Lionel Heart presents…The top ten cartoons of all time!

It’s been a while but here he is once again, The Infection’s very own Lionel Heart! This week he’s decided to take the floor and give you and all of his fans the essential Lionel Heart list of must watch cartoons!

1. Bugs Bunny and Tweety showBugs Bunny Gets my number one because as a child you don’t know the difference between anime and American cartoons but with that said, “Bugs Bunny and Tweety show” could go shot for shot with the best of them. Some of you may be looking at your monitor like I am on crack; sadly I don’t do that shit, but look at that cast of characters: Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian, Yosemite Sam, et all. I mean who didn’t think it was funny when Pepe tried to molest the cat, which he thought was a skunk which in the end tried to, and successfully, rape him. And I tell you boy, that chicken whose name I can never remember was always getting his ass handed to him. But if anything that makes this my number 1 it has to be that catchy line “Eh, what’s up doc?”.

2. Shin Kidō Senki Gundam Wing 新機動戦記ガンダムW Sunrise always can get the right political savvy with the right amount of action, these guys should be running the world and our news stations. “There is nothing more noble and beautiful than a warrior with no distractions. One could say he is the closest thing to God.” I think that would have been the greatest line ever until the response came “I don’t believe in god”. This series gave rise to many amazing quotes, amazing characters which became the new measuring stick, and amazing mobile suits. R.I.P. Treize Khushrenada .

3. Transformers – A giant planet for a final enemy and that weird noise they made when they transformed made this cartoon a hit. And it was awesome.

4. Rurouni Kenshin – For those who know me, know that this anime had to make my list somewhere and it comes in at number 4. This was a brilliant side story to actual history, it retold real events that actually happened accurately, from a different point of view, from a person who didn’t exist in history, but the accuracy and the precision that the events were retold was brilliant. Truly worthy of number 4.

5. Beast Wars – “Now that’s just prime!” This was an impressive cartoon made by CANADIANS! And gave cameos to many respectable characters from its predecessor (Starscream, Unicron, etc.) and also gave us new characters to love. “Megatron I give you one chance to surrender” “And I give you no chance at all!”

6. Gundam ガンダ1979 Mother Fuckers, that’s all that needs to be said. Yeah the art was crap, but this set the foundation for what would become the one of the longest going anime franchises and very successful series in history, week 3 I will write a piece to commemorate Gundam’s 30th birthday, which was in April.

7. Dragon Ball (Z)OVER 9000! This cartoon has give birth to one of the funniest and catchiest and probably the stupidest internet memes and was one of the first animes anyone one of us ever watched.

8. Sailor Moon – I am a closet pervert, there I said it. Other than the fact that this was probably the first anime I watched, I respect it for breaking me into a culture where really short skirts and lolis are the norm. Don’t know what a loli is; urban dictionary it.

9. X-MenAn old bald psychic/telekinetic for a leader, a dude who could shoot laser beams out of his eyes, an infinitely recovering wolf man and the rest of the circus made up this cast of superheroes who: came from comics, went to cartoons, had the cartoons remade, and now have full length feature movies, pretty good if you ask me.

10. Spider-Man – I wasn’t sure who should be unlucky enough to get number 10 so I just gave it to Spider-Man.

Honourable Mentions: Captain Planet, ThunderCats

Dishonourable Mentions: Love Hina, Gundam SEED (Destiny), and Most American cartoons

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