Poison’s Pick- Jet Set Radio Future

So here we are at the beginning of yet another week with The  Infection and we present yet another wonderful game selection from our personal archives. To kick off this week it’s Poison here with his pick and we have a game that has inspired him for years. We present to you  Jet Set Radio Future, available on the original X-box.

So if you didn’t see it in the trailer then we’ll have you know that this game is about roller blading. Unlike other ‘sports’ videogames (if this can actually qualify as a sport videogame) this game is one of those pick up and play games that anybody would enjoy. Next to roller blading this game is also about art which is one of the reasons why it has to go on our list of games that need to be played.

The story in this game is simple, it’s about a group of futuristic Tokyo youth who go around the city on roller blades while marking their territory with their own brand of graffiti and run from the cops. There’s much more to the story but when you run it down to size that’s about it. Now when described like that it sounds extremely boring and if this game was just another roller blading  or skate game then it would be boring but when you add unique cel-shaded art and music to the mix you get one of the most awesome games ever.

To begin, the controls in this game were so easy to get a grasp on which makes for a fun pick up and play game. In all honesty the game can be fully completed in under 10 hours so this isn’t a game for a hardcore gamer or someone looking to waste away their life. There were some minor camera angle issues and some of the maps can get very confusing but if you’re not completely anal about things like that then you’ll have a good time with this game. As mentioned before the main selling point of the game is the cel-shaded art and the music. If you dont like one then you’ll like the other.

Next to the music and the cool looking artwork, the world of the game itself is very open and the concept of the game is very unique. One of the things you’ll enjoy doing around the world of Jet Set is exploring and looking for new secret places to jump off of and shortcuts to other areas. Prior to this game we have not encountered any games that incorporate art as a major part of their story like this one and we do hope for more games like this. Some more recent similar titles would be ‘Okami‘ and ‘Marc Ecko’s gettin up‘, where art plays a major part in both stories.

All in all, Poison suggests you play this game if you enjoy awesome art, music and fun game play. This game has so inspired Poison that he has decided to team up with one of  The Infection’s  featured artists, Rockpopple, to create a fan comic which is supposed to be a direct sequel to the game. So if you wanna know the full story then you’ll have to play the game. Keep your eyes out on us cause the comic is in the works, release dates will come soon.

Keep us entertained!

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