Hot and Heavily Inked

Warning: This post contains explicit content that can and will most likely offend more people than we usually intend to offend. Please be informed that this post is definitely NOT work safe.

Sex is everywhere. That’s an all encompassing fact of life that some people can’t seem to accept, this is especially true when it comes to entertainment.  From modern day pornography to classical nudes in art it’s all been about sex. Today we’re focusing on  sex and sexuality in cartoons . The prevalence off sex in cartoons was minimal in the beginning but as years went by we find that now it’s become quite blatant and in some cases disgusting, which brings us to question the limits to which people should go with this.

In recent years the  portrayal of sex and sexuality  has become more and more blatant in cartoons. To find out why , we must look at the history of it all and how we went from minor risque cartoons to full scale animated pornography.  In times long past, when people were scared to be too  risque with sexuality in cartoons, there was mild sexual humor. It’s not like cartoons were always chaste but they had their own brand of dirty humor. A prime example of dirty humor in cartoons can be seen in the antics of  most of the cast of Looney Tunes.  Some prime example characters that come to mind are Pepe le pew and Speedy Gonzales, their cartoons had mild adult comedy that you would not see in cartoons for children today.

Nonetheless, before the rise of Looney Tunes there was one cartoon character that would mark what some call the beginning of sexuality in cartoons. The character responsible for this is none other than the infamous Betty Boop who is known today as  the icon character for cartoon sexuality.

Naughty Grandma coming at ya!
Naughty Grandma coming at ya!

Created by Max Fleischer, Betty was and still is one of the most overtly sexual cartoon characters in history. Her design alone  is dripping with intended sex appeal. Unlike other female characters of her era she was given the body of a woman while the others were either clones of male counterparts or anthropomorphic, things that need to be taken note of. Betty Boop paved the path towards the beginning of  real sexuality in cartoons and it would be a long time before others would follow.

So after Betty Boop came onto the scene it wasn’t as though everyone was jumping onto the sexuality bandwagon. She had her share of enemies who at some points in time toned her down. Alas, Betty had already established herself as THE primary cartoon sex symbol and as Betty would say “They can’t take away my boop-oop-a-doop!”.

Moving on in history, the next major memorable cartoon sex symbol we would remember wouldn’t come around until 1988 in the film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” in the form of Jessica Rabbit.  Her overt sexuality and extreme design was the pinnacle of cartoon sexuality and  from that point on everything was a free for all.

This was the next level.
This was the next level.

Characters like Minerva Mink, Hello Nurse and the antics of Johnny Bravo were to follow in later years. Jessica Rabbit was the one character who opened the floor for children s cartoons to have some real mild adult humor.

Now take note that this history we’ve given you is all somewhat common knowledge but little to people’s knowledge  sexuality existed in cartoons prior to Betty Boop. The world’s first pornographic cartoon, Eveready Harton, was produced in 1928 or 1929 and there were some major names rumored to have been part of its production.Once again the name Max Fleischer comes up in the infamous list.

Aside from the American pioneers in sexual cartoons we also have the creative Japanese animators with their own brand of cartoon sexuality. Where North America is rather chaste about sexuality now in their cartoons, the Japanese and much of Asia or anywhere that focuses on the use of the anime style has little to no qualms about the use of sexuality in their cartoons. Everything from exposed breasts to full scale, mass marketed animated pornography (Hentai) is on the table out there. They also cover all the fetishes you can think of under the sun. So if you think that things were bad, they can only get worse. Things from child pornography to Scat have been depicted in Hentai and seeing this makes us question- where do we draw the line?

Our answer to this question- As far as you so wish. It would go against the ideals of The Infection to come down on others about what they wish to animate.  Be it sodomy and bestiality to excessive violence and brutality, we have no honest say in what people decide to do in cartoons. Take note- this stance only extends to cartoons and in no event do we approve of senseless violence, inhumanity and other deplorable acts by people in REAL LIFE.

Anyways all, thank you for joining us for another month with The Infection. Keep us entertained with your comments! Also, here’s a link to the Eveready Horton video. This is DEFINITELY not work safe.

8 thoughts on “Hot and Heavily Inked

  1. very good -> making that distinction
    what I’m curious is, however, what’s your personal stand to such materials/topics as an artist/group. Of course you can’t control what people are doing out there, but the question is, how would you like to treat them? Join them? despise them? within “reasonable limits”? what limits?


    1. Good question, thanks for asking.
      I’ll speak on my own behalf when I say that in my own personal art I’m willing to draw anything since I’m always up for an artistic challenge. Now as for what I display in public, I’m willing to only go as far as nudity and mild sexuality but anything beyond that is pushing the limit for me.
      As for the group- we have no real outright policy on what the limit is for content with us. I personally think that our artists should feel free to express themselves however they please. The one rule I put out is that if you have an opinion you wish to make public then be prepared to defend it from anybody.

      1. dear Apple,

        Thank you for your reply. =]

        So for other artists out there, you’d just regard it as their artistic expression and won’t comment on them?

      2. I’ll comment if I feel like it lol. In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t comment on other artists work unless it actually offends me. A great example of work that offends me can be found on the front page of Deviantart alot of the time. I’m talking about the non-artistic nudes that make the page. Now I know that art is subjective but when it comes to nudes there’s a fine line between artistic nude and pornography. I hate when porn makes the front page of DA and I am sure to write scathing critiques about the work.

  2. Ah~ yes
    (have you already/would you elaborate on that somewhere? =P)

    P.S. Do you know about this TV show that talks about historical cartoons? Might’ve been TOONED on 58… Last time it was about US wars though, I wonder if this stuff would make it on the screen XD

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