Featured Webcomic- Bear Nuts

Before we get into this weeks post The Infection would like to take the time to direct your attention to a very useful website. Here at The Infection we are true believers of freedom of thought and opinion and we believe that one should exercise their rights to such on a regular basis. Thus we would like to direct your attention to The Webcomic list, a site that catalogs some of the Internets most prominent web comics. We want to leave it up to you, the reader, to find your own favorable reading material instead of being force fed whatever we want to read- even if it is really good. So look at the list and enjoy.

Now, for this week’s featured web comic. This week we have the comic ‘Bear Nuts’ by artist Alison Acton. The story chronicles the lives of a very ‘special’ group of bears who live in a zoo.  If the picture below isn’t enough then we’ll put it out to you plainly- imagine the Care Bears gone wrong and you get these bears.


In terms of artwork, the comic is excellent and that is to be expected as the studio, DooomCat, consists of the husband and wife team art team of Alison Acton and Jim Charalampidis. Both artists are well trained in the arts but you can all look this up on their ‘About‘ page.

The story is well written and the characters are very interesting to watch as each of the bear’s personalities interact with eachother. If you possess a sense of humor then these bears are the bears for you. Beware that if you’re easily offended by…fuck it, this is the internet dammit! If you’re offended then STFU! If you’ve been reading The Infection for this long then you’ve gotta know that you’ve been warned again and again that we’re going to offend someone someday and we dont care who it is.

Anyways, we suggest this as good reading material if you are looking for something cute without the cutesy.

Keep us entertained with your thoughts!

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