We’re back!

Alright party people! It’s been a long week here at The Infection and we have alot to be telling you about. This weekend was Anime North and The Infection alongside Starhill Productions covered this exciting weekend of japanese comic books and cartoon culture. Leading up to this event we had promised to provide a weeks worth of enrichment, enlightenment and entertainment for you all but it seems that we’ve failed to deliver once again.

Otherwise, it’s not like we weren’t doing anything. We were out there and producing material all weekend to make sure that you all are sufficently entertained upon our return. This coming week we’ve got the launch of our own YouTube channel to celebrate where we’ll be showing you The Infection and Starhill Productions joint Anime North 2009 coverage. We’ve also got another show this coming week featuring the return of Spectrum and his new pet project in sound and music. Finally, we will be keeping you all in the loop with our picks of the hottest in web comics and cartoons out there as well as the occasional burst of socio-political ranting.

All in all, keep us entertained!

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