everyone cope in this dire situation? Find out  in this week’s installment of Poison Apple’s ‘Snowflake’!

Snowflake Chapter 12

The world had seen the entire funeral broadcast all over the world and the speech given by Enzo was being played over and over again for the past week. The newspapers were hungry for more news involving Sforza and now they were interested in the jewels within his forbidden collection. In his will Sforza had requested that the snowflakes be given to their respective muse and the rest of his jewels were to be divided equally between a list of charities and a secret fund for a project being led by the original members. The world was not bothered by the fact that the jewels were being given to charities but the secret project was now a center of world attention, along with the muses, the three snowflakes. The world now knew what the inspiration for the jewels was and their faces were all over the papers. The first snowflake disappeared quite quickly, the second took to public attention very easily and the third had too many problems of her own to be worried about the press. The world, and more importantly A-Soul, had wondered where the first snowflake had disappeared off to, so let’s find out readers.

Michelle sat in the limo face to face with the man she genuinely hated in this world, her own brother, Mathew. They both sat down together and looked at each other in silence. Mathew then went to pour a drink and made a gesture to offer her some, she gestured back no, with a very rude hand gesture. The limo was traveling towards the warehouses on the dock that was where their business was to be conducted.

“So sis, tell me, how did you survive?” asked Mathew

“You see me here, right?” replied Michelle with a cold voice

“No need to be so cold sis, but…” Mathew was then cut off by Michelle

“Don’t call me sis again….” she said.

With that there was once more silence in the vehicle and it continued to travel towards its destination. Outside it was sunset and the sun was slowly hiding its face from the world, it was going to hide behind the towers and behind the skyscrapers of the city as lights went on to take its place and the moon came out along with all the creatures of the night. The vehicle was on the freeway and now it was turning off and coming into the warehouse district. The limo moved cautiously through the area, avoiding all obstacles if necessary and taking too long routes until it came to its destination. The location they were at was a brand new warehouse that was painted in total white and in front of it were men in black suits, the limo was parked in front and in view of these men but they did not do anything. Michelle and Mathew sat in the car and waited, until some more limos would come and stop in front of the warehouse in view of the men in black. There were three men in front of the white warehouse and they each looked identical to one another, each with the same spiked haircut and black hair, the same black suit and the same black sports shades. They stood and looked at all the limos assembled in front of the warehouse and did not move a muscle. Two hours would pass until Michelle finally stepped out of the limo she was in and walked forward towards the men in black.

“Good night, miss” said the three men in black as Michelle walked by into the entrance.

Many others in vehicles followed suite and got out of their cars and walked forward into the warehouse. This was to be the biggest assembly of the major cartels in the city for the entire year. A new year was arriving soon and the first snowflake was now the biggest news in the world, something was to be done about that tonight. All the heads of the major groups in the city were there, from those in control in the east district to the small time west district pushers. Michelle’s family was a part of the Mid-west district and was in control at the moment so her brother was representing them there and she was representing herself, since she was the one who called this meeting. It had been a very long time since Michelle had been to one of these meetings, not since her father had died, and she was feeling very weird to have to call such a meeting like this herself. She looked around and saw the group heads and their financial advisers whispering to them in their heads about stock’s and revenues and whatnot. Michelle then cleared her throat very loudly and managed to gain the leaders attention. She walked into the center of the warehouse and looked around her to see the many leaders that had come and some who she knew had sneaked their way into this meeting, there were also hit men and bodyguards with their leaders and all well armed or trained. She stood for a moment looking and after catching herself she began to talk.

“I’ve called you here today to talk some business with you. I’m leaving crime behind me and I want to start of a life of my own that is why I have called you here today. As you know I have come into possession of a very rare piece of jewellery and I am interested in selling it for the right price.” she said, and with that the three men in black that were standing outside the door came in with a silver briefcase and opened it to show a dazzling jewel shaped like a snowflake. The first of the three snowflakes, it was as large as two men’s fists and it was gold rimmed with diamonds on the inside, very generic but on the inside there was a sad diamond angel with a broken wing, it was the most beautiful angel ever seen. The jewel shone in the briefcase and sparkled in the darkness of the warehouse.

“I’ll set the opening bid at 5 million EUD” she said, and with that the bidding began.

Chapter 13

The bidding was now at 23 million EUD and some had dropped out but were still there. There was much hostility in this place and not even an hour had passed. The whole auction was being shown on the internet as well and some of the foreign bidders had offered not just cash but cars, clothes, houses and slaves. Michelle sat down and watched the bidding go on and remembered her session with Sforza when he was sketching her.

“Michelle, I want you to be happy, not sad young one” Sforza had told her.

