Salvation or self slaughter? you choose.

By Poison Apple

So this morning I went into my daily routine of looking at the news via BBC and I came across something very interesting. A story about a man in China who wanted to commit suicide, his reasons unknown to me, who was forcibly stopped by a passerby. Now this story obviously brings my thoughts to the issue of suicide and when can it really be justified, if it can be justified at all for any reason.

In life people suffer from a multitude of problems from financial, physical, emotional- there are many things in this life that can drive us to the brink of questioning the worth of our own lives. Some people opt to continue despite harsh circumstances while others will choose to end it all. I’m asking; when is it right to decide to commit suicide?

I’ll be outright  with my views when I say that I believe that there are absolutely NO CIRCUMSTANCES  where suicide can be approved. Don’t get me wrong now, as I do approve of euthanasia but I dont approve of suicide. Yes, they may be the same thing to alot of people but to me they are different. Euthanasia is mercy killing while suicide is the selfish purging of life.

When people commit suicide it’s usually for a reason that I define as selfish. I understand that there are people who have mental problems like depression but at the same time I still define it as selfish. In our lives we have to interact with others, as we live we inevitably meet people who will genuinely care about us no matter who we are and even if you dont they value your life. When a person commits suicide they’re not only taking themselves out of this world but they’re showing others how little they care about others. This is why I have no respect for people who commit suicide. These people are begging for attention and feel that by killing themselves they’re going to get it. Newsflash- you wont be getting my attention if you commit suicide.

On the other hand I have to look at all the reasons people commit suicide. One thing I notice is that most of these problems are usually mental/emotional.  I think the problem with these people is that they’re dwelling on the negative or there aren’t enough people telling them about the positives in life. So let me take the floor and talk about the positives in life.

Once upon a time I was  very depressed, I saw little to no good in this world and I’ll admit that I still hold onto a negative world view as a security blanket. Alas, I have discovered one all enduring fact about life which is that as long as there is life, there is hope.Yes, we all will suffer in life- this is a fact that we must accept but if we manage to overcome and become the masters of our own destiny then we can step above the suffering and become great people. I understand that death may seem like it will bring salvation but at the same time, whats the guarantee on that? I think it’s best that we make the best of life as it is right now and live life the way you want to live it. Live for you, not for the sake of others, but at the same time take into consideration the fact that other people need you. We all have problems in life, but are they really worth crying over? Remember, in this world of over 6 billion people there’s always bound to be someone with problems similar or worse than your own who is living on, so why can’t you? We can all do anything we put our minds to, human beings have limitless potential, so for those of us who wish to commit suicide please put your minds to living a better life.

With all of that being said, I need to explain my stance on euthanasia. Unlike suicide, euthanasia is mercy killing while suicide is selfish. People with terminal diseases, people who have no chance of supporting themselves and people who have no chance of survival are the ones I approve of this for. I must say that I’m reluctant to allow people to euthanize themselves but at the same time I promote it in the interest of the greater good. I dont believe that its right to let someone or something living needlessly suffer. People who want to commit suicide would say that they too are needlessly suffering but unlike them, the people who need to be euthanized dont have a choice but to suffer. If you have the ability to overcome the pain then I see no reason to let you kill yourself, much as I would like to and your cowardice disgusts me, with life there is hope and if you live there is hope for you yet. Otherwise, there are some people out there who just can’t live at all without feeling pain. It’s cruel to let them go on against their will.

All in all, I believe that suicide is wrong no matter what. Those of you who are religious would agree with me for different reasons but I simply dont believe in suicide because I’ve no place for cowards in my heart. This also makes me shaky on hte issue of euthanasia. For me to approve of euthanasia it must be under the most extreme and dire circumstances. I’ll admit that I probably would never have the balls to make that call for anything or anyone.

Keep me entertained with your thoughts!

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