Mastercrap Theater #8 and 9 (double feature!!)

In this week’s thrilling installment the plot thickens as Etch is left to search for Sketch. His search takes him to A-Soul manor where he consults the help of Spectrum, G.K, Script X and Poison who seem to know more than meets the eye. So tune into this week’s thrilling installment of…Snowflake!

Snowflake: Chapter 8

“It looks like we’re nearing the end of this whole situation with Sforza” said Poison.

“That was random” said G.K.

They were both standing in the backyard of the A-Soul mansion alone. This was strange for both of them since they were rarely together, not since A-Soul began. They were both standing by the fence and looking down at the snow covered city from their palace in the hills.

“Something is out of place” Said Poison

“You usually are right about these things, have you ever thought you were psychic?” asked G.K

“No, not really” replied Poison

Snow fell around them as they continued to look down on the city from their palace, and then Spectrum arrived silently.

“Yo!” said Spectrum

Both people were startled as Spectrum broke the silence between them.

“Don’t ever do that again!” said G.K as she gripped her heart

“What ever happened to that mob bosses daughter?” asked Poison

“You mean the one we kidnapped last year?” asked Spectrum

“Yeah, that one” said Poison

“We just let her go outside the city after we found out she was useless” said Spectrum

“You guys are so cruel to women” said G.K

“That’s not true…not for me anyways” said Spectrum as he went and held G.K in his arms

The three people stood in silence and once again looked down on the city, night was coming and lights were going on in the city and the palace behind them. Script then arrived and took place beside Poison.

“What you looking at Poison?” asked Script

“Nothing, just thinking…” he replied as he cleaned off the snow from his glasses and hair.

Poison was a tall, skinny young man. He wore an open chest black tuxedo shirt with a white dress shirt under it and black jeans; on his head he wore a white bandana with black shades and a thick black afro with twin streaks of grey at the front. Script was about the same height as Poison but had more muscle on him than his colleague, he wore a black open chest T-shirt with a white sweater under it and had black jeans to match it, he had semi-long messy black hair, just enough to make a small ponytail and amazing dark brown eyes that just stuck out on his light brown skin. Spectrum had much more muscle than his other two colleagues and wore a black football jersey that was custom made for A-Soul, over it he wore a stylish black leather jacket that had his second in command, G.K, in it with him, and he had dark brown skin and dark black spiked hair with white jeans. G.K was a dancer, she had long legs and a slender body, she was well toned and it could be seen in her simple but fashionable outfit which consisted of a white sweater, tight black jeans and a black scarf with matching black mittens, she had light brown skin and wore light green contact lenses that stuck out against her skin and black hair. They all stood in the yard and looked down at the lit up city in silence then Poison broke this silence.

“Sforza’s jewels are going to be complete soon and I wanna know what the local gangs are planning” said Poison

“They don’t want anything but the Cartel is planning something” said Spectrum

“And…” said Poison

“I think they have an inside man” Said Spectrum “we’ve got to lure them out quickly, from what I know, Sforza just got his last snowflake last night, when the jewel itself is complete we’ll be the first to know”

“If they have an inside man then we should be there now” said Script

“How true” said Poison with a grim voice

“So who did the old pervert choose for his last snowflake?” asked G.K

“I think it was Sketch” said Poison

Just as he said those words Etch came running into the yard to hear those words drop from Poison’s mouth.

Snowflake: Chapter 9

Sforza, with his snowflakes 3, would let them leave once he was done with them. He would let them be. All the snowflakes sat at his home, warm and cozy in front of his roaring fireplace while sipping on hot chocolate as a blizzard went on outside the windows. There was to be heavy snowfall tonight but they did not care, all 3 except one, one who felt like half of herself as she sat and barely touched her hot chocolate. The other two conversed and chatted idly as the one sat and stared off into space. The first snowflake had been a skinny and pale girl when she first arrived but as time passed she had grown and thickened up, her circumstances for being there were different from the other two, she simply had nowhere else to go. Her name was Michelle, she had long dyed black hair and deep green eyes like an endless forest, she had red freckles on her face that gave her a childlike look, she was wearing a bathrobe and sat in front of the fireplace sipping on hot chocolate and talking to the second snowflake. The second snowflake was the most stunning of all, with long silky black hair, bright brown eyes that were adorned by all and a flawless caramel brown skin. Her name was not known by members of A-Soul, she was only known by reputation as the dancing Dust. Right now she was also in a bathrobe chattering idly to Michelle and ignoring the third snowflake, as if she were never there at all and only her words mattered at the moment but her beauty caused people not to notice and time seemed to stop and collapse on itself in her presence. Why was this angel with an old man like Sforza? Who knows, but she was one of the reasons he wanted to live and she enjoyed the attention. The last snowflake, the lonely one, was known as Sketch, she was not overly pretty but she was not ugly either. She had long Silvery white hair and steely grey eyes, they were contact lenses. Her hair was now wavy and thick unlike her usual style of wearing it straight down and she had thin slender eyes that showed much thought was going on within her mind at the moment. Like the second snowflake she also had a caramel brown skin but somehow it failed in comparison to her. She was wearing a bathrobe as well and looked dismally into the fire, just thinking and thinking about her other half, her missing self, her Etch.

