Mastercrap theater 14 and 15- Finale-

So here we are at last, the finale of ‘Snowflake’ by Poison Apple. We come to the end to encounter what is the true beginning of this story and the inevitable descent into chaos. With the Snowflakes complete and a new player in the mix, the mysterious Ronin, things may take a turn for the worse. So read now as The Infection presents to you the thrilling finale to ‘Snowflake’ by Poison Apple.

Snowflake Chapter 14

“Oy! I’ve got the thing in the case and I’m headed towards your place right now” Said Ronin on his cell phone.

“Good, you’ll get your payment on arrival with my masters’ possession” replied Enzo on the line.

“What about Poison? Won’t he find out?” asked Ronin.

“No, that man has no idea of what I’m planning” said Enzo in an angry tone.

“He might not be a genius but I know that he will do something if he finds out that you’re doing something as bad as this” replied Ronin.

“Don’t bother me about this shit, just get the other two jewels” spat out Enzo into the phone.

Ronin was about to reply when Enzo hung up on him.

“Bastard!” Yelled out Ronin, to get many looks from people at the restaurant he was in.

“Fuck…” he thought to himself, and he quickly paid his bill and walked out.

“Well now it’s time to find that second flake” thought Ronin as he walked down the street. It then began to rain.

“Frig…” thought Ronin, as he hailed a cab.

Script X sat in his dark basement, staring at his computer in thought. It wasn’t a gloomy basement; it was only gloomy when Script was there. Currently he was at his recruiting headquarters and it was quiet as always until thunder struck and Poison arrived. A light came into the dark basement and down came Poison, in all his glory. He was soaked from head to toe and his shoes were covered in slush. Poison sat down on the step looking at Script and Script continued to write as if nothing had disturbed his peace at all. Poison then wordlessly got up and placed an envelope in front of Script and slowly walked up the stairs, when he reached the top he stopped and waited.

“What’s this?” asked Script

“Your court date” said Poison and with that there was another strike of thunder and Poison was gone once more.

The second snowflake was with Spectrum and they were both walking out of 7-11 on a snack run. They ran through the rain and slush to Spectrum’s car and then sat down to begin to snack on the goods that they had bought. It was a silent meal and the both stared out the window at the rain and listened to music as they satisfied their hunger with Twinkies momentarily. They looked at the rain and checked the time frequently as they ate; they were waiting for someone or something. As the time they were waiting for came closer they both grew tenser and began to stop eating. It was 3:00pm, finally time for them to go, as Spectrum started up the vehicle and drove off onto the highway. Thunder struck once more.

G.K was in an empty parking garage along with a large group of A-soul members. Why they were there?  It was for a trial. They danced and sang and talked inside of the parking lot while they awaited the judge, witnesses and defence. G.K was not celebrating along with the rest of her fellow A-soul members; she stood against a wall with her separate unit, The Soul sabres, awaiting the arrival of the court in general. She was in a sour mood today, it was raining, her cell phone was broken and she was at an unjust trial in which she wanted no part of. Thunder struck and there was silence, the judge had arrived, the garage was silent, it was Poison. Poison walked in and the Literature contingent announced his arrival and gave him a traditional flaxen wig and a black frock along with gabble. There were seats prepared for everyone and as Poison walked up to his place all people took their respective seats. G.K walked up to Poison and whispered something into his ear then she was about to leave when Spectrum’s car came into the garage and she no longer wished to leave, thunder struck once more. The Defence was there; Dust and Spectrum stepped out of the car and silently took their places in the court. Hearts started to beat rapidly and as Dust took her place in the court it was as if all the air had been sucked out of everyone there. Now all those in the mockery of a court sat in silence and waited for the play to begin. Poison sat in his place and watched everyone present, his emotion could not be seen since his eyes were not visible through his glasses and his bandana covered his eyebrows. The mock judge then cleared his throat after a few minutes and then stood up but as he was about to speak he saw two men with UZI’s coming  towards the group of people, soon others saw and ducked and ran for cover as they shot at one person in particular. Everyone scattered like flies as they shot down Dust in the middle of the parking garage, she went down quickly and then shuddered on the ground in shock before she took her final breath and died. The assailants then took her body and ran off to the lower floor of the garage. Before the chaos had begun Script had arrived and had been witness to the entire affair. He stood in shock as his fellow A-Soul members ran for their lives and took to every kind of vehicle for escape. Before he could stay to analyze the entire situation, he was dragged away by G.K and Poison into Spectrum’s car and they sped off as far away as possible.

