Poison’s pick- Game of the week: Flower

Alright people, so I know that alot of you who follow us at The Infection aren’t hardcore gamers. Thus why, unlike the major websites who offer reviews of the hottest new games on the market and tell you to buy them, we’re more focused on getting titles that dont get enough recognition out into the open. Now I’ll let you all know that i’m into games that offer a unique and artistic feel to it, the story has to be told and conveyed in such a way that it grabs me while keeping me entertained with good gameplay.

Having said all that I know that my comrades here at The Infection will look at me funny for this pick as my game of the week but… for my first game of the week I’ll be talking about a very unique title I got a chance to try out this week for the Playstation 3 called ‘Flower‘.  If you look at the trailer it doesn’t tell you much about the game but I can tell you that it’s so bloody visually appealing on an HD TV. This is one of those games where I recommend you never play while under the influence of drugs because you will TRIP THE FUCK OUT. Seriously…dont do drugs and play this game.

So in this acid trip of a game you control the wind using the Sony Sixaxis wireless controller and my god do they utilize the controller well in this game. It took me a while to get used to the fact that i’m not using the analog stick to move the petal around in the wind but it was an expereince worth my time. I simply fell in love with the vibrant colours and the relaxing music that just makes you feel so at peace playing.

Your objective in this game is to guide a flower petal around the game map and gather up as many other flower petals as you can along the way in order to create an explosion of colour on screen. To you hardcore gamers out there this might not seem like much but goddamn it is a unique experience.  Another unique characteristic of the game is that there is no dialogue, the story is told through the flowers and the use of symbolism. This game is a simply poetic experience.

If you ever do wish to get this game it’s not available at stores  for sale but it is a Playstation network exclusive down loadable game. I highly suggest you get this game if you can but if not then I’ve one other game to suggest to you that offeres a similiar experience to this called Okami. Okami is yet another visually appealing unique masterpiece that I suggest you buy now for your PLaystation 2 or nintendo wii.

Anyways, the game honestly speaks for itself and the reviewers are roaring praises for it like it’s Jesus born again. If you disagree with anything here or you feel that there’s more that needs to be said about this great game then please, entertain me with your comments. Peace!

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