“But how can I be happy when I have lost part of myself?” she had replied

“Ah, Time is a cruel master, we cannot fight it but we can run from it” Sforza had told her

Her response to this was silence. The only sound between them was that of Sforza’s pencil scribbling against the paper.

The bidding was now at 52 million EUD and there were a few left in the bidding. Buyers were now offering their wives and children to her and selling everything they had to make cash quickly enough to get back into the bidding. There was yelling and screaming as people argued about where they were getting their money from and who still owed who money. Suddenly there was a blockbuster bid made at 100 million EUD.

“I know a solution young one” Sforza had told her “you should run away from this place and never return, there is much pain in this city and with my death there will be nothing but chaos if you decide to stay” he had said that night.

“Don’t say that, you’re not gonna die yet!” She had told him.

“When I have completed this jewel, I want you to sell it and then go away to find a new place of belonging” Sforza had told her.

Somehow, the old man had a talent for taking her words away, it wasn’t love or anything of the sort but he made her think about things she would not normally think about and she would miss that when he was gone.

The warehouse was in silence and all eyes were on Michelle who was also in silence. She then got up out of her seat and looked at the man who had made large bid. It was her brother, Mathew and then another man made the same bid to her and offered a car to her.

“C’mon, you wouldn’t sell your own brother like this” Said Mathew

“Yeah, your right” said Michelle, “I wouldn’t sell you out like this”. She then turned around and said “I’ll let anyone who kills my brother have the snowflake” and all guns went off in Mathew’s direction, he didn’t even have time to react. Michelle then set down the briefcase with the snowflake in the center of the warehouse and went to walk out the door with her three men in black, but before she could walk out a leader yelled out

“Who gets the snowflake!?”

“Anyone who wants it” replied Michelle.

She then walked out the warehouse door into the night with a rain of bullets in all directions behind her. The first Snowflake was now off in the wind, never to be seen again until another cold wind blew in the way it was going.


There was one man remaining in the chaos of the warehouse and he had the snowflake. He was bloody and battered but still alive. He dragged himself out of the warehouse with the snowflake and was trying to escape before any of the foreign investors showed up in hopes of trying to claim the jewel. He would make it somewhere safe, he thought as he dragged himself to his limo, and then he would disappear with the jewel, sell it and buy lots of stock, be set for life, well he was sure as hell wrong. A tall, skinny, young, black male with a thick black vest and black jeans sat in front of the limo’s he was dragging himself to. The man sat and was wearing a sleeveless shirt in the middle of winter like nothing was wrong, the sun could be seen peaking over the clouds, morning was coming, the police could be heard in the distance and things didn’t look so good.

“Dammit…” thought the man “I fought too hard for this shit” he thought to himself

“Oy! What’s your name?” asked the black man

“The name is…Oliver” he struggled to say

“Well, you can call me Ronin since you don’t look like your gonna live long enough to know my real name” said the black man as he picked up the briefcase with the snowflake in it.

Ronin was about to walk away when he said “Oy! Do me a favour will ya? Put in a good word in heaven for me…if you’re lucky enough to make it close enough for god to hear”

And Ronin was off, with only one more of the snowflakes to retrieve.

We’re back!

Alright party people! It’s been a long week here at The Infection and we have alot to be telling you about. This weekend was Anime North and The Infection alongside Starhill Productions covered this exciting weekend of japanese comic books and cartoon culture. Leading up to this event we had promised to provide a weeks worth of enrichment, enlightenment and entertainment for you all but it seems that we’ve failed to deliver once again.

Otherwise, it’s not like we weren’t doing anything. We were out there and producing material all weekend to make sure that you all are sufficently entertained upon our return. This coming week we’ve got the launch of our own YouTube channel to celebrate where we’ll be showing you The Infection and Starhill Productions joint Anime North 2009 coverage. We’ve also got another show this coming week featuring the return of Spectrum and his new pet project in sound and music. Finally, we will be keeping you all in the loop with our picks of the hottest in web comics and cartoons out there as well as the occasional burst of socio-political ranting.

All in all, keep us entertained!

Featured Webcomic- Menage a 3

Who wants to read a comic about a 29-year old virgin comic book geek and his sexy roommates!? Sounds like alot of web comics on the net…


As usual The Infection would like to direct your attention span to yet another great comic on the internet that is readily available for your reading and enjoyment. We wish to direct you to Menage a 3, a web comic about a 29 year old comic book nerd with his sexy room mates. The difference between this web comic and others that we’ve found here at The Infection is that this comic, unlike others, is set in the beautiful Canadian city of Montreal. Yeah, we’re Canadian and what!