Ronin stood in front of a small pizza place across the street from the parking garage and it was raining heavier than before. It was now night and he stood in the rain and sipped on some green tea as he watched the police clear out of the place. The police had found nothing and dismissed the case as a minor squabble between some teenagers or drug dealers. For the parking lot to be abandoned it was a pretty bad area that they were located in so when reports of gunshots were heard, nobody really cared. There was an abandoned flea market in the area as well, this was where many Visual contingent members of A-soul could be found in their spare time just hanging out and spreading their graffiti over piss stained walls. Ronin was not happy about the entire situation in general, he had beaten some information out of an A-soul member who had been seen in the area at the time of the incident and now the second snowflake was not in his hands…what would he tell his employer now? Not only was his paycheque at stake but his reputation as a retriever was also on the line.  He knew now that the snowflake had died and as he thought this in his mind it seemed to rain even more. Heaven now had one of its angel’s back for she was not worthy of this Earth.  Ronin sipped on his green tea once more and looked up towards the sky, the rain had come to an end and so had his contract with his employer but then a ray of sunlight broke through the clouds and shone down on him, he then received a call on his cell phone. He picked up and it was his employer calling to fire him, it was brief and to the point, he then hung up. The ray of sunlight then disappeared and thunder cracked, the gods were once again angered and Ronin got another call on his phone. This time it was his new employer…Spectrum of A-Soul.

Chapter 15

Script stood out at the back of the palace that was owned by A-Soul and looked down upon the city as it’s sins were being washed away by the rain, either that or another great flood was coming. The rain poured heavily on him as he stood by the fence and the water drenched his hair making it go down below his eyes. He pushed it back so that he could see as he stood in place and thought about the events of the day. Dust was dead but somehow he did not feel any loss or sadness at all at this fact. Yes he did like her but was it just an attraction or was it more? An umbrella then came over his head, though he thought there was no point to it as he was well soaked at this point. It was G.K; she stood beside him in silence and wore the same clothing as him, white sweater and black jersey over it with black jeans. They both looked down at the city from their palace and they stood near each other for comfort, together under the umbrella behind the fence they watched silently. After a while Script looked at G.K and noticed her crying, at this she then took down the umbrella and they were soaked, wet and cold in the rain together. They had never been together like this, Script and G.K, but they were always so close yet so distant, it was a silent agreement that had never been understood between the two, it was not love or anything of the sort but an unexplainable force that gave them a sense of comfort when they were near each other, this was their relationship. Script then stopped looking at G.K and then laughed out loud, so loud that the city could hear. G.K just looked at him as the moonlight shone on him and his wet, messy black hair, she was once again witness to his madness, this was the Script that everyone knew, so random yet predictable at the same time, you didn’t know if to feel pity for him or for those who understood him, it was envy. G.K then kicked him in his shin and he stopped and went back to looking at the drenched city. Script once again looked at the city and then all of a sudden G.K threw her umbrella over the fence, he looked at the rain drenched girl and then looked back once more to the soaked city. The two comrades looked down at this city from behind their fence and silently laughed at themselves in the rainy moonlit night. A third companion then arrived and he came bearing gifts. It was Poison, he wore a white jeans suit and under it a black sweater, he had with him 3 cups of green tea in a tray, it was being watered down by the rain. He took place beside them and looked down at the city, the city full of chaos, a chaos that brought death, mayhem and destruction, a chaos that he wished to leave but could never will him to stray too far from it. He knew that he was as much a part of this chaos as anybody else in the city they looked down on behind their fence but it was something that he could not just leave as is, it was his, something that was part of him, something that he loved, chaos was his master and commander. The rain fell down on his thick black afro and made his bandana along with his glasses wet with rain water. The rain did not seem to calm down as the three companions stood there and soon enough thunder cracked but the moon could still be seen shining on them. Hours would pass and they would stay there, slowly they were joined by other members of A-Soul and they all stood in the rain together. It was not a sad day for them as they now were not only standing by the fence but they also were on top of the fence, in the nearby treetops and some were sitting on the other side of the fence. All together, with death there must be a birth to balance it out and on this night something strong was born, a new A-Soul. As the night grew older more members came but none left and some friends of A-Soul came as well. The rain had stopped and a cool breeze was blowing, many members had fallen to sleep in the rain and some were still getting close as the sun could be seen peak its head over the horizon, Script then climbed over the fence and went down the hill to edge of the trees to have the sun illuminate his face. Then he turned back towards his comrades and faced them with something to say.

