Go-go-gadget Infection!

For those of you who didn’t have a childhood, you wont know about Inspector Gadget and how awesome he was when we were children. Otherwise, getting into this month’s new theme we’ll be talking about high tech toys and trends here at The Infection this month. Everything from cell phones and MP3 players to the giant robot that could be on your front lawn one day- we’re gonna talk about it.

So we have a pretty hot lineup for you loyal fans this month as we start off by telling you all about our hot picks from this years E3- Electronic Entertainment Expo. In the usual Infection style of doing things we wont mince words when we talk about some of the things we’ve heard from all the major companies that come and show off their hot new toys every year.Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo– you’ll hear our say about all of it here with The Infection.

In week two, we’re gonna do a little shopping with Poison and take a look at some hot new cell phones as well as video cameras.For you video game addicts we’ll also be giving you our picks of must play video games every week with our featured games section.

For you hardcore computer lovers out there we’re gonna get real serious when we throw down with a classic clash of the titans here- The Infection presents: Mac versus PC, in week 3.  Alongside that we’ll also be talking about some of the things you’ll want to put on your shopping list if you wanna be upgrading your comp anytime soon.  Everything from Graphics cards and monitors to obscenely large hard drives and stupid large amounts of RAM, we’ll put it all out on the table for you.

Finally, we’ll end this month by leading y’all into the future and taking the time to look into how all this great technology came to be and where we think it’s going. We’ll be taking a look at some interesting and innovative new concepts as we marvel at the future and how bright or dark it may be…but you’ll have to read to find out!

All in all people, Keep us entertained!  Here’s this month’s theme song!

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