The Infection presents: Poison on P—y!

Disclaimer: We are not liable if you, your children or anyone in the vicinity of you are psychologically harmed by the content presented in this post. We’re not going to bullshit with you, this will offend most people and we’re not sorry but we warned you. We’re going to be talking about sex, there might be pictures and links and all kinds of obscene material in this that you don’t want children or your mother to ever see so lock the doors, log out if you’re at work, say a prayer and read!

At least it's tasteful...
At least it's tasteful...

So a couple months back you all might remember us promising to talk about sex in the most foul and explicit manner possible. So here we are to talk about sex, we’re going to shit storm you (not literally…not even if you are into that kind of thing) with a nice explicit chat about sex. Today we’re going to have Poison talk about the who, what, where, why, when and how of sex according to him and hopefully we’ll get to hear from our other members on this steamy subject. Without further ado, The Infection presents: Poison on P—y!

So for all you virgins and nymphos alike out there reading this post I’ll have you know that this is only my opinions on sex and sexuality and does not represent the views of the entire group. I’m going to keep it simple and somewhat clean by limiting my discussion to only talking about who it’s ok to have sex with, what I find to be acceptable in the bedroom, where I think it’s acceptable to do it, why it’s acceptable to engage in the act, and how we should all approach the subject of sex.

To begin, who you have sex with is your own choice and it should always be that way. Now, sex is a very important thing and I’m not talking about the whole emotional aspect of it because lets face facts people- sex is like pissing to people, we just do it because we can sometimes. Lets be real and I’ll put it out here when I say that the majority of you all will have sex with someone someday and think back on it and say “why did I do that?” but the fact was that at the time it probably felt good. We all do or all will have that one, two ,and for some too many, people we will regret having sex with and my advice to you all is to not put too much emotional baggage on the experience because it can fuck up a greater thing in the process…trust me I know. Otherwise, on a health level sex is great for you and if you can find a casual partner then you’ve cashed in. Did you know that you can burn about 200 calories in an average session of sex? That’s the equivalent of about 15 minutes on a treadmill. The average person only needs approximately 2000 calories a day to function but alot of us eat way more than that in a day but never find a use for all those extra calories that eventually turn into fat. Like holy shit…a few 20 minute quickies during the week can burn about 7’500 calories annually! That’s as much as you consume on 120 km of jogging! Take that all in people, there are more facts here. Anyways, I kind of went off topic here and I’ll go back to the main point which was that I say it’s cool to have sex with anyone you want as long as both parties are consenting and are of legal age…or the gap between them is no more than 2 years…and they should be at least 16 if it’s minors. If you all read and remember what we said back during the romance special then you’ll know that we still advocate the use of protection and we think that both guys and girls should carry condoms because safety is in everyone’s hands and it takes two to tango.

So now that we’ve gotten over the who it’s acceptable to have sex with question we have to ask what exactly is acceptable.  The ‘what’ in sex ranges from the touching of certain areas and certain acts done in bed to the use of devices and whatnot. I’ll throw in another variable when I say that it all also depends on ‘where’ you are doing it.

First of all, what happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. Many of us, myself included , have been guilty of not keeping their mouth shut to close friends about sexual escapades but alas these friends don’t know everything and what happens there…unless they are there to see (O_o), stays there. What you find to be ok is up to you and your partner(s) and as far as I’m concerned anything goes if I’m not involved and everything is consensual. I do however have to draw the line when I say that there are times where you must have discretion on where something is ok or not. An example for the guys is to have sex with your girlfriend in your car, sounds ok right? Now what if the window’s aren’t tinted, it’s still somewhat bright out, there are loads of people out to see you doing your biz. Most likely people wont bother you about it depending on where you are and some people may be bothered but  the fact is that you should probably wait or find somewhere else if you really want to do it that badly.  There are so many other examples of when its ok to do your thing but the idea is that you don’t or shouldn’t broadcast to the entire world that you’re fucking someone by being seen in the act unless you’re looking to get a public indecency charge, scar someone or you’re being paid to do it professionally. With that I”ve now covered what’s ok and where it’s ok.

