Featured Webcomic- Sister Claire

Once again The Infection has yet another web comic that is guaranteed to turn heads. We began the month by introducing you all to the antics of Sinfest where we met Slick trying to sell his soul to the devil as an introductory comic. We then moved on to pervert people’s childhoods with Bear Nuts, a comic that puts a slight twist on the lovable Care Bears. So in keeping with tradition we’ve gone and found something that can offend more than enough people. We wish to direct your attention to Sister Claire, the pregnant nun.


As you can all hopefully see, the artwork is very well done. The use of colour is excellent and the style is unique enough to be recognized as that artist’s own work. Work of this caliber can be rather hard to find on the internet, here at The Infection we’ve looked high and low for comics that boast quality work. Not to say that we don’t read or have heard of other well known comics like Questionable Content, Apple geeks, Penny Arcade, CAD and all the other big ones. We’re just trying to promote the less talked about web comics. This is a comic worth reading, if not for the story then at least for the art.

The artist, who goes by the alias of Yamino, is a self-published freelance artist who is currently completing her senior year at SCAD. She’s fluent in more than one language and hopes to get a  steady job one day as a concept artist/storyboard artist/comic artist/illustrator. If anyone reading this is hiring in any of those positions then feel free to look more into her.

The story is, as we’ve made quite clear, about a nun named Claire who supposedly is pregnant with the new messiah. She finds out she’s pregnant when a strange and sexy blue lady named Gabrielle (if blue skin is your thing…) pops out of the toilet (Yeah…total turn on right there, blue women popping out of toilets) and tells Claire that she’s pregnant with this new messiah that will prevent an oncoming apocalypse.   Claire is a novice nun in the monastery where she was found as a baby and is presented to be a lovable character with a lack of confidence and a ridiculous weakness to cute little cats.Claire’s supporting cast so far includes her best friend Sister Catharine, The sexy blue Gabrielle, and other monastery nuns that you can find out about here.

One thing that makes this comic very unique is the way that Yamino has managed to allow the characters to break the fourth wall. This allows for people to connect with the characters and feel like you know them personally. Yamino has employed the use of the popular social networking site, Facebook, to create profiles for some of her characters. This is the first time The Infection has encountered a web comic or comic of any kind that has managed to make use of one of the most time wasting inventions in the world. If anyone else is doing it then please direct us to it…oh and it has to be good!

Otherwise, next to the good story and the great artwork the comic speaks for itself. If you want to see more of the artist’s personal work then look her up on Deviantart or keep an eye open on sisterclaire.com. Here at The Infection we suggest that you read Sister Claire now as the story is really just beginning. Jump on the bandwagon now if you wanna be one of the cool kids!

Entertain us with your thoughts!

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