Featured Webcomic- Holy Bibble

Once again The Infection brings you yet another comic that will poke a bit of fun at religion and may offend the fundamentalists. Once again, we dont give a damn.  For this week’s featured comic we  turn your attention to a web comic that has managed to make what is arguably the most influential book in history into a comic, we give you Holy Bibble. No, that was not a typo.

Holy Bibble is a webcomic  that  summarizes  The Bible. For those of us who have never even bothered to read The Bible or have attempted to and failed many times (like Poison) then this comic is for you. Holy Bibble introduces people to The Bible in a humorous and entertaining way while poking fun at some of the things in the bible that were somewhat ridicilous.

The comic is drawn and written by Lucas Daniels and Cannan Jacobs. At the moment we at The Infection are unsure as to if those are aliases or real names. Lucas is the one who draws the comic while Cannan does the writing. Recently the comic has made a move from the traditional format and has been reborn in a fun new interactive format.  For more information ask them yourselves or look them up on their ‘About’ page.

The art style is very unique and hard to miss. Something that gives the comic it’s own very original flavor. We here at The Infection have not seen any other web comics that boast a similar style yet, which is something good if you’re trying to promote something. If you look into their archives at the original comics and compare them to the more recent material, you will see how much the artwork has steadily improved. A kudos to Lucas for that. We’re expecting great things from them in terms of artwork.

As for the story, it’s well written…Heck, it’s based on one of the most influential books of all time, there isn’t much to fuck up there. Otherwise, to credit the writer, Cannan, we must say that he’s added more spice to The bible with rather tasteful and witty humor. This is quite apparent in the first comic.

The very first comic
The very first comic

Those of you who understand the joke in this comic will be laughing your asses off right about now. Otherwise, if you don’t understand the joke then look up creationism versus evolution while you’re being somewhat useful and reading this. Later on down the road the comic features many more interesting and entertaining takes on some classic bible stories such as Noah’s Ark,  Adam and Eve featuring  Lilith as well as many other tales from the Bible.

In total, The Infection approves of this web comic and we are sure that it will entertain you all for even a small portion of time. If you dont like the artwork then you will like the writing and if you’re one of the very religious people who have carrots suck up their asses all the time– then you wont like this.

Keep us entertained with your thoughts!

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