Now this might come as a joke to you all but I have to put it out there; why have sex?  Other than the purpose of preserving the human race we also have sex for pleasure. You’re all sensible people so you know why we need to go out and fuck people. Sex is also a great way to get closer to someone because of all the physical interaction mixed in with all the chemicals that we release during sex. A great example is when best friends become really good friends after they’re had sex once but alas, this can backfire and my best bet is to detach the whole act from emotion if you’re planning to live up the single life. Even if you’re not like me and want to be single as long as possible, I think people put too much emphasis on the emotional aspect of sex when it comes to relationships. I think that if people are involved in a relationship then it should be about more than sex, if anything the sex shouldn’t be important other than as a health issue due to the exchange of bodily fluids etc. Remember that a relationship is about how people feel about eachother and that’s whats important. As mentioned before  sex is great for your health in multiple ways ranging from cancer prevention to improving many aspects of your health that are unrelated to your sex life but all in all, you should go out there and have some good enjoyable sex.

Anyways, keep me entertained with your thoughts people, here’s a song for you all!

Why in the name of God?

Here at The Infection we respect each and every single person’s individual religious beliefs. We believe that people should be free to believe in what they wish but at the same time there are some of us here that are just annoyed to hell with people and their damn religions. Specifically, Poison Apple is annoyed with religion and here he is to talk about why.

Some might call it divine guidance while others might call it coincidence that in the last week or so I’ve been approached by many different people trying to promote their religions or people that just seem too dense to be bothered by the fact that there are other faith in this world. This past week I was approached by a group of Mormon Christians who were very nice to talk to and I gave them a kind ear, they talked and asked me questions about my faith so I told them I was an Agnostic…which led them to believe that I was going to join them. I’m going to be clear, for those of you who think that I am something or the other, I WILL NEVER EVER JOIN ANY KIND OF ORGANIZED RELIGION NOR DECLARE MYSELF AS PART OF ONE. Kind as they were, the Mormon guys, they seemed baffled when I rejected their book and told them I was satisfied with my faith as is…even if according to many ignorant assholes out there I have no faith or god because I wont choose a religion. In the past week that’s only one example of people bothering me about my ‘faith’  and this leads me to have to come out here to you, my dear audience at The Infection, and tell you why I will not join a religion.

To begin, throughout history religion has done much good for us. The basis of all our laws and government came from religion and I’m thankful for that but when people look at religion they tend to forget one key fact. People tend to forget that there is a difference between a religion and God. I’m going to discuss that here and now.

A religion, to me, is a system organized by a group of people under the name of the being(s) known as God(s) to worship and give praise to this being(s) through song, prayer, offerings and living your life according to a certain code of conduct. If you don’t like my definition then look at the textbook definition. God, to me, is a being(s) of divine and infinite power who rules over the cosmos and is the bringer of doom and final judgment and all that fire and brimstone jazz. Now all you smart people out there will note that there is a major difference between God and humanity.

God is a divine being who cannot be tempted by the evils of lust, pride, wrath, sloth, gluttony, greed, envy and other vices because it is a god. Humans on the other hand can be tempted by these things. Now organized religion usually places a person in charge because since we’re not very sure if god exists at all and since god never does speak to the majority of us if it does exist, the religion needs to have someone lead the people and spread the faith. This is where we begin to run into our problems…well I do anyways. Here’s my thought process- if people are capable of lying, cheating and stealing then what bars someone from a religious organization, who is armed with free will, from doing the same?

Throughout history, organized religion has promoted one action yet gone and done the next. To be more correct, people in charge of an organized religion or religious group have gone and done what qualifies as great evil in the name of God. Some prime examples include the Crusades and more currently the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York. In both events innocent people were being killed in the name of God. Now looking at these people in charge of these organized religions, I think to myself- ‘Why should I follow them or anyone else in an organized religion when I don’t know if I could be doing something totally wrong yet this person tells me it’s right? Why are they better than me to interpret gods word and decide how to live righteously?’ From there my thought process continues and I conclude that I’m probably better off not joining anybody.

I think that religion is obsolete and primitive if we’re all wanting the same things. I have found that every religion, in it’s most basic form, all promote the same basic values of righteousness. Treat others how you want them to treat you, what goes around comes around, sharing is caring and all those other kindergarten values we all hopefully were taught is the basis of all religion. I’ll leave it to you all to research. Its knowing this that made me conclude that I dont require a religion of any sort to simply worship god or the gods or believe in some kind of higher divine governing authority. If wer were to simply forget about religion and live and let live then life would be good but I blame religion for alot of our problems today. So many conflicts that go on in the world now stem from people’s religious differences and in looking at that I choose not to be identified as part of any group in case I indirectly become involved in some kind of massacre.