So this comic is fairly new on the scene as it’s only been running steady for a little more than a year now. The story is illustrated and co-written by Gisele Lagace. The story is also co-written by Dave Zero 1. Legace’s artwork is excellent and she consistently delivers quality material every week. This quality work is also seen in her other web comics, Penny and Aggie as well as Cool Cat Studio.

The writing of the story is done very well as it doesn’t seem to be random or unplanned. All of the punchlines fit into the story and there are very few deviations from plot unless properly explained. The characters each have easily unique personalities so you can be sure that you’ll find a favorite among the cast.

The story begins with the main character Gary, a 29-year old comic artist living in Montreal, coming home one day to find out that his two roomates were actually gay. This leads his roomates to decide that they wish to move out and leave him with the lease for the apartment which in turn leads him to call for new roomates. To make a long story short and save you all spoilers, Gary gets two sexy and spunky roomates, Zii and Didi. Hilarity ensues.

The story is rather interesting to read and the comic is available in book format at their store. The fact that it’s also set in a Canadian city for once and not an American city is something that also entertains us here at The Infection.  Most of the humor is aimed at comic book nerds, anime geeks/otaku, the other kinds of nerds/cool people and the rest of the internet.

Here at The Infection, we suggest this comic to you if you like to poke fun at things that nerds enjoy or you wanna read a good story.

Keep us entertained with your comments!

Mastercrap Theater 10 and 11!

Welcome one and all to The Infection! This post marks the beginning of the longest week for us as we prepare to take you all to our coverage of Anime North 2009. This week we plan to update with something new and interesting every day until the convention and beginning next week we’ll start with the launch of our own YouTube channel! We’ll kick off this very special week with yet another double feature of our own original story- Snowflake!

Snowflake Chapter 10

Hammer, hammer, and Hammer away old man. Beat that steel as hard as you can. Hammer, hammer, shape that metal, mold it and make it into something new. Hammer, hammer, the fires are high and the fumes threaten to suffocate you but you must not stop now. Your mission is clear, the goal is so near. You feel your heart failing and you feel your arms get heavy, but beat that metal you damn old man, beat it as hard as you can. It’s taking shape now, you feel you heart lifting, there is hope yet. Down your wrinkled cheek sweat drops, drips and drizzles. You have three quarters of it left to do, so don’t take a break now, keep pounding damn you!

Hammer, hammer, hammer away young one. Beat that wood as hard as you can. Hammer, hammer, crack! The wood is chipped but you do not care, the one you love is behind there. Hammer, hammer, and hammer. Let it be heard high, let it be heard low, for this woman you will not ever go. You grow weary of this game with the door, you refuse to play anymore. Boom, boom, boom goes your foot on the door, you kick it and bash it then you finally smash it.

Hammer, hammer, and hammer old man working every bone, tooth and nail. You keep working even though you are old and frail. Soon your time will come, much like the Quail but no…Not yet, you have one more mission and you refuse to fail. The heat makes you see things and the gas is swirling around you but your end is near and you know your minutes are few. Hammer, hammer, and hammer. Let it be heard. Even if that sound is your last testament, your last word.

Like a lion bearing its new mane, the young one step in and barks a roar of vengeance.

“Sforza!!!” he cries

The young lion steps over the broken wood, it tried to stop him but it did no good. The lion roars at all passersby. Some run, some hide, some cry. He’s young and on an adrenaline high. His emotions rushing, he wants to cry. Its walk now a mere stagger it still has eyes that pierce like a dagger. Rage and lust are his parents and they have sent him here to fulfill their wicked purpose. The lion reaches a grand staircase but it does not change the look on his face.

The old man pounded away, he had pounded from now and would not end till daylight. His hands were hot, his palms sweaty, but a mission near complete. He kept beating the metal and then he was done. The sun rose. He had won the fight and it was over, now for his last sleep, this was long and deep. His heart faltered in peace and his eyes slowly closed, it was over now and that was it. His story is over and he’s done with this shit. That was the end of Sforza.

The lion went up the Staircase, to get to the top to find something of magnificent beauty and grace. The lion had found its prey and now the sun was breaking above the clouds. It was day. Her hair shone in the sunlight, long and grey. The lion had her in its sights but he could not jump. He was with his love again, his heart jumped instead, he was alive, surely now he would survive. The day looked down upon him and then she saw his pride, the pack of unruly lions that followed him. She then turned away from him, the clouds covered her face. The lion then chased the sunlight; he could not understand why his precious sun would run away from him. His heart dropped and the lion was no more, he had nothing to fight for. His pride came near him but he sent them away with a single roar of anger.

The old man’s spark was no longer alight. This was his end, his night. One of the young women who stood by his side came looking for him to find his forge no longer lit. She took one look at the scene and realized that this was it, the old man’s end. The Snowflakes stayed and cooled in their molds. Three dazzling jewels, not worthy of heaven or Earth, were sparkling inside the molds, but nobody knew yet.

