Mastercrap Theater 12 and 13

In this week’s installment we follow the story of the first snowflake, Michelle. In the wake of Sforza’s death A-Soul has been up in arms as a series of unfortunate events has begun to take place. How will everyone cope in this dire situation? Find out  in this week’s installment of Poison Apple’s ‘Snowflake’!

Snowflake Chapter 12

The world had seen the entire funeral broadcast all over the world and the speech given by Enzo was being played over and over again for the past week. The newspapers were hungry for more news involving Sforza and now they were interested in the jewels within his forbidden collection. In his will Sforza had requested that the snowflakes be given to their respective muse and the rest of his jewels were to be divided equally between a list of charities and a secret fund for a project being led by the original members. The world was not bothered by the fact that the jewels were being given to charities but the secret project was now a center of world attention, along with the muses, the three snowflakes. The world now knew what the inspiration for the jewels was and their faces were all over the papers. The first snowflake disappeared quite quickly, the second took to public attention very easily and the third had too many problems of her own to be worried about the press. The world, and more importantly A-Soul, had wondered where the first snowflake had disappeared off to, so let’s find out readers.

Michelle sat in the limo face to face with the man she genuinely hated in this world, her own brother, Mathew. They both sat down together and looked at each other in silence. Mathew then went to pour a drink and made a gesture to offer her some, she gestured back no, with a very rude hand gesture. The limo was traveling towards the warehouses on the dock that was where their business was to be conducted.

“So sis, tell me, how did you survive?” asked Mathew

“You see me here, right?” replied Michelle with a cold voice

“No need to be so cold sis, but…” Mathew was then cut off by Michelle

“Don’t call me sis again….” she said.

With that there was once more silence in the vehicle and it continued to travel towards its destination. Outside it was sunset and the sun was slowly hiding its face from the world, it was going to hide behind the towers and behind the skyscrapers of the city as lights went on to take its place and the moon came out along with all the creatures of the night. The vehicle was on the freeway and now it was turning off and coming into the warehouse district. The limo moved cautiously through the area, avoiding all obstacles if necessary and taking too long routes until it came to its destination. The location they were at was a brand new warehouse that was painted in total white and in front of it were men in black suits, the limo was parked in front and in view of these men but they did not do anything. Michelle and Mathew sat in the car and waited, until some more limos would come and stop in front of the warehouse in view of the men in black. There were three men in front of the white warehouse and they each looked identical to one another, each with the same spiked haircut and black hair, the same black suit and the same black sports shades. They stood and looked at all the limos assembled in front of the warehouse and did not move a muscle. Two hours would pass until Michelle finally stepped out of the limo she was in and walked forward towards the men in black.

“Good night, miss” said the three men in black as Michelle walked by into the entrance.

Many others in vehicles followed suite and got out of their cars and walked forward into the warehouse. This was to be the biggest assembly of the major cartels in the city for the entire year. A new year was arriving soon and the first snowflake was now the biggest news in the world, something was to be done about that tonight. All the heads of the major groups in the city were there, from those in control in the east district to the small time west district pushers. Michelle’s family was a part of the Mid-west district and was in control at the moment so her brother was representing them there and she was representing herself, since she was the one who called this meeting. It had been a very long time since Michelle had been to one of these meetings, not since her father had died, and she was feeling very weird to have to call such a meeting like this herself. She looked around and saw the group heads and their financial advisers whispering to them in their heads about stock’s and revenues and whatnot. Michelle then cleared her throat very loudly and managed to gain the leaders attention. She walked into the center of the warehouse and looked around her to see the many leaders that had come and some who she knew had sneaked their way into this meeting, there were also hit men and bodyguards with their leaders and all well armed or trained. She stood for a moment looking and after catching herself she began to talk.