Meanwhile, at the A-Soul manor the founding members sat in the living room and all drank together while a young man, well built, was in the kitchen with Spectrum, the sound father of A-Soul. Spectrum was blending drinks in the blender while the young man sat and looked down at the kitchen counter where he sat. This young man was called Etch by his fellow members of A-Soul and he wore a black toque and white jeans with a white sweater under a black vest. Spectrum finished blending the drinks and poured Etch out a glass of his concoction.

“Here, drink this, you’ll feel a lot better” Said Spectrum as he offered the man the drink and put it on the counter for him to drink.

Etch obliged and drank it all in one shot.

“Hey man, what’s so wrong with Sforza’s place anyways? It’s just an old man, what’s so wrong about that? She’s probably got her reasons for leaving me alone with those girls to ditch me…” Said Etch in an unconvincing tone, trying to reassure him of why Sketch left him.

“Well I don’t know why she left you but why don’t you go and just see her if you know where she is?” asked Spectrum between drinks.

“I’ve only heard of Sforza by rep, I’ve never gone to see him” replied Etch as he took a long swallow of the drink.

Etch then got up and walked towards the living room where the others were drinking, leaving Spectrum all alone in the kitchen to make something to eat. Etch walked towards the living room and heard Poison talking loudly as he usually did.

“Yo, what you think Sforza does with all those g’s?” asked G.K

“I thought you knew, he need nude models for him for some reason” Said Poison

Etch then ran into the room and grabbed Poison by the collar.


Spectrum then walked into the room with a sandwich in hand, to see Poison being near choked. Just as he was about to ask what was going on, Etch then barked an order into the now silent room.

“Listen, Spectrum, your taking that sandwich to go, we’re going to see the old man.”

Back at Sforza’s home, the first snowflake was up for sketching. One of the permanent residence students of Sforza walked into the room and she told Michelle that Sforza was ready for her. Sforza was not as much as a pervert as he appeared to be, he had kicked out all the male students that night in order to make sure that his models were comfortable, not a single male soul other than his own was allowed into the house that night. Michelle left the warmth of the fireplace and went to pay the old man back for his goodwill in the only way he had asked and she was prepared to do more if need be. She walked down into the basement of the house and saw the old man with his sketchpad and pencil, wearing thick glasses and ready to sketch her glory as she had nothing on around her, not even the radio.

Etch and the others were now racing down the highway towards Sforza’s home. The entire vehicle was silent except for the music. The heat in the car was on, but it was low, Etch’s anger made it seem higher as the vehicle went down the highway. It passed three exits and then made the fourth one then they made a left. G.K sat in the back of the car with Poison and Script. They were playing around in the back and currently she was braiding Script’s hair while Poison attempted to fondle her breasts but she slapped away his hand every time he tried to touch them. The only thought in her mind at the moment was

“Does he know that she went there on her own?”

In Sforza’s home the Second snowflake was up. Sforza did not spare a single detail as he drew her from joint to joint, vein all the way to vein. Sforza had special reasons for wanting these three young women in particular and they were simple reasons. The first snowflake reminded him of his mother and his childhood. The second snowflake reminded him of the first girl he lost his virginity to and his final step into maturity. Now he was done with the Second snowflake and it was time for the last snowflake, his one true love long lost. The thought of this last snowflake made his strength falter but he must not give up; he called for one of the students and asked for a glass of water. The student quickly came and he received his water, then he was on to the last one, his greatest work of all time.

A black sports car rolled to a stop in front of a very grand house. The car had black tint and dazzlingly bright headlights that threatened to bring about day. It was a simple car. The headlights went off and inside the vehicle sat 5 people. Poison and G.K had fallen asleep while Script was half awake in the back.

“So, this is it?” said Etch, as he looked at the rather large beachfront home of Sforza. It had taken them an hour to get there but they were there.

“Yep, this is it” replied Spectrum in the driver’s seat.

“Then, why are we not inside?” asked Etch in an angry tone

“Not allowed in, its women only in there” said Spectrum

“Well my girl is inside there and I want some fucking answers now!” Yelled Etch and he stepped out of the vehicle.

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