Chapter 11

Three ships were in the harbour, sailing gracefully in the moonlight. These ships were well lit and there were lights that gave an aura of festivity to anyone on the shore looking at the three ships passing by. It was not a festive occasion on the ships but a sad one, for some. It was a time of togetherness and a time where you wanted to be alone. It was a time of celebration but also a time of mourning. It was a funeral. On this night in the moonlit harbour, the three ships sailed out to sea with the body of Sforza in tow. At his request he was cremated and his ashes were to be carried out to sea. There was drinking and gaiety for some and for others they were solemn mourning, there was much debate about how Sforza would have wanted to conduct this occasion. Sforza was not known in life to respect tradition but he did place value on them and acknowledge them, somewhat unwillingly, so when it was time for his funeral there were no given instructions for how it was to proceed other than to cremate his body and throw his ashes out to sea. Nobody had ever seen Sforza go to church or worship a god of any sort but he had said that he was not an atheist. It was a large funeral and there were basically no rules since nobody had any idea of his religion or how he would have proceeded with his own funeral. All the units of A-Soul had come to pay their respects to the old man, all the units from the Paradise Devil Unit in the east to the Sakura dance unit in the west. To carry all the members it took three full capacity cruise ships and there were still members that were on shore paying their respects from there. There were choppers following the precession and recording the entire funeral. Every major news network in the world had correspondence there. There were few people who knew Sforza personally, other than his students, and he had no living family to come to his funeral. There were many rumours about Sforza’s life going around on the three ships; questions were being asked about him and his money and most importantly of all, the Snowflakes of the East. The General public had not seen his work yet and in his will he had given instruction to have his entire collection sold, half the proceeds would go to charity and the other half would go to A-Soul for the building of the empire. There was much noise in the area and drinking as well, on the first of the three ships there was the Sound section of A-Soul and there was where most of the noise could be heard, it was a mix of all kinds of music, from Jazz to Techno but the sound was also being drowned by the sound of mourning that could be heard in between the music. The sound of Mourning was coming from the Visual section of A-Soul and on their boat were most of Sforza’s loyal students whose mournful wails could be heard across the sea, it was the darkest of all three of the ships and possibly the most traditional of the ships in their mourning. The third ship housed the Literary section of A-Soul and they were a mix of the mourning of the Visuals and the general chaos of the Sounds, their ship was the brightest of all given that there were many who were inspired by the entire scene in general.  The ship sailed slowly and serenely across the water and now fog was beginning to roll across the sea towards the ships, all three ships began to slow down and then eventually they came to a full stop. With the stop came a silence over all three of the sects of A-Soul and all eyes turned to the Visuals ship. Footsteps were heard and one tall young brown skinned boy came up to the front of the ship where all eyes could see him. He stood at the front of the ship and camera crews took positions all around to get a shot of this boy that had managed to capture the attention of all so quickly. He stood tall and composed, with messy black hair and sleep deprived eyes, his skin was not its normal tone of brown but a lighter, paler shade of brown. He was grieving and it was noticeable. His name was Enzo and he was Sforza’s closest apprentice. He looked over them all and took out some papers from his pocket, and looked over them, and then he cleared his throat and delivered his speech.

“I would like to thank you all for coming to my masters side so quickly” said he “I’m not sure if all of you have ever had the honour of meeting a man as great as my master and now that he is gone I’m not sure that you ever will meet any greater a man than him. Given that you have all come to his side now, I assume that you at the least have some respect for him but not enough of you…I forever curse to souls of all the cowards who did not come to his side today and know his name and for those of you who did not show your faces today and call yourselves members of A-Soul I condemn you to the flames of Hades myself and hope that you and your cowardly soul rot and burn for it!” he spat out. “My master of great memory and so forth, lived a short and sweet life but the gods are cruel and cut him short before his time hath come.” and with this he broke down into tears “Why!? Gods tell me why!? Why do those that are so great have to die!?” he sobbed then his tears of sadness quickly turned to those of rage “In his memory and honor we shall rise up and create a legacy that will remember his name, long as I live his name will be written in the stars, I’ll make the heavens and Earth tremble for it!”.

Clearly he was not reading from his speech and there was dead silence which was surprisingly broken by the quiet literary section, then it was followed by the Visuals and the Sound. The world had seen the anger and passion of A-Soul within one being that night and shortly after the ashes were sent out to sea ceremoniously.

