Autobot or Decepticon…you choose

Poison here and this week I watched ‘Transformers- revenge of the fallen‘ which was a sequel to the hit movie ‘Transformers‘. Before you go see it I will warn you that the die hard fans and those who have a mind for plot will not be pleased with this movie. If you wanna enjoy a really cool looking action flick with a hot chick in it then the movie is totally for you.

yes...the poster actually tells the entire plot of the movie.
yes...the poster actually tells the entire plot of the movie.

Sadly, I’m not here to talk to you guys about giant robots or how hot Megan Fox is but  I wanna  talk about one thing this movie left me wondering about. It left me wondering about artificial intelligence and playing with the idea of self aware robots and machines.

If machines became self aware and were able to communicate and make decisions on their own could we consider them persons? If machines somehow managed to grow to the point where they express emotions, would we consider them persons? What if a robot, take for example Optimus Prime, fell in love with a human and decided to marry them?  It all seems weird but  this is what seeing giant intelligent and self aware robots on a big screen left me to wonder. How would we really handle this?

Now I know that this question has been asked before and most people, especially those in Hollywood, like to predict the worst and think that the robots will overrun us all.  The robots take over scenario was illustrated in the movie ‘I,Robot”  if you need examples. On the other hand we have the scenarios that are illustrated in movies like ‘Bicentennial man‘, where a robot gains a sense of self and becomes determined to be considered a person by the rest of society. On the off note, if this article is going anywhere, I suggest you watch both of these movies as they are rather entertaining.

Now, back on topic, if robots were to become self aware how would you handle this? Like would it be considered slavery to force your toaster to make you toast for the rest it’s life? I personally don’t know how I would handle one of my appliances or any appliance or machine giving me lip and I don’t want to ever reach that situation.  As comic book cool as it would be to have giant sentient robots walking around I have to object to it to a point. Like look what free will and knowledge did to humanity…we commit all kinds of atrocities against each other and ourselves, so what happens when we make a machine able to do the same and somehow turns against us?

All of you intelligent readers already know that I’m not the first to ponder this and in the robot revolt scenario we would usually refer to Asimov‘s three laws of robotics. Alas, it’s been proven once and again that the laws are flawed. If you watched or read ‘I, Robot’ then you would know one way or another that Asimov’s  law is flawed and in some cases where people decided to apply the ‘Zeroth law‘ which overrides all three of the original laws then a robot can in fact harm a human. Still, no law is perfect or absolute unless it’s in physics (correct me if I’m wrong) all laws have loopholes and margins for error so  these laws are no different.

Right now we can relax since the robots are far from overrunning us anytime soon. Although…we do depend on technology alot nowadays so cybermageddon might not be that far off. The closest  I know that we’ve come to creating a robot even close to able to match us is Asimo…which can’t really be considered a much of a match for us. Honestly…it’s top running speed is 6.5km an hour, I’ve seen 4 year olds do better. On the positives Asimo is a big step in robotics but it’s a baby step compared to reaching human intelligence.  Here’s a video of Asimo for you all to watch and be entertained with.

Keep me entertained with your comments!

2 thoughts on “Autobot or Decepticon…you choose

  1. That thing is evil, If you’ve ever watched the Animatrix you’ll know that this will be the destruction of mankind…..

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