All in all, I appreciate other people’s choices and know that we all have our differences which I will accept. It’s when people try to push their beliefs on others and bring them down because of what they believe in is when I get angry. When people are hurt because of something I find to be so primitive when we all want the same things in life  is when I get angry. Catholic women who aren’t allowed to get abortions because of their faith, Islamic women who can’t go out because their religion forbids it, sick people who aren’t allowed certain medicines because of their religion telling them not to, suicide bombers offing themselves in the name of Allah- these are some examples of why I think religion is foolish. People needlessly taking life, causing pain…all in the name of God.

If God(s) does exist, then I hope that it has a great excuse for letting alot of the shit that happens in the world happen. lets get hypothetical here and say that one random day God spoke, just said a random word, you know that would probably eliminate half of the worlds problems in minutes. Think about it- if everyone is now sure that there is a God then we would all be very afraid to do alot of things like kill, lie, cheat, steal because we would know for sure that there is someone watching. I’ve been told many times by many different people that God(s) loves us all and will protect the righteous etc. etc. but judging from what I see every time I decide  to turn on the news there all good and righteous people getting hurt all over the world…anyways, point is that I wont join a religion because as far as I’m concerned it makes no sense to follow someone else word about God and risk offending god and more importantly getting other people hurt by it.

Entertain me with your thoughts, here’s a song for you guys.

We’ve got alot to talk about

So here we are, it’s been over 6 months we’ve been active and we’ve spread out since our humble beginning. First and foremost, The Infection would like to thank all of our loyal readers who have still come despite our frequent lack thereof updates and empty promises.  So this month’s theme is dedicated to all of our loyal readers, every single one of you beautiful people who keep reading and coming back.

This month, and every 6 months hereafter, The Infection will have a 6 month update. In the 6 month update month we will go over everything we’ve talked about in the past six months and anything that we find was popular amongst our readers. This also means that we’re going to be going over everything that we promised to deliver but didn’t…well not EVERYTHING but most of the things we can fit into the space of the month. We also are going to vie for more reader input and ask YOU what you want us to talk about more.

So as usual here’s the layout for this month and what we want to talk about/recap.

week 1- That would be this week. We’re going to backtrack to our very first theme, Nigga- The Infection’s January black history month special…which was a month early. This time around we’re going to talk about racial issues and how we can help solve some of the problems ailing society that have to do with differences in race, religion and culture. We also might touch on the ‘Great hip-hop debate’ again, which was really popular with you guys back then.

Week 2- Next week we’re going to march off into the battleground of love and pull our second theme back out of the box which was our valentines day special. We all know you were all waiting for that hot and explicit post about SEX. Yeah, we know you want and we’ll have it. We also will be talking more about other relationship issues that we didn’t touch on that we feel we’re ready to tackle now that we’ve grown a bit and you know us a little better…we’re getting personal, real intimate.

Week 3- As we reach the end of the month we’re going to hit on our third theme which was ‘Spring’ but since it’s not spring anymore we’re going to have to talk about Summer and all the awesome shit you should be doing right now. Some places to go, things you should see in life and new things to try that you can only do in the summer heat. We wont mind if you’re not reading on this week since we’re going to be out living our lives like you all should!

Week 4- We’ll probably be going into August or we’ll be in August at this point in time, no use bullshitting about it. Alas, we’re going to be talking about some awesome cartoons and comics to look into in your down time, if you remember the May theme of cartoons and comics. We’re also going to be nice and finally give you that last post we promised from last month as well as the Anime North videos! Yup yup, we’re finally going to launch our youtube channel which means that you can look forward to not only getting to read The Infection but you’ll be able to watch us too!

All in all, keep us entertained with your comments…no seriously, we mean it. We wanna know what you wanna hear from us about and if there’s someone you wanna specifically wanna hear from then address them!

Now here’s the song for this month…makes no sense how this works but it’s a pretty random month so why not?!

Bomb Bomb Bomb!

First and foremost, a happy independence day to all of our American friends.  On another note happy belated birthday Canada, we’re glad to say that we’ve gone another year without a hitch…unlike our American neighbors on their birthday.  We, The Infection, who also happen to be your Canadian neighbors have to remind you all that you guys(Americans) are all well hated by everyone else in the world after what we saw went on on your birthday. Today we’re going to talk about a little country that really hates you called North Korea and what we think of your current situation with them.

So as most of us well informed readers know, North Korea is run by a dictator named Kim Jong il. He’s been in charge of this country as of 1994 and he has not been a very popular person on the world stage. According to the media he”s quite the mysterious man and his objectives are usually very unclear but his actions do tell us all that he’s someone we would not want to fuck with too much.