Lionel roars and Poison rages @ The Gardiner party

Please beware that this post contains very sensitive subject matter and reader discretion is advised. On May 10th 2009 Tamil demonstrators occupied the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, successfully blocking the expressway in both directions. Using the Gardiner Expressway as their stage they put on a performance of a protest to garner the attention of the people of Toronto, the police and the government. Up to 2000 members of the Tamil community were removed after over 6 hours after staging an impromptu march onto the highway. This crippled busy Mother’s Day Sunday traffic in the city and obviously caused much unrest within the city during and afterward. The Infection has decided to coin this event as ‘The Gardiner Party’.  We wish to briefly leave this month’s focus of comics and cartoons in order to turn your attention to this issue that the demonstrators have successfully made us decide to speak out about by so beautifully garnering our attention.
On the issue we’ll have Infection members Lionel Heart and Poison Apple both speak out their views on the issue. Beware that these views are not necessarily the views of The Infection but these members have decided to step forward and throw their views on the table. Before we begin to discuss the issue we’ll give you some background information that we have gathered to enlighten those of you who are new to the issue.
The “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam” also known as, and will be further identified as, the LTTE have been around since 1976. The LTTE have been fighting the Sri Lankan Government on and off for the last twenty-five years on hopes of an independent nation. They are the successors of the Tamil New Tigers group. For the last 25 years they have committed violent acts from suicide bombings to assassinations to “ethnic cleansing” (cultural genocide). Now, on the brink of being wiped out, this group is now calling upon the international community to grant safe passage and safe-haven for their leader and condemnation of the actions of their enemies, the Sri Lankan government.
A point of controversy among this group is their flag. In a publication about their flag this was said about the colour choice: Four aspects of ideals and mission of Tamil Eelam represented by the four colors are detailed in the published guide book.
Yellow signifies that Tamils’ aspiration to freely govern themselves in their own homeland is a fundamental political and human right. The color expresses the righteousness of Tamil struggle and reinforces Tamil Nation’s will to uphold moral highground during its path towards freedom.

Red represents the realization that freedom is not complete by establishment of a separate state of Tamileelam. We should abolish distinctions of caste and class. Eagalitarianism should become our spiritual principle. Gender equality should permeate Tamil society. The revolutionary changes necessary to spread social justice represented by these principles are reflected by this color.

Black reminds that march towards freedom is wrought with dangers, death and destruction. That it’s filled with pain and misery. Black signifies determination and resoluteness vital to withstand the adversities and build the new nation of Tamileelam to provide security and to defend the borders.

White demands purity, honesty and selflessness from the leaders and citizens of Tamileelam.”

We’ll open the floor with Lionel’s say on the issue.

Lionel Says:
To be politically correct the Tamil Tigers are not actually terrorists, oh who am I kidding they are cowardly terrorists; they are proscribed by 32 countries as terrorists, Canada being one of them. I am not advocating their cause, it is stupid and pointless because they are 25 years too late and have been using violence 25 years too long. Back to the point the “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam”(LTTE) are rebels, probably described as guerrillas (it makes me sick using that word which described Che Guevara as a folk hero to associate with such a savage group of people) by Tamils who believe in their cause, who are fighting for “their share” of Sri Lanka and have been using violence to advocate their cause the whole time. Now 25 years after they have been fighting, the government has decided to say “enough of this shit, you want violence, eat this” and started military operations against them. Now outnumbered, outweaponed, outmanned, and frankly outclassed in every way shape and form, want a peaceful resolution and ceasefire. Basically they’re cowards who want their way otherwise turn to cowardly tactics like human shields to defend themselves from something they started, it makes me fucking sick. Note to everyone: there is a death warrant for the leader of the LTTE; kill on sight with love: The Indian Government and Interpol.
Now to really piss people off and not be politically correct. The Tigers are fucking cowards and hypocrites just like the people who blocked the Gardiner, you put women and children in the front of your blockade. They tried to wipe out the Muslim and Buddhist in northern Sri Lanka in the area which they claim is theirs. They systematically removed they minority religions because it did not fit with their beliefs and the people in the region did not believe in the independent Tamil nation in fear their own religion would be wiped out, guess what? The Tamils did it anyway and guess what, no one was calling for international intervention, when they were killing other people, they weren’t calling for international intervention. But when they need to man up and take responsibility for their actions, they cry like fucking children. Man the fuck up, you brought this upon yourselves, stop being hypocritical. Now you know what is really hypocritical: YOUR GOD DAMN FLAG! (Which I may add you have been defending the whole time) Really do you expect someone to feel sympathy for you when it has a tiger (A violent/savage animal, easily angered, only at peace when it’s killed something) and two rifles behind it; really I am more tempted to shoot you people for your stupidity. Remember there is a published interpretation for the colours on the flag, well here is my interpretation and guide to understanding the Tamil Flag (Look at the flag and read this at the same time): Yellow: Stand out and do crazy shit until you get what you want, use violence if necessary; Red: Spill the blood of those who get in your way until you achieve the final goal of Tamil Eelam; screw it, kill everyone indiscriminately whether or not it is for Tamil Eelam, shoot now take identities later; Black: Walk the road of darkness if it will achieve the goal, walk it for the atrocities you will commit tomorrow, while you are at it walk it for fun; finally White: If they are Tamil and not for the cause, purify them, if they will not become Tamil, purify them, if they are not Tamil purify them, if there is anyone I missed, …………. Purify them. Back to walking onto the highway, if that was me behind the wheel when you stampeded onto the Gardiner Expressway, I would have either run your asses over or had you arrested with Disturbing the Peace and Disorderly Conduct, be glad I don’t run this country. I have had enough of this bullshit, January you didn’t get your ways, March you didn’t get your way, get the fucking message no one gives a rat’s ass, I was ready to kick you people down for getting in my way on my walk to Union Station, I really like the Toronto weather in March. Even if your people are given their land, here is a question “Can I ship your ass off to that land with the rest of them when you get it?” Don’t protest for something you won’t have, fucking cowards. Wait a minute, I know why people don’t give a rat’s ass, you want to know why: people don’t care because you don’t have money, there is nothing worth investing into, you aren’t like the rich Jews of the late 30s early 40s, who had money and we could feel sympathy for because Hitler was coming for us next; also the level of arrogance of your people is more than we can bear, having how many ever of you there are in Toronto is more than enough, one more and I may have to kill someone. I have a lot of pent up anger over this, I want to get a gun and join the killing. (I really need to get my need for bloodshed/violence checked out)

