Featured Webcomic- Menage a 3

Who wants to read a comic about a 29-year old virgin comic book geek and his sexy roommates!? Sounds like alot of web comics on the net…


As usual The Infection would like to direct your attention span to yet another great comic on the internet that is readily available for your reading and enjoyment. We wish to direct you to Menage a 3, a web comic about a 29 year old comic book nerd with his sexy room mates. The difference between this web comic and others that we’ve found here at The Infection is that this comic, unlike others, is set in the beautiful Canadian city of Montreal. Yeah, we’re Canadian and what!

So this comic is fairly new on the scene as it’s only been running steady for a little more than a year now. The story is illustrated and co-written by Gisele Lagace. The story is also co-written by Dave Zero 1. Legace’s artwork is excellent and she consistently delivers quality material every week. This quality work is also seen in her other web comics, Penny and Aggie as well as Cool Cat Studio.

The writing of the story is done very well as it doesn’t seem to be random or unplanned. All of the punchlines fit into the story and there are very few deviations from plot unless properly explained. The characters each have easily unique personalities so you can be sure that you’ll find a favorite among the cast.

The story begins with the main character Gary, a 29-year old comic artist living in Montreal, coming home one day to find out that his two roomates were actually gay. This leads his roomates to decide that they wish to move out and leave him with the lease for the apartment which in turn leads him to call for new roomates. To make a long story short and save you all spoilers, Gary gets two sexy and spunky roomates, Zii and Didi. Hilarity ensues.

The story is rather interesting to read and the comic is available in book format at their store. The fact that it’s also set in a Canadian city for once and not an American city is something that also entertains us here at The Infection.  Most of the humor is aimed at comic book nerds, anime geeks/otaku, the other kinds of nerds/cool people and the rest of the internet.

Here at The Infection, we suggest this comic to you if you like to poke fun at things that nerds enjoy or you wanna read a good story.

Keep us entertained with your comments!

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