Of late there have been  rumors circulating about who will succeed him as the future leader of North Korea and it has been speculated that one of his sons will succeed him. A successor was supposedly announced by Kim but due to Kim’s mysterious nature we’re still in the midst of speculation.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There have also been rumors of him actually being dead and that  the Kim we see in public is actually a look alike (we’re not fucking with you here). Sadly, we’re not here to talk conspiracy theories with you all but we’re here to talk about what happened on the fourth of July this year and what happened between North Korea and The United States.

This past July fourth North Korea began test firing Scud-type ballistic missiles, each with a range of at least 500 km. Reports say that there were at least seven missiles fired and they were fired as a show of defiance against the United States thus why they chose to fire on the fourth of July, America’s birthday.  Other countries to react to their tests were Japan and South Korea. Although these missiles are short range they are within range of most of their southern neighbour, South Korea, which is worrying.

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more about “BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | North Korea…“, posted with vodpod

North Korea has also been urged by the U.N to stop developing the types of weapons they’re creating and their response was that they require these weapons to protect it’s people from a hostile outside world…which brings us to thinking, what right does anyone have to tell them to stop making weapons when others are allowed to develop weapons freely? When we say others we’re really just pointing our fingers at America.

Now we know that all the American’s reading this and sympathizers alike will probably argue that they’re a threat to the entire world and the safety of us all but here’s how we want to look at it. First of all, America boasts one of the largest and most powerful militaries on Earth yet they go around telling others to disarm.  Yes, we all know that a country as secretive and oppressive as North Korea  should not have nukes or ballistics with those kinds of capabilities but then when they say that they want these weapons to defend themselves it makes sense. Look at what happened to Iraq, the Americans stormed in there on the premise that they had nuclear weapons yet they found nothing. Saddam Hussein was also a dictator and to liberate the people was a good thing but at the same time, did the Americans really have just cause? They storm in the country saying they’re looking for nukes but here at The Infection we’re going to cut the bullshit and tell shit straight up, they just wanted Saddam gone but they couldn’t say that outright.

Now lets make the connection between Saddam’s case and Kim’s case here. If your country has no weapons other than the usual conventional warfare machines yet a larger country accuses you of having a very dangerous weapon that you DONT have so they use it as just cause to invade your country, what do you do? Kim is doing what he thinks is best for his county by making these weapons because if he doesn’t then what happens when the Americans or someone else decides to turn on him, invade his country and say that he had nukes when he doesn’t. He might as well gain leverage and make the nukes so that nobody is stupid enough to invade because he really does have nukes and other weapons that will fuck people up.

Yes he is a crazy old man with too much power but given the circumstances of his country it makes sense that he would want to prepare for a war that I would guess that he’s hoping will never happen. When you have most of the world’s governments against you and trying to urge you to change your ways, the ways that you’ve known for most of your life, what do you do? From what we can predict here at The Infection, the moment that N.Korea decides to drop it’s guns for even a second is when the rest of the world is going to force it’s foot down their throat and try to make them conform. Look at what happened to Iraq, the American’s brought freedom and democracy to the people there but at the same time how they went about it was all wrong. When you look at it some people might even call it an act of Imperialism, they tried to ‘Americanize’ Iraq and it seems like they’ve pretty much done everything short of annexing it to them and calling it another state.

All in all, N.Korea might be wrong in what they’re doing by creating weapons of war yet at the same time i try to look at the world from their perspective. You realize that maybe they do have a point and the world outside their borders is hostile, it’s just that us here on the other side don’t seem to think so because we’re so convinced that we’re doing the right thing. Hopefully, one day we’ll all learn to understand eachother and live and let live but right now us here at The Infection, we’ll watch and be entertained as the circus of the world continues to go on.

Entertain us some more with your comments.

Autobot or Decepticon…you choose

Poison here and this week I watched ‘Transformers- revenge of the fallen‘ which was a sequel to the hit movie ‘Transformers‘. Before you go see it I will warn you that the die hard fans and those who have a mind for plot will not be pleased with this movie. If you wanna enjoy a really cool looking action flick with a hot chick in it then the movie is totally for you.

yes...the poster actually tells the entire plot of the movie.
yes...the poster actually tells the entire plot of the movie.

Sadly, I’m not here to talk to you guys about giant robots or how hot Megan Fox is but  I wanna  talk about one thing this movie left me wondering about. It left me wondering about artificial intelligence and playing with the idea of self aware robots and machines.