Final Rhetorical Question: The Tamil-Canadians want peace and mercy for their families and people, what about Rajiv Gandhi? What about the 16 other people who were mercilessly killed by a suicide bomber in the same attack? What about the people who have died in the other 167 suicide bombs, which the LTTE have taken credit for? What about their families? Their grief? Their sorrow?
I want to hear other people thoughts and comments on this situation, here in Toronto or abroad in Sri Lanka. Think I am wrong in my position, post a comment, I would like to hear what are on your minds.

And now Poison speaks about his opinion on the issue.

Poison says: First I wanna talk about my views on ‘War‘ in general. War entertains me. It entertains me because it can bring about great change and it’s also one of the things we can rely on happening in this world as long as humanity is around. Yes this may sound evil but what entertains me the most about it is the fact that it’s all so very stupid. War entertains me because I know that it’s never going to go away and it’s the result of mankind’s great and unending stupidity. Our stupidity, another thing that can be relied upon even in the most desperate of times.  Seeing people do something stupid will always entertain me, whats worse is that we all know that it’s stupid but we’re still going at it. The situation in Sri Lanka right now is just yet another example of people being stupid. People not taking the time to try and understand eachother as well as being blatantly hypocritical leads to a situation like Sri Lanka which leads me to talking about what happened on the Gardiner.

I understand that people’s families, friends and countrymen are being murdered and tortured in Sri Lanka but at the same time, what can we do about it ? Also, given the situation there- who the hell would even WANT to do anything about it ?
These people are offering chicken feed and expecting phoenixes to fly out of our asses. They ask us to talk to the UN but they don’t get the fact that us talking to the UN wont do anything. Over 30 countries already recognize the party they support as a group of rebel terrorists and the UN has already been there but the fact is that the situation is well beyond our measure. Even if we were to go and talk to the UN the fact is that our words will fall upon deaf ears.

I do feel for the people and I support their cause of putting a stop to the war but the thing they don’t seem to register is that it’s something that I like to think is well beyond our power. I also feel that it’s shameful that they have to resort to such actions in order to get some kind of proper response from our government. I’m all for a good protest or rally as long as it’s non violent (on the odd occasion I don’t mind a riot either) but they crossed the line when they did something as stupid as closing the Gardiner. In all fairness they started small and progressively made their way up but that was OUR FUCK UP. We could have listened when they were in the small stages and at least entertained them but their cause was reduced to nothing more than a media circus. It’s not until they pulled this tactic out of their asses that they got some real attention and I say I’m ready to give it to them. Just that it’s not going to be the attention that they want.

By doing something as extreme as closing the Gardiner Expressway they actively endangered public safety. They harmed more people than necessary in what they decided was just cause. Not that saving innocent lives isn’t just cause but there were other ways to go about it- this was too much. Also, I think they expected too much in too short a time. Even if we could do something about it, it would take forever to get done and we all know that they wouldn’t be satisfied until immediate action was taken. Ambulances, emergency services and many other important people were put to a halt for their cause. They put their lives above that of others and that’s where they went wrong. They’re trying to save lives yet they resort to this kind of hypocrisy and endanger the lives of many people to save others. Not only did they endanger the lives of other people on the expressway but they had the nerve to bring their children into it. I would have had a little more sympathy if everyone there was a consenting adult or of age enough to be able to form their own opinion but they had the nerve to bring their children into it. Children who know little to nothing of the world yet and who have not properly had the time to form a proper opinion on issues of this complexity. They had the nerve to put children out on the front lines as shields in their cause while endangering public safety. So they put their own young at risk while putting others at risk…it’s low, disgusting and cowardly.