“Those Snowflakes were not meant for this Earth, that’s a fact. I don’t really care about what happened to Dust but we all have a good guess about why it happened. We’ve got to get rid of those things if A-soul is gonna survive and then we gotta get back on our feet with things. We can’t not do shit anymore, we’ve got to get back on task, enough with Sforza’s damn bling! It’s fucking up things. So who’s with me?” asked Script.

“You have no talent for speeches!” Yelled out a random voice

“Yeah!” Spectrum yelled out as all eyes turned to him. “I’m one step ahead of you, I’ve hired a retriever, we’re gonna get those snowflakes and then we gonna get them the hell outta here!” he said, and with that there was applause.

“Fucking bastard, go fuck a goat” mumbled Script as he walked up the hill, over the fence and into the house.

“So, where were you all night man?” asked Poison as he came up to Spectrum. “You should have been there last night, it was kinda cool, and there were mad G’s there, I got to finger some gyal, you should have come” said Poison.

“I was out working on A-Soul business, while you rass gone off fuh chop gal, you’re a bastard” said Spectrum

“That was your choice not mine” replied Poison “so who did ya hire?” he asked.

“Guess” Said Spectrum

“Ryan and dem?” guessed Poison

“Naw, guess again” replied Spectrum and now more people closed in to listen to their conversation.

“I don’t know, tell me” said Poison.

“Ronin” answered Spectrum.

“Good to know, but here’s a question” Said Poison “What if what happened to Dust happens to Sketch? Maybe we should hire some protection while we’re at it?”

With that the whole crowd went into frenzy. The morning air was filled with voices as people started yelling out locations and descriptions of the girl in question. In one area she was said to have dyed her hair, another said that she was a prostitute now and rumours and allegations were sparking up all over the place about this one girl, but out of all of this there was one thing in common, the place at which she had been frequently seen. This place was a forbidden place, a place that only the brave or stupid go to. This forbidden place was simply called the forbidden place.

“Whoa!” Yelled out Poison “She’s been hanging out there! I near shit myself when I first went there…girl’s got balls” he said loudly.

“Yo! what the fuck is the ‘Forbidden Place’ ?” asked Spectrum, and more bystanders closed in to hear Poison explain as whispering went around telling about this Forbidden place.

“Simply to put it” Poison began “It’s a graveyard and a shrine that’s located under the abandoned mall near where Dust got shot…speaking of that, what’s the news on the shooting?” he asked.

“Those Jackasses on channel 6 are saying it was gang related!” Yelled out G.K as she came from the palace with a glass of orange juice and most of the crowd dispersed as they ran inside remembering that it was morning and morning was breakfast time.

-Fin…for now-

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