If machines became self aware and were able to communicate and make decisions on their own could we consider them persons? If machines somehow managed to grow to the point where they express emotions, would we consider them persons? What if a robot, take for example Optimus Prime, fell in love with a human and decided to marry them?  It all seems weird but  this is what seeing giant intelligent and self aware robots on a big screen left me to wonder. How would we really handle this?

Now I know that this question has been asked before and most people, especially those in Hollywood, like to predict the worst and think that the robots will overrun us all.  The robots take over scenario was illustrated in the movie ‘I,Robot”  if you need examples. On the other hand we have the scenarios that are illustrated in movies like ‘Bicentennial man‘, where a robot gains a sense of self and becomes determined to be considered a person by the rest of society. On the off note, if this article is going anywhere, I suggest you watch both of these movies as they are rather entertaining.

Now, back on topic, if robots were to become self aware how would you handle this? Like would it be considered slavery to force your toaster to make you toast for the rest it’s life? I personally don’t know how I would handle one of my appliances or any appliance or machine giving me lip and I don’t want to ever reach that situation.  As comic book cool as it would be to have giant sentient robots walking around I have to object to it to a point. Like look what free will and knowledge did to humanity…we commit all kinds of atrocities against each other and ourselves, so what happens when we make a machine able to do the same and somehow turns against us?

All of you intelligent readers already know that I’m not the first to ponder this and in the robot revolt scenario we would usually refer to Asimov‘s three laws of robotics. Alas, it’s been proven once and again that the laws are flawed. If you watched or read ‘I, Robot’ then you would know one way or another that Asimov’s  law is flawed and in some cases where people decided to apply the ‘Zeroth law‘ which overrides all three of the original laws then a robot can in fact harm a human. Still, no law is perfect or absolute unless it’s in physics (correct me if I’m wrong) all laws have loopholes and margins for error so  these laws are no different.

Right now we can relax since the robots are far from overrunning us anytime soon. Although…we do depend on technology alot nowadays so cybermageddon might not be that far off. The closest  I know that we’ve come to creating a robot even close to able to match us is Asimo…which can’t really be considered a much of a match for us. Honestly…it’s top running speed is 6.5km an hour, I’ve seen 4 year olds do better. On the positives Asimo is a big step in robotics but it’s a baby step compared to reaching human intelligence.  Here’s a video of Asimo for you all to watch and be entertained with.

Keep me entertained with your comments!

Poison’s Pick- Jet Set Radio Future

So here we are at the beginning of yet another week with The  Infection and we present yet another wonderful game selection from our personal archives. To kick off this week it’s Poison here with his pick and we have a game that has inspired him for years. We present to you  Jet Set Radio Future, available on the original X-box.

So if you didn’t see it in the trailer then we’ll have you know that this game is about roller blading. Unlike other ‘sports’ videogames (if this can actually qualify as a sport videogame) this game is one of those pick up and play games that anybody would enjoy. Next to roller blading this game is also about art which is one of the reasons why it has to go on our list of games that need to be played.

The story in this game is simple, it’s about a group of futuristic Tokyo youth who go around the city on roller blades while marking their territory with their own brand of graffiti and run from the cops. There’s much more to the story but when you run it down to size that’s about it. Now when described like that it sounds extremely boring and if this game was just another roller blading  or skate game then it would be boring but when you add unique cel-shaded art and music to the mix you get one of the most awesome games ever.

To begin, the controls in this game were so easy to get a grasp on which makes for a fun pick up and play game. In all honesty the game can be fully completed in under 10 hours so this isn’t a game for a hardcore gamer or someone looking to waste away their life. There were some minor camera angle issues and some of the maps can get very confusing but if you’re not completely anal about things like that then you’ll have a good time with this game. As mentioned before the main selling point of the game is the cel-shaded art and the music. If you dont like one then you’ll like the other.

Next to the music and the cool looking artwork, the world of the game itself is very open and the concept of the game is very unique. One of the things you’ll enjoy doing around the world of Jet Set is exploring and looking for new secret places to jump off of and shortcuts to other areas. Prior to this game we have not encountered any games that incorporate art as a major part of their story like this one and we do hope for more games like this. Some more recent similar titles would be ‘Okami‘ and ‘Marc Ecko’s gettin up‘, where art plays a major part in both stories.

All in all, Poison suggests you play this game if you enjoy awesome art, music and fun game play. This game has so inspired Poison that he has decided to team up with one of  The Infection’s  featured artists, Rockpopple, to create a fan comic which is supposed to be a direct sequel to the game. So if you wanna know the full story then you’ll have to play the game. Keep your eyes out on us cause the comic is in the works, release dates will come soon.

Keep us entertained!