Now they should consider themselves lucky since no other city in the world would have tolerated this shit. They would have all been moved regardless of the women and children. The few should not be a danger to the lives of the many. If they understand that we, Canada, can’t really do shit then go somewhere where they can like New york and the United Nation’s building. Let them try blocking off streets in New York…Oh wait! The NYPD wouldn’t let them even assemble to do something of that level! Hell, even if we wanted to go and intervene ourselves, we cant! We’ve got our hands tied trying to get OUT of one war right now and we’ve lost more than enough lives, we’ve got the Americans breathing down our backs cause because of our ‘tiny contribution’ according to them but to us it’s alot! Unlike them, we actually VALUE the lives of our soldiers, they aren’t a dime a dozen to us.

They way they went about this was completely wrong. They got alot of attention out of it but they lost alot of support and sympathy that they would have had. I understand that they’re desperate for a quick end to their war and they want to see their families safe but they’re simply asking the wrong people to do it in my opinion. Simply put, I think we would LOVE to help them and save some lives cause we’ve done it without fail in the past but this time we CAN’T!

last but not least, it’s a civil war and the sad fact is that a civil war has to start with the people, for the people and end by the hands of the people. Even if the UN were to get a ceasefire to happen, I doubt that it would last and once both sides recuperate hostilities would increase and things would be worse than before. Right now with all that’s been said and done by both sides, the hostilities and tension will still be there and it’ll eventually explode.

Keep me entertained…fuck it, you all know the rest.

The Infection would like to once again say that on the behalf of all it’s members, the opinions expressed by Lionel Heart and Poison Apple are not that of the collective group. These individuals were the only ones who wished to  share their opinions with the public.  Otherwise, The Infection chose to post these statements because The Infection is a group that believes in freedom of speech and thought as well as the sharing of such without persecution or fear. As long as the internet is a place for freedom of expression and thought then The Infection will be around. All in all, thank you for your time and please e-mail us at if you wish to share your views with us, otherwise- leave comments for Lionel and Poison on this post. Thank you all.

They must be giants…giant robots!

The Infection would like to present to you yet another post by our very own Lionel Heart!

30 years, that’s longer than I’ve lived. 1979 was a pretty good year, Super Bowl XIII: The Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Dallas Cowboys 35–31 at the Miami Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. Saint Lucia becomes independent of the United Kingdom. Conservatives win the British general election; Margaret Thatcher becomes the new prime minister. Joe Clark becomes Canada‘s 16th and youngest Prime Minister. The first British nudist beach is established in Brighton. Michael Jackson releases his first breakthrough album Off The Wall; it sells 7 million copies in the United States alone, making it a 7x platinum album. Pope John Paul II visits the United States. But one thing that happened in 1979 that always gets overlooked Gundam was born.


Gundam the word associated with robots and destruction. Throughout the franchise’s history, its meaning has changed from the white devil, to the white doll, to an indestructible metal alloy, to General Unilateral Neuro-link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver; but it is still the same Gundam we have come to love. Like any franchise there is the Good (Gundam Wing), the Bad (SD Gundam, Gundam SEED Destiny), and the you either love it/hate it (G Gundam, Gundam ZZ). But what is Gundam? Is it just an anime franchise which has sold countless model kits, video games and DVDs? Or has Gundam become an iconic standalone culture which represents a genre of media? Both of these questions can be analyzed and answered carefully but which one would be correct or are they both corect?

When Gundam started out it was just Mobile Suit Gundam, it was supposed to be just another Mecha show, but something happened; with Bandai by its side selling model kits it was doing something else, it was creating a movement, it had more people watching the reruns than it had people who had watched the original run of the series. But then Char’s Counterattack came, then Zeta and then Double Zeta; all of which were successful and we thought that was it right, wrong! Sunrise kept the tradition going and had kept on creating new series after new series some good, some bad. And so became the unstoppable Gundam franchise extending its reaches to whatever it could sell. Recently with its last two Gundam series Gundam SEED and Gundam 00, Sunrise did something impressive they readapted Mobile Suit Gundam and Gundam Wing respectively for the new generation, the new audience, taking current issues and new characters but sold older mobile suits to said audience.

