Just a suggestion….

So this month our theme is high tech toys and trends here at The Infection but we figure that since you all know that we wont be focusing on this theme for long we would suggest a site for you guys to get some good and honest video game reviews.

Now we know that all of you out there are not gamers but even if you aren’t you should read a review first before going out to buy a video game. The problem with reviews on major sites is that they’re not down to earth and they’re aimed more towards hardcore gamers. Nothing against the hardcore gamers but the thing is…what about the people who want to know if the game is just fun?

Sadly there are barely any reviewers like that out there but now there is.  The Infection would like to present to you all,  Nemesis’ Video Game News and Reviews! . Poison is willing to stake his reputation on this man when he says that this is someone who knows what the hell he’s talking about when it comes to video games!  If you want to read a review that actually tells you if the game is good or not then here is the place to go! So if you wanna know more about anything we’ll be talking about this month concerning videogames then please feel free to direct your attention to Nemesis’ Video Game News and Reviews.

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