“I’ve called you here today to talk some business with you. I’m leaving crime behind me and I want to start of a life of my own that is why I have called you here today. As you know I have come into possession of a very rare piece of jewellery and I am interested in selling it for the right price.” she said, and with that the three men in black that were standing outside the door came in with a silver briefcase and opened it to show a dazzling jewel shaped like a snowflake. The first of the three snowflakes, it was as large as two men’s fists and it was gold rimmed with diamonds on the inside, very generic but on the inside there was a sad diamond angel with a broken wing, it was the most beautiful angel ever seen. The jewel shone in the briefcase and sparkled in the darkness of the warehouse.

“I’ll set the opening bid at 5 million EUD” she said, and with that the bidding began.

Chapter 13

The bidding was now at 23 million EUD and some had dropped out but were still there. There was much hostility in this place and not even an hour had passed. The whole auction was being shown on the internet as well and some of the foreign bidders had offered not just cash but cars, clothes, houses and slaves. Michelle sat down and watched the bidding go on and remembered her session with Sforza when he was sketching her.

“Michelle, I want you to be happy, not sad young one” Sforza had told her.

“But how can I be happy when I have lost part of myself?” she had replied

“Ah, Time is a cruel master, we cannot fight it but we can run from it” Sforza had told her

Her response to this was silence. The only sound between them was that of Sforza’s pencil scribbling against the paper.

The bidding was now at 52 million EUD and there were a few left in the bidding. Buyers were now offering their wives and children to her and selling everything they had to make cash quickly enough to get back into the bidding. There was yelling and screaming as people argued about where they were getting their money from and who still owed who money. Suddenly there was a blockbuster bid made at 100 million EUD.

“I know a solution young one” Sforza had told her “you should run away from this place and never return, there is much pain in this city and with my death there will be nothing but chaos if you decide to stay” he had said that night.

“Don’t say that, you’re not gonna die yet!” She had told him.

“When I have completed this jewel, I want you to sell it and then go away to find a new place of belonging” Sforza had told her.

Somehow, the old man had a talent for taking her words away, it wasn’t love or anything of the sort but he made her think about things she would not normally think about and she would miss that when he was gone.

The warehouse was in silence and all eyes were on Michelle who was also in silence. She then got up out of her seat and looked at the man who had made large bid. It was her brother, Mathew and then another man made the same bid to her and offered a car to her.

“C’mon, you wouldn’t sell your own brother like this” Said Mathew

“Yeah, your right” said Michelle, “I wouldn’t sell you out like this”. She then turned around and said “I’ll let anyone who kills my brother have the snowflake” and all guns went off in Mathew’s direction, he didn’t even have time to react. Michelle then set down the briefcase with the snowflake in the center of the warehouse and went to walk out the door with her three men in black, but before she could walk out a leader yelled out

“Who gets the snowflake!?”

“Anyone who wants it” replied Michelle.

She then walked out the warehouse door into the night with a rain of bullets in all directions behind her. The first Snowflake was now off in the wind, never to be seen again until another cold wind blew in the way it was going.


There was one man remaining in the chaos of the warehouse and he had the snowflake. He was bloody and battered but still alive. He dragged himself out of the warehouse with the snowflake and was trying to escape before any of the foreign investors showed up in hopes of trying to claim the jewel. He would make it somewhere safe, he thought as he dragged himself to his limo, and then he would disappear with the jewel, sell it and buy lots of stock, be set for life, well he was sure as hell wrong. A tall, skinny, young, black male with a thick black vest and black jeans sat in front of the limo’s he was dragging himself to. The man sat and was wearing a sleeveless shirt in the middle of winter like nothing was wrong, the sun could be seen peaking over the clouds, morning was coming, the police could be heard in the distance and things didn’t look so good.

“Dammit…” thought the man “I fought too hard for this shit” he thought to himself

“Oy! What’s your name?” asked the black man

“The name is…Oliver” he struggled to say

“Well, you can call me Ronin since you don’t look like your gonna live long enough to know my real name” said the black man as he picked up the briefcase with the snowflake in it.

Ronin was about to walk away when he said “Oy! Do me a favour will ya? Put in a good word in heaven for me…if you’re lucky enough to make it close enough for god to hear”

And Ronin was off, with only one more of the snowflakes to retrieve.

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