Let’s look at Gundam as a culture. It created a new genre, real robot genre, where it wasn’t super ridiculous but it still showed some imagination, unlike the super robot genre which was just ridiculous. I mentioned it before and I will say it again there have been many cameos and tributes of Gundam outside of Gundam there are so many it’s hard to list from other animes, to TV shows to video games, the weirdest example I can think of is Heero Yuy in Hikaru-No-Go, but hey Heero Yuy blew himself up so what’s a game to him. Back to the point, though, Gundam as a culture is plausible as anyone can see that is following has been consistent from 1979, the people may be different but the fans adoration has always been the same. But there has to be more to be a culture, not just indefinite and undisputed respect along with a thorough following for 30 years, there has to be something else and there is; it’s when a series is remastered/reaired there will always be people to follow it when it was enjoyed by the majority or minority. There is still something missing from this, that makes Gundam a culture, it’s the fact that Sunrise has never swayed Gundam’s ideals, no matter the situation or ideals of the world at the time, i.e. Gundam SEED (although I did not like the series) came out in 2003, no more than 2 years after 9/11 and guess what, mobile suits are still being hijacked, people are still being mercilessly killed by the “bad guys” and space colonies are blowing up. That is dedication to the culture that is Gundam, that is why Gundam is a culture but also a successful franchise. I lie, here is when you know you are a culture when there is 20 million yen 3 meters tall bronze statue of the RX-78 Gundam outside Kamiigusa Train Station, but we are not done yet, no, here is the icing on the cake, this July a life size 18 meters tall RX-78 will be on display at Odaiba’s Shiokaze Park for two months, before this the largest official Gundam replica in Japan was a 2/3-scale LM312V04 Victory Gundam built 10 meters tall during the 1990s.

Basically to take away from this commemorative piece dedicated towards Gundam, is that Gundam is a culture, driven by people like me and you, which represents anime. A culture that won’t ask for donations, just your support. So here you go Gundam, take a bow, blow out your candles, you’ve got a lot more gas in the tank to go!

Want to find out more about the Gundam statue click here:

Featured Webcomic- Sister Claire

Once again The Infection has yet another web comic that is guaranteed to turn heads. We began the month by introducing you all to the antics of Sinfest where we met Slick trying to sell his soul to the devil as an introductory comic. We then moved on to pervert people’s childhoods with Bear Nuts, a comic that puts a slight twist on the lovable Care Bears. So in keeping with tradition we’ve gone and found something that can offend more than enough people. We wish to direct your attention to Sister Claire, the pregnant nun.


As you can all hopefully see, the artwork is very well done. The use of colour is excellent and the style is unique enough to be recognized as that artist’s own work. Work of this caliber can be rather hard to find on the internet, here at The Infection we’ve looked high and low for comics that boast quality work. Not to say that we don’t read or have heard of other well known comics like Questionable Content, Apple geeks, Penny Arcade, CAD and all the other big ones. We’re just trying to promote the less talked about web comics. This is a comic worth reading, if not for the story then at least for the art.

The artist, who goes by the alias of Yamino, is a self-published freelance artist who is currently completing her senior year at SCAD. She’s fluent in more than one language and hopes to get a  steady job one day as a concept artist/storyboard artist/comic artist/illustrator. If anyone reading this is hiring in any of those positions then feel free to look more into her.

The story is, as we’ve made quite clear, about a nun named Claire who supposedly is pregnant with the new messiah. She finds out she’s pregnant when a strange and sexy blue lady named Gabrielle (if blue skin is your thing…) pops out of the toilet (Yeah…total turn on right there, blue women popping out of toilets) and tells Claire that she’s pregnant with this new messiah that will prevent an oncoming apocalypse.   Claire is a novice nun in the monastery where she was found as a baby and is presented to be a lovable character with a lack of confidence and a ridiculous weakness to cute little cats.Claire’s supporting cast so far includes her best friend Sister Catharine, The sexy blue Gabrielle, and other monastery nuns that you can find out about here.

One thing that makes this comic very unique is the way that Yamino has managed to allow the characters to break the fourth wall. This allows for people to connect with the characters and feel like you know them personally. Yamino has employed the use of the popular social networking site, Facebook, to create profiles for some of her characters. This is the first time The Infection has encountered a web comic or comic of any kind that has managed to make use of one of the most time wasting inventions in the world. If anyone else is doing it then please direct us to it…oh and it has to be good!

Otherwise, next to the good story and the great artwork the comic speaks for itself. If you want to see more of the artist’s personal work then look her up on Deviantart or keep an eye open on Here at The Infection we suggest that you read Sister Claire now as the story is really just beginning. Jump on the bandwagon now if you wanna be one of the cool kids!

Entertain us with your thoughts!