Poison Apple speaks about: Violence

It’s been a while since we last posted something under one of the original three themes of this blog that doesn’t have to do with the monthly theme. So today’s enriching conversation topic is violence and when is it just to use violence. Now , most people would say that it’s never just to use violence and violence is never the answer but I beg to differ.

Before I get into the subject I’m going to get it off the table here and say that i’m obviously not talking about violence in the name of self defence. Most people, the sensible kind anyways, would agree that if you are being attacked physically then you are in full right to defend yourself. The violence I want to justify is the kind where people make preemptive strikes.

First and foremost, I will say that violence is never the answer and it is only a result of people coming up with wrong answers.  You see, the thing about violence is that no matter what we do in life it will be an unavoidable fact of our lives and the people who believe that it can or will stop one day are only wishing for the highly improbable. Figiting is in our nature as humans, we are born and we will all fight for some reason in our lives. Some of us dont ever end up in a physical confrontation for our entire lives but thats in the rather rare and extreme case, the majority of us will end up having to fight at one time or another.  In most of the situations i’ve illustrated we’ll only be fighting in the sake of self defence but the question I must ask is, when is it right to strike first?

I believe that it is right to strike someone first when you know or feel that your life or someone else is in danger. I believe that is it right to strike someone first when they are the ones who have opened up the challenge and have made it clear that they are beyond reasoning with.

Now, some people believe that nobody that can be communicated with is beyond reasoning with and if we take the time to understand each other etc etc then we wont ever have to resort to violence. I have a message to those people- that’s bullshit. If you are an experienced fighter then you will know this as the truth of the world and if not then recognize it now. 

SOME PEOPLE ARE BEYOND REASONING WITH. This sounds ignorant but to me it’s the truth.  Nobody is beyond reasoning with to begin with but there comes a point where human ignorance over rules the ability to reason, this happens to all of us at some time. Now smarter people know that you can just walk away from it all and end it there but there are times where you can’t simply walk away. For the times where you can’t walk away and the person is nowhere near the line of reason anymore then I prescribe the use of violence. 

Another time where I would prescribe the use of violence is where one feels that they are being oppressed or pushed into a no win situation. This has been the reason for the start of many revolutions in history and no violence was not THE ANSWER but it was the result of the people in power coming to the WRONG ANSWERS. Non violent protesters like Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. have achieved so much through non violent protest but once again there are times where the people in power are beyond reason and that is when one must resort to the use of force.

Anyways…there’s more I could say about the issue as I’m writing this and debating it in my mind but I’m going to leave it at that for now. Entertain me with your thoughts people.

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