Lets go shopping…with Poison!

Here at The Infection we all work very hard to make sure that we have something for you, the good people, to enjoy every month and we constantly need to communicate with each other in order to come up with the ideas we use to enrich, enlighten and entertain you all. One major part of our operations is being able to be contacted at anywhere and anytime thus why we all need cell phones.

Nowadays nearly every last person you know has a cellular phone and if they don’t you usually tell them that they need one. From the small child down the street to grandpa, everybody has a cell phone.  The sad thing about cell phones is that every few months there’s a new phone out on the market that will render your cell phone, which was hot and trendy when you bought it, obsolete. These new cell phones come out with features that will simply amaze you and make life so obscenely convenient it’s disgusting…so then you realize that you need to upgrade your phone. This is what our comrade Poison has realized, he needs to upgrade to keep up with the rest of the world.

So for today’s post  you the people and the rest of us at The Infection are  going to help Poison choose a brand new cell phone! Previously, Poison was equipped with the Blackberry Curve smart phone. Alas, an unfortunate accident rendered his phone unusable and since then he has been borrowing Spectrum’s Palm Treo. Now Poison has the choice of simply going out and buying another Blackberry Curve, which is quite a decent cell phone, or he can look into other options which we’ll be discussing today.

1) T-Mobile Sidekick

The Sidekick is a cell phone that Poison has reportedly had his eye on for some time now. It boasts a full keyboard and a rather sleek look. You might all remember this phone well for being endorsed by a few celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton. The downside to this cool ass phone is that it’s expensive as hell and since it’s only available to T-Mobile subscribers it means that you have to live in the States to get it or you have to go down there and get it unlocked if you’re living somewhere else. It’s also somewhat cumbersome to carry around whereas other cell phones that boast similar features for a cheaper price are alot smaller and easy to carry. Alas, the phone does carry a hefty price tag but you are guaranteed to get one of the best phones on the market.

2) Blackberry Smartphone

Previously, as mentioned before, Poison had a Blackberry Curve that got destroyed. This was a very good phone and it served his purposes well. Unlike the T-Mobile Sidekick, this phone was available to him domestically and if he had the Blackberry data plan, he would have access to many other services available to Blackberry users. like the Sidekick it allows for full internet browsing which would allow him to update us here at The Infection more often. All of these phones also have the full keyboard available which is a must for Poison.

3) Apple iPhone

This phone has more application on it than a Swiss army knife. Also it’s easily hacked to allow for many more features that don’t come as stock on this phone that doubles as a really great MP3 player. This phone offers constant entertainment with very much functionality which is something that a man who travels like Poison is in need of. Alas, this phone carries quite the price tag now…like the rest of Apple’s products.  The fact remains that it is one of the most popular phones to buy right now and it’s also available to Poison domestically which is a plus.

All in all, these are the phones that our friend Poison has had his eye on and now he needs your help to decide which he will get.  So what you all have to do is make a vote now, either that or if you don’t like any of the phones he wants then leave a comment and tell us which phone you think he should get instead.  Fact is that you guys need to entertain us with